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The Sibley Guide to Birds
Currently the best field guide to North American birds.
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Feb 10, 2011
Handbook for Butterfly Watchers
A good introduction to butterflies and butterfly watching. Pyle's writing is enjoyable and informative, neither too dense nor too chatty. The book int...more
Jun 03, 2011
May 28, 2011
Birds of Europe (Princeton Field Guides)
This is the best field guide to birds that I have yet encountered. It covers all of the species found in Europe more effectively than any field guide...more
Mar 17, 2010
Feb 10, 2011
Arctic Autumn: A Journey to Season's Edge
Arctic Autumn: A Journey to Season's Edge is the latest in Pete Dunne's four-part series of books based on seasons in North America. The "autumn" of t...more
Nov 09, 2011
Oct 17, 2011
Winter World
Winter World is an engaging book on how various animals survive through Maine's long and extremely cold winters. The animal at the center of the book...more
Feb 15, 2011
Feb 10, 2011
The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds
The Crossley ID Guide is not a traditional field guide: it is too large to carry in the field, and it does not provide the quick reference for field m...more
Feb 23, 2011
Feb 11, 2011
Binocular Vision: The Politics of Representation in Birdwatching Field Guides
While watching birds just requires good vision (usually assisted by binoculars or a spotting scope), one needs to turn to a field guide to identify bi...more
Sep 28, 2011
Aug 17, 2011
A Field Guide to Eastern Forests: North America
This is not a typical field guide. Instead of showing species and noting how to identify them, it discusses entire ecosystems. There are several disti...more
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Feb 21, 2011
Bayshore Summer: Finding Eden in a Most Unlikely Place
A compelling account of wildlife and human activities in Cumberland County, New Jersey, during the summer months. Dunne delves into the history and cu...more
Sep 23, 2010
Feb 10, 2011
How to be a Better Birder
A useful read for birders looking to develop their birding (especially bird-finding) skills. There is a strong emphasis on using clues like habitat an...more
Feb 13, 2013
Feb 13, 2013
Of a Feather: A Brief History of American Birding
Good account of the development of American ornithology in the 18th century through the early 20th century. Chapters covering 1950 to the present, whe...more
Dec 13, 2007
Feb 11, 2011
A Field Guide to Warblers of North America
Excellent guide to North American wood warblers. The guide is illustrated with both paintings and photographs, including a helpful comparison of the u...more
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Feb 21, 2011
Bird Studies at Old Cape May
Classic book on bird life in southern New Jersey. It has an entry for each bird species Stone observed, along with dates of observation (for uncommon...more
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Feb 15, 2011
Mariposa Road: The First Butterfly Big Year
An engaging account of an attempt to see as many butterfly species as possible in one year. I have a more detailed review here.
Sep 15, 2010
Feb 10, 2011
More Birding by Ear Eastern and Central North America: A Guide to Bird-song Identification
A follow-up to the eastern edition of Birding by Ear, with special attention to the songs of difficult groups like warblers, sparrows, and shorebirds....more
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Feb 15, 2011
Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America
Very good guide to the most common North American insects. However, there are so many insects that it is impossible for the guide to cover all of them...more
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Feb 21, 2011
The Singing Life of Birds: The Art and Science of Listening to Birdsong
Enjoyable book on how and why birds sing. Kroodsma presents a series of case studies that are drawn from his research but presented in a language easi...more
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Feb 15, 2011
Petrels, Albatrosses, and Storm-Petrels of North America: A Photographic Guide
An excellent introduction and guide to the order of seabirds known as tubenoses. Read my full review on my blog.
Feb 02, 2012
Jan 31, 2012
National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds: Eastern Region
The text is good but the organization and illustrations leave a lot to be desired. Most people will do better with other field guides, such as the Sib...more
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Feb 15, 2011
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
When Henrietta Lacks was treated for cervical cancer in 1951, doctors at Johns Hopkins took a sample of her cancer cells without her knowledge and gre...more
Jan 14, 2012
Jan 01, 2012
Hummingbirds and Butterflies
Excellent guide to attracting and feeding hummingbirds and butterflies. My full review.
Jun 29, 2011
Jun 29, 2011
The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature, and Fowl Obsession
An enjoyable book chronicling the North American big years completed by Sandy Komito, Al Levantin, and Greg Miller in 1998, which set a record that so...more
Oct 15, 2011
Oct 05, 2011
Birder's Handbook: A Field Guide to the Natural History of North American Birds
Very good but dated reference to the natural history of North American birds. Each species has its own entry, plus there are brief essays on behaviors...more
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Feb 15, 2011
Birding by Ear: Eastern and Central North America
Very good introduction to the songs and calls of birds in eastern North America. I review this and More Birding by Ear each spring to refresh my memor...more
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Feb 15, 2011
Pete Dunne's Essential Field Guide Companion: A Comprehensive Resource for Identifying North American Birds
Identification tips for all North American birds, presented entirely in text form. I find that I do not use this book nearly as much as illustrated fi...more
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Feb 15, 2011
Discovering Moths: Nighttime Jewels in Your Own Backyard
Interesting book on moths, the nocturnal partners of butterflies. It is not so much about their identification as about finding and attracting them, t...more
Mar 08, 2011
Feb 27, 2011
National Audubon Society Field Guide To North American Birds  E: Eastern Region   Revised Edition
Good text but the illustrations and organization leave a lot to be desired. Guides by Sibley, Peterson, and National Geographic are much better.
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Feb 15, 2011
The Birds of New Jersey: Status and Distribution
Annotated checklist of the 465 bird species recorded in New Jersey. Describes seasonal distribution and long-term population trends. See my full revie...more
Jul 13, 2011
Jul 03, 2011
A Field Guide to Hawks of North America
A good but dated identification guide to North American hawks and falcons. Not as thorough as more recent Wheeler guides or Liguori's guides.
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Feb 15, 2011
A Field Guide to the Insects:  America North of Mexico (Peterson Field Guide Series)
This guide has limited coverage of insect species, but it has very useful keys for identifying insects into the correct orders and families.
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Feb 21, 2011
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