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A Hundred Summers
Really loved this book. It is admittedly a little sappy, schmaltzy, and a little contrived, but it is also a fantastic beach read for those of us who ...more
Jun 09, 2013
May 31, 2013
The Plum Tree
"Christine, I want you to understand something. War makes perpetrators of some, criminals of others, and victims of everyone. Not all of the soldiers ...more
Aug 18, 2012
Jun 07, 2012
Absolutely loved this book. I thoroughly enjoyed "Commencement", and Sullivan did not disappoint with her latest novel, "Maine." I truly loved the cha ...more
Jun 21, 2011
Jun 18, 2011
What She Left Behind
Another fabulous novel by Ellen Marie Wiseman! Once again, I was lucky enough to read an ARC and this is her second novel (the first is The Plum Tree- ...more
Oct 18, 2013
Oct 15, 2013
A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty
I wish I'd never given five stars before, because rarely has a book deserved them in the way this book does. Jackson is a master of words and of story ...more
Jan 13, 2014
Sep 05, 2012
Summer at Willow Lake (Lakeshore Chronicles, #1)
I wish that I agreed with the other reviewers who seemed fascinatedly in love with this book, but I am not able to. I did like the idea behind the sto ...more
Feb 07, 2011
Feb 04, 2011
Tell the Wolves I'm Home
Mid-way through this book, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. It is a coming-of-age tale, it is a tale of loss, a tale of love, and a tale of the veil ...more
Jul 2012
Jun 24, 2012
Now, unpopular though this makes me, I need to confess that I am not obsessed with Curtis Sittenfeld or her writing. I liked Prep- it was a good book, ...more
Oct 15, 2013
Mar 01, 2013
The Adults
I am 57% finished with this book on my Kindle, and although it goes against my book-reading and movie-watching philosophy (that if you're more than ha ...more
Mar 06, 2011
Feb 26, 2011
Absolutely one of the best books I've ever read, and I almost didn't read it. Two friends recommended it to me, and it didn't immediately grab my inte ...more
Mar 30, 2014
Aug 03, 2012
It took a long time for me to finally finish it, because I was spending time devouring the language and the way Adichie writes. This was a beautiful s ...more
Jul 12, 2014
May 17, 2014
The Measures Between Us
Disappointing, and did not live up to the promise of the book jacket.
not set
Jul 28, 2013
The Islands at the End of the World (Islands at the End of the World, #1)
Wow, this book was a wild ride. I don't think I read it so much as inhaled it- it was a super fast read, and compelling. The characters are very well ...more
Aug 24, 2014
Aug 23, 2014
This book, like Rainbow Rowell's other two, was perfect. I stayed up until 1 a.m. to read ("just one more chapter and then I've REALLY got to get some ...more
Dec 07, 2013
Sep 15, 2013
Gone Girl
I really can't write a decent review on this book without giving away the awesome spoilers within it- so I will leave it at this.... I truly loved thi ...more
Jun 10, 2012
Feb 03, 2012
Eleanor & Park
There are no words. My heart broke for Eleanor and for Park at alternating points in this beautifully written young adult novel. It was moving, terrif ...more
Sep 08, 2013
Sep 03, 2013
The Whole Golden World
I want to give this 3.5 stars. I really enjoyed this book, and it was a quick read- I definitely did not want to put it down and stayed up way past my ...more
Dec 28, 2013
Nov 24, 2013
Yes Please
I should begin by confessing my love for Amy Poehler... or at least a love I had before I read this book. Now, I need to be clear- I still enjoy Amy, ...more
Nov 11, 2014
Nov 09, 2014
The Year of the Gadfly
I loved this book. Loved seems like the wrong thing to say, because a lot of the book was straight-up creepy, weird, or otherwise off-putting, but I l ...more
Aug 02, 2014
Jul 29, 2014
We Were Liars
Wow. I did not see that coming at all.

I'm not writing a long review- you either read this book, or you don't. All I will say is the book is very poeti
Sep 20, 2014
Jan 01, 2014
Bad Feminist: Essays
I want to give this to every friend I have who works in higher ed. Absolutely loved this book.
Nov 24, 2014
Oct 05, 2014
The Heights
One of the worst books I have ever read, and I can't put into words how much I hated it. The main characters were entirely unlikable in every way imag ...more
Aug 12, 2012
Aug 01, 2012
All Fall Down
I would give this book 4.5 stars if Goodreads gave the darned option to give a half-star.

I preface this by admitting (a la rehab-style) that I am a h
Jun 30, 2014
Oct 26, 2013
All Our Yesterdays
I don't know how to rate this book. I want to give it 3.5, but because goodreads won't allow me to give 1/2 stars, I am going with 3.

I loved the writ
Jan 06, 2014
Oct 31, 2013
One Last Thing Before I Go
I remain staunchly in the camp that Jonathan Tropper is a literary god. I enjoy almost every sentence he writes, and this book is no exception. It was ...more
Aug 25, 2012
May 03, 2012
The Art of Racing in the Rain
Let me start off by saying I read the description of this book, and thought "yeah, that's nice." I had three friends recommend it to me, and after muc ...more
Oct 30, 2011
Oct 29, 2011
What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions
I don't care that this book was WAY over my head- it was legitimately awesome. Not only did I learn a lot about things that will never happen (and cou ...more
Sep 21, 2014
Sep 04, 2014
I am a huge fan of Catherine McKenzie's books and this was no exception. Her books are highly readable and fast-paced, and the content always grabs me ...more
Mar 10, 2014
Mar 09, 2014
Station Eleven
Finally, a dystopian novel that really gets it right. This book is also timely, given that the "end of world" scenario in this story is driven by a ca ...more
Sep 21, 2014
Sep 13, 2014
Safe with Me
I am really giving this 3.5 stars, but being that goodreads makes me pick between 3 and 4, I am rounding down. I liked the story, most (not all) of th ...more
Mar 12, 2014
Oct 06, 2013
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