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The Gathering Storm (Katerina, #1)
With the combination of historical and paranormal elements plus a beautiful cover, The Gathering Storm is the kind of book I adore. In theory. In real...more
Jan 2012
Jun 14, 2011
Starcrossed (Starcrossed, #1)
I love Greek mythology and Starcrossed has everything a fantastic story about Greek gods should have: big, feuding families; untrustworthy family memb...more
not set
Mar 03, 2011
Savannah Grey
Savannah Grey is one of the most unique stories I have ever read. The main character, Savannah, has paranormal abilities unlike anything I have come a...more
not set
Apr 08, 2011
Pearl In The Sand
Rahab’s story is not told in detail in the Bible. We know she helps the Jewish spies in Jericho and her faith saves her entire family. We know she mar...more
not set
Jun 30, 2011
Wildefire (Wildefire, #1)
2.5 stars. I love the summary for Wildefire. A Polynesian girl, Ashline, who goes to boarding school where she discovers she is a goddess and meets ot...more
not set
Jul 25, 2011
Radiant Darkness
What if Persephone was not kidnapped and dragged to the underworld by Hades and forced to become his wife? How much different would the myth be if she...more
not set
Jun 20, 2011
Darkness Becomes Her (Gods & Monsters, #1)
Greek mythology seems to be the new black. Not that I’m complaining, I love books with myth and I have been reading a lot of them lately. Darkness Bec...more
not set
Apr 18, 2011
Enclave (Razorland, #1)
Audiobook review. It seems that a trend in 2011 was post apocalyptic YA books with zombies, similar to how 2012 seems to be the year for post apocalyp...more
Jun 2012
Jul 13, 2012
Trial by Fire (Raised by Wolves, #2)
I was not a huge fan of the first book in this series, Raised by Wolves. As my issues were with the story and not the writing (Barnes is a pretty good...more
not set
Aug 22, 2011
If you have not watched the new shows on the Syfy Channel, you really should check it out. Their old movies and series were cheesy, but the new shows...more
not set
Aug 02, 2011
The Iron King (The Iron Fey, #1)
4.5/5 Stars. I can’t believe I waited so long to read this book! The Iron King is a perfect combination of a traditional fairy tale and paranormal ste...more
not set
Feb 24, 2011
Athena the Brain (Goddess Girls, #1)
Athena, a super smart 12-year-old girl has been who has been living with her foster family since she was a baby, finds out that her father is Zeus and...more
not set
Dec 20, 2011
Tempest Unleashed (Tempest, #2)
Tempest Maguire is finding out that the grass is not always greener on the other side. After making the painful but solid decision to leave her life o...more
Jun 2012
Jun 23, 2012
Ender's Game (The Ender Quintet, #1)
I’m in awe that Orson Scott Card wrote Ender’s Game almost 27 years ago. It feels surprisingly modern and easily rivals and even bests some of today’s...more
not set
Dec 15, 2011
There You'll Find Me
I’m not a big fan of contemporary fiction. I’m more of an escapist reader who prefers fantasy, paranormal romance and science fiction but my friend KM...more
not set
Nov 08, 2011
Love Amid The Ashes (Treasure Of His Love)
2.5 stars. I’m a huge fan of Christian historical fiction and love books based on people from the Bible. It takes a lot of creativity for a writer to...more
Apr 2012
Apr 29, 2012
The Goddess Test (Goddess Test, #1)
I love Greek mythology and modern retellings so I was very excited to see a few coming out this year, especially for The Goddess Test, a debut novel f...more
not set
Mar 11, 2011
Magic Under Glass (Magic Under, #1)
Magic Under Glass is a short and sweet fairy tale. The story is told from the first person perspective of Nimira, a dancer and singer who is hired to...more
Feb 2012
Feb 26, 2012
Obsidian (Lux, #1)
Jennifer Armentrout is quickly becoming known as a hot writer in the YA/paranormal/urban fantasy market and with good reason. Her novels are very exci...more
not set
Nov 04, 2011
The Dark is Rising (The Dark is Rising, #2)
I have read some really good middle grade books and hoped I would love this classic as well, unfortunately, I did not. The book was slow and confusing...more
not set
May 12, 2011
Dark Eden (Dark Eden, #1)
Everyone has fears, right? Imagine having phobias so debilitating, they prevent you from living a normal life, doing things that most people take for...more
not set
Oct 26, 2011
Cryer's Cross
When I was a teenager, I loved reading horror. As I got older, those same books that I used to enjoy began really scaring me. This is the first horror...more
not set
Mar 31, 2011
Neuromancer (Sprawl, #1)
Neuromancer is a sci-fi classic hailed by some to be the most important and influential science fiction novel of the past two decades. It has received...more
Jan 30, 2012
Jan 23, 2012
A Reluctant Queen: The Love Story of Esther
I’ve always been fascinated by the Biblical story of Esther, how an ordinary girl could rise up to become queen of Persia and save her people from gen...more
not set
Nov 13, 2011
Phantom Universe (Summer Chronicles, #1)
This book is a pleasant mix of sci-fi, romance and time travel to a dystopian society. Summer is kidnapped and sold to the captain of a pirate ship wh...more
Jan 21, 2011
Jan 14, 2011
A Princess of Mars (Barsoom, #1)
2.5 stars. John Carter, a captain in the confederate army, goes prospecting in Arizona at the end of the civil war and runs afoul of the Apaches. He h...more
Feb 2012
Feb 25, 2012
Sixty Acres and a Bride (Ladies of Caldwell County, #1)
I love the biblical story of Ruth and Boaz. It’s a perfect illustration of finding love and happiness after loss and devastation. Regina Jennings take...more
May 2012
May 29, 2012
Fallen (Fallen, #1)
Let me start by saying that I don’t like writing negative reviews but if I don’t like a book, I’m going to honesty state that. I know that the Fallen...more
Apr 04, 2012
Mar 22, 2012
Awkward (Smith High, #1)
One of my bookish resolutions for this year is to read more contemporary books and I’m so happy I started with Awkward. This book is funny, sweet and...more
Jan 2012
Jan 05, 2012
Unearthly (Unearthly, #1)
I usually don’t read angel books, just not my thing. Lately, however, I have seen great reviews of Unearthly and I decided to give this one a try. I w...more
not set
Feb 03, 2011
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