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Fish Is Fish
I remember loving this book (it survived many culls of books over the years), and looking at it now, the illustrations are beautiful and textured, the ...more
Feb 22, 2010
Mar 01, 2010
The Court of the Stone Children
It is odd, considering that I could hardly remember this book's plot and haven't read it in many year and have never investigated the author, that it ...more
Jun 28, 2009
Jun 28, 2009
Terrible, Horrible Edie
The situations in this book feel very dated to me, but are an enjoyable read nonetheless. The large family of children being left with only a rolling ...more
Jun 22, 2009
Jun 23, 2009
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing
I have read various decluttering books in my time, and some have helped a lot, some a little and some not at all. While Marie Kondo's technique sounds ...more
Dec 03, 2014
Feb 23, 2015
Disney's Countdown to Extinction
While dinosaurs are always a great idea for a book, this one is confusing and odd.

The illustrations combine drawings with holograms, for no apparent
Feb 22, 2010
Feb 28, 2010
The Forgotten Door
It had been quite a while since I read this, and I pulled it out as something quick to read outloud. While it didn't hold up as well as I would have i ...more
Nov 2007
Dec 11, 2007
Seven Sunny Days
I would generally say it isn't a good thing when you read at least a chapter into a book before you realise that you have already read it. However, I ...more
Jun 06, 2009
Jun 06, 2009
The Gathering Room
After reading The Court of Stone Children, I think I had a thing for people from other times. I think that coloured my enjoyment of this book, so that ...more
Jun 21, 2009
Jun 22, 2009
Murder at the Vicarage
One of the things I find interesting about Christie's writing is that she often switches her narrators around, even when using her main characters. Wh ...more
Feb 2010
Feb 02, 2010
Mrs. McGinty's Dead (Hercule Poirot, #28)
I remembered fairly early that I had read this book, but since I couldn't remember who killed poor Mrs McGinty, I kept going. It slowly came back as I ...more
Feb 2010
Feb 02, 2010
Appointment with Death (Hercule Poirot, #19)
I thought when I recently read the play of this that I had read it before and that there was a bit different than the novel. Rereading this now, I see ...more
Feb 16, 2010
Feb 17, 2010
Jigs & Reels
I wasn't sure at first, but too many of the stories were familiar to me that I must have read this before. That isn' a negative, necessarily, as short ...more
Feb 03, 2011
Jan 31, 2011
Princess Penelope's 365 dresses
This is one of my all-time favourite children's books. I love the illustrations, especially the colouring and the lovely detail. The story is fun and ...more
Nov 20, 2008
Nov 21, 2008
Death on the Nile (Hercule Poirot, #17)
This story takes a little while to get going, but then there's lots of murders to get on with. Poirot is on holiday - but crime won't leave him alone. ...more
Feb 14, 2010
Feb 15, 2010
Magic in the Park
I think I enjoyed this book much more as a kid than I have rereading it now. Throughout the book the two main characters are thrown into situations ov ...more
Jun 28, 2009
Jun 29, 2009
Murder in Mesopotamia
One of the things I really enjoy about this book is the strong voice of the nurse who narrates it. We get a real sense of her character through her wr ...more
Feb 12, 2010
Feb 14, 2010
4:50 from Paddington
The title of this one always makes me want to read it (again), and its US title ('What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw') just doesn't have the same ring.

This on
Feb 10, 2010
Feb 10, 2010
Weight Training Made Easy: Transform Your Body in Four Simple Steps
Whenever I am trying to get back in shape, I find myself reaching for this book (which, as an aside, I picked up for 50 cents in a flea market over te ...more
Aug 2008
Aug 19, 2008
New Habits: Today's Women Who Choose to Become Nuns
Having now re-read this book, I am glad I picked it up to wipe the boringness of The Nuns out of my system, but I have to admit I wasn't quite as take ...more
Aug 18, 2008
Jul 28, 2008
Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (The Wicked Years, #1)
Previously read and loved this book (in fact, read it twice). After seeing the musical, I have to re-read it to see what all they've left out and chan ...more
Feb 16, 2008
Dec 29, 2007
Meet the Austins (Austin Family, Book 1)
It held up yet again. Interesting that lately I've noticed that I tend to feel emotionally attached to the parents as much as the kids (heading in tha ...more
Mar 28, 2008
Mar 28, 2008
To Kill a Mockingbird
2013: My book club chose to read this, most of us for at least a second time. It was nice to revisit it, and as luck would have it our local cinema wa ...more
Aug 20, 2010
Aug 18, 2010
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
I know I've read this book numerous times, but Judy Blume is such a great writer that I still enjoy it. Poor Peter, with the parents that don't unders ...more
Jun 19, 2009
Jun 21, 2009
This teen book about racism, first love, and sticking to your principles is well written and I believe it manages to write at a teen level without bei ...more
Jun 23, 2009
Jun 23, 2009
Iggy Pig's Skippy Day (Iggy Pig #2)
An enjoyable tale about a young pig who is too naive to understand that he has only narrowly escaped death. Iggy Pig loves to skip, but the rest of th ...more
Feb 20, 2010
Feb 28, 2010
A Pocket Full Of Rye (Bbc Audio Crime)
This was a rare instance where I remembered quite a lot of the plot as it was going along from a previous read of the book, and I was getting a bit fr ...more
Feb 10, 2010
Feb 10, 2010
At Bertram's Hotel: Starring June Whitfield as Miss Marple. A BBC Radio 4 Full-cast Dramatisation (BBC Radio Collection)
This tale gets quite complicated, with crazy subterfuge and mistaken identities and heiresses and Miss Marple in the middle of it all at Bertram's Hot ...more
Feb 10, 2010
Feb 10, 2010
Little House in the Big Woods (Little House, #1)
I barely remembered anything about this book from reading it in childhood, so while the characters were very familiar (from the rest of the series as ...more
Jan 28, 2010
Jul 24, 2009
Round Trip
This book is not big on plot (a day trip to the city and home again), but the design is innovative and exciting for a young reader. The book is read f ...more
Feb 20, 2010
Feb 28, 2010
Pirates in the Park
This is a fun book that encourages imagination and not letting the big kids get you down. I like that the main character is a girl, and that her toy a ...more
Feb 23, 2010
Mar 01, 2010
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