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Phoenix Island
Great book. Highly recommended especially if you're looking for something for reluctant-reader boys in their early teens.

The characters are exceedingl...more
Feb 09, 2014
Nov 20, 2013
This is good. Solid. Entertaining. Fun if you're a sci-fi TV/movie fan.

The reasons I'm not giving it more stars: I wasn't hooked until about chapter...more
Dec 02, 2012
Dec 05, 2012
The Teapot Dome Scandal: How Big Oil Bought the Harding White House and Tried to Steal the Country
This was great fun: a wonderfully vivid account of the election campaign for Warren Harding, and of the nefarious characters running around government...more
Oct 29, 2012
Nov 07, 2012
The Twelve (The Passage, #2)

What a disappointment :(

I loved (LOVED!!!) "The Passage" and would recommend it to anyone. Can't say the same about this book, which felt like it ha...more
Nov 16, 2012
Oct 30, 2012
The Stainless Steel Rat Returns (Stainless Steel Rat, #11)
Listened to this, narrated by Phil Gigante, from Audible. Gigante is marvellous!

The story in this book was a bit disappointing disappointing but the...more
Feb 23, 2012
Feb 23, 2012
Heirloom: Notes from an Accidental Tomato Farmer
More than the memoir of a writer-turned-farmer, this is a love letter to a harsh mistress. Stark writes about everything from the history of the land...more
Jul 12, 2012
Jul 12, 2012
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
I wanted to like this book. I found the premise interesting on several levels and I plunged in, hoping for the best. But I just couldn't like it.

I fo...more
Aug 25, 2012
Jul 12, 2012
I learned a lot about Parisian history, which made it worth slogging through the ham-handed exposition ("tell me, Pierre, why the church is bad." "Wel...more
not set
Aug 05, 2014
I'm Bored
This book is so cute!

I read it to my 7 year old's Second Grade class the other day and they were giggling from the first endpaper (covered in the wor...more
Sep 2012
Feb 01, 2012
Atlas Shrugged
I hate this book. I hate her outlook, her philosophy, the characters, the pretension, the way it sounds too close to what too many politicians spout t...more
not set
Dec 19, 2011
The Once and Future King
The Once And Future King was required reading for men of my father's generation, which explains a lot about the imaginative, wacky, anachronistic, sil...more
Jan 17, 2014
Aug 27, 2012
The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year
Hmm. I liked it. I do think the author got a bit bored at the end, felt like it was time to wrap everything up, and did so in about ten pages, but I h...more
not set
Feb 11, 2013
Loved this. I loved that it was short, cheeky, clever and touching. Dodger was heroic; he walked through history and met real people (a real favourite...more
May 25, 2013
Jun 04, 2013
Where the Bodies Are Buried
My first Brookmyre. Not what I had been led to expect, but good luck putting this book down! He has the local patois down so well that I (an ex-pat) f...more
Dec 18, 2011
Dec 19, 2011
The Necessary Aptitude: A Memoir
This is an enjoyable memoir told in Pam Ayres's deceptively simple style. She is funny and sometimes lyrical. She is unsentimental yet moving as she t...more
Feb 17, 2012
Jan 02, 2012
44 Scotland Street
This novel was written as a serial, published in The Scotsman, and it shows. It feels loose and slightly uncrafted, unlike a modern novel. But to be h...more
Jun 16, 2014
Jan 17, 2014
Fight City (An Irish Jimmy Gallagher Novelette)
A really fun romp through Golden Age Hollywood and a great example of how to put obstacles in a character's way. Nothing deep or particularly clever a...more
May 15, 2013
Jun 04, 2013
Wool (Wool, #1)
Well-written. I liked the characters and the suspense was well-done. Didn't like the ending, but I gather there is an Omnibus with more stories, so ma...more
Nov 19, 2012
Dec 05, 2012
Rest You Merry (Peter Shandy, #1)
Perfect little cozy mystery full of larger-than-life secondary characters and a sympathetic, flawed protagonist. Really fun. Sophisticated use of lang...more
Jan 17, 2014
Dec 22, 2013
Snuff (Discworld, #39)
I love Sam Vimes and this is definitely not the best of his stories, but it still entertains and made me laugh out loud (and care about the characters...more
not set
Dec 19, 2011
Android: Free Fall
Started out really well, lost momentum a little bit towards the climax, but ended well. Nice, noirish speculative pulp. Mostly enjoyable.
Sep 2013
Aug 31, 2013
Flashman at the Charge (Flashman Papers, #4)
With the current trouble in The Crimea, what better way to lighten the mood and get some historical background at the same time, than traveling into t...more
Aug 05, 2014
Mar 14, 2014
Why We Write: 20 Acclaimed Authors on How and Why They Do What They Do
Inspiring and (mostly) free of pretentiousness. A great look at the day-to-day of working writers.
not set
Jun 22, 2013
Hop on Pop
Still pauses to work out some words, but gets them all. Some pages read with fluency and fun.
Oct 07, 2011
Oct 07, 2011
Story Engineering: Character Development, Story Concept, Scene Construction
Too much sales pitch at the start, but the meat of the book is well worth the wait.
not set
Dec 19, 2011
Under the Empyrean Sky (The Heartland Trilogy, #1)
Wow, I love it. In-your-face characterization, juicy world-building, economical, punchy language. Really skillful. Looking forward to parts 2 & 3.
Sep 30, 2013
Sep 23, 2013
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk
Couldn't put it down
not set
Jul 12, 2012
Excellent writing. Literary, with characters you can care about, stuff even happens!

Karen Russell does an amazing job, painting life in the swamp so v...more
Feb 03, 2014
Sep 01, 2013
The Winds of War (The Henry Family, #1)
I wanted to like this and leaned a lot about WWII but the characters as written were too dated for me to care about. I never thought I was one of thos...more
Mar 14, 2014
Jan 22, 2014
The Book Of Dragons
not set
Jun 28, 2014
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