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This would have to be one of the best stories we have had at book club, it was a good choice. I really enjoyed it. Hopefully we should be able to have ...more
Jun 11, 2013
May 08, 2013
Wild Lavender
This story covers the life of Simone Fleurier from just after WW1 when she is 14 to the end of WWII. We meet her family, friends and work comrades and ...more
Oct 25, 2009
Nov 15, 2010
**spoiler alert** This is a good story about the Fox family, three sisters Abbie, Emma and Lilly along with their father Jim.

Abbie has been working ov
May 31, 2012
Feb 10, 2012
Far From Over
I enjoyed this story that is set in Ireland and tells the story of Gemma Garvey, her ex-husband David Hennessay and his new wife Orla McNeil.

David and
Jan 18, 2011
Dec 13, 2010
Perfect Score
I quite enjoyed this book, my first e-book.

Sam was living on the streets when Alex first meets him - Alex felt an instant connection to Sam and would
Feb 20, 2011
Feb 18, 2011
The Moment Between
I could not get into this story and did I did not really enjoy the book at all – it was one that I skipped through a lot because I wanted to see if it ...more
Sep 27, 2009
Jan 10, 2011
The Dressmaker
I quite enjoyed this story about Ellen Gowan, who grew up in a happy home until her 13th birthday when her father was killed at his church. Ellen and ...more
Jan 31, 2012
Mar 28, 2011
After The Dance
This was a great book to listen to.

This is the story of Sue Carver and is set in Rotherhithe England in 1935. She lives at home with her parents and g
Oct 23, 2008
Jan 27, 2011
Cents And Sensibility
I really enjoyed this story of Stella Fein, newspaper journalist and daughter of a renowned achitect who she affectionately called HAM. Stella meets J ...more
Sep 26, 2011
Sep 14, 2011
This is the story of Ella Brady of Dublin and her friends and family.

In her early 20’s Ella falls in love with a married 41 year old man who tells her
Nov 30, 2008
Jan 25, 2011
Moments of Time
I could not put this book down it was so good, the continuing story of the Harvey Brothers and Emilia Harvey.

This book starts 5 years after WWI finish
Feb 05, 2009
Jan 06, 2011
The Family Farm
Izzy Simpson has always wanted to work on the family farm but because her sister Claire died while helping her father he won’t let her, so she left ho ...more
Dec 30, 2009
Jan 06, 2011
Flirting With Pete
I found this book hard to get into but I persevered and it was well worth it. I have a bad habit of reading the back page of any book that I read and ...more
Sep 29, 2008
Jan 13, 2011
The Valley
Danni needs a lifestyle change and has decided that she wants to try painting full time, to see if she has a talent for it. After some discussion with ...more
Oct 09, 2009
Nov 15, 2010
Time for a Change
I have read stories of this timeline before but I found this story to be very old fashioned and the people – would they really be like this, maybe the ...more
Jun 12, 2009
Jan 11, 2011
This Charming Man
I have no idea why this story was called “The Charming Man”, except for the charisma Paddy De Courcy is supposed to have. He is described by one woman ...more
Sep 06, 2009
Jan 11, 2011
A Child Of Her Time
At 25 Phyllis Bird is still living with her parents in North Camp, Hampshire. She has been working as a teacher assistant; her mother has been melanch ...more
Nov 23, 2008
Jan 27, 2011
Paula Spencer
I picked this book because it was on the shelf at the library and it was MP3 format, it is my first Roddy Doyle book but I after reading this one I wo ...more
Mar 19, 2010
Jan 06, 2011
The Family Way
I enjoyed the story on the whole but there were times when I was frustrated with the characters.

This is the story of 3 sisters, Cat, Jessica and Megan
Jul 14, 2010
Dec 30, 2010
The Dressmaker
Melissa Dornay’s mother Emmaline, who was very ill, was a dressmaker, and before she died she had asked one of her wealthy customers, Lillian Winteron ...more
Sep 20, 2009
Jan 10, 2011
His Ruthless Heart
There are 2 great stories in this book, the first 2 of the series on the Malory's.

Love Only Once

Regina Ashton, niece to Jason, Edward, James and Antho
Oct 11, 2009
Jan 10, 2011
Never Just a Memory
I could not put this book down it was so good, the continuing story of the Harvey Brothers and Emilia Harvey.

This book starts 5 years after WWI finish
May 08, 2009
Jan 06, 2011
The Railwayman's Daughter
I found this story enjoyable on the whole but a little drawn out in some areas.

1875 Templestowe, England, Mary Swales is the eldest daughter of Tom Sw
Feb 21, 2009
Jan 14, 2011
The Stone Flower Garden
The Hardigree family has lots of secrets, right down to their beginnings, these are revealed when Darleen Union is 10 and tragedy occurs at her home o ...more
Oct 09, 2009
Jan 10, 2011
From a Distance
This is the third book in this series of the Harvey’s of Hannaford in Cornwall.

Because of storm damage Alec Harvey is seriously injured in an accident
Apr 06, 2009
Jan 06, 2011
A Pocketful Of Silver
I love Anne Baker as an author – her books are great family stories. This story is not quite as good as the previous books that I have read though but ...more
Sep 19, 2008
Jan 06, 2011
Liverpool Lies
Another great family saga by Anne Baker, this one goes from 1941 to 1947 and is the story of Connie and Lottie Brinsley.

They are training as nurses an
Dec 09, 2008
Jan 06, 2011
Nowhere Else on Earth
Set in the swampy, piney backwoods of North Carolina at the close of the Civil War in 1864, Josephine Humphreys' passionate, beautifully written novel ...more
Dec 18, 2008
Dec 22, 2010
A Labour Of Love
This is another great family saga from Anne Baker.

This book is set in the 1980’s and it had a lot of characters in it and you get to know quite a lot
Dec 18, 2008
Jan 06, 2011
Barra Creek
his is my first Di Morrissey story and what a great one to start with. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is both sad and happy.

In the prologue it is 2003 an
Jul 24, 2009
Nov 15, 2010
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