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Slammed (Slammed, #1)

This is one of the only books that has ever made me cry. So there's no way I'm not giving this 5 stars. I'm definitely not the crying type but this a
May 14, 2012
May 14, 2012
Faelorehn (The Otherworld Trilogy, #1)
Actually, probably moreso 3.5 stars :)

This was my first ARC!! Wooo! So exciting. You might not think so but meh, I think it's awesome.

This bo
May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012
Fire in the Darkness (Darkness, #2)
Must get my hands on a copy of this pronto!!!! :D
not set
Aug 16, 2013
When, At Last, He Found Me (Memoir of a Mermaid, #1)
3.75 :) Just to be different..

Second ARC! *dances like a crazy person*
Thank you so very much Adrianna, so very much appreciated :)

This book was actual
May 29, 2012
May 15, 2012
Like I mentioned, the beginning (the first quater) was really well-written and had so much potential (so for that alone I'll give it 2 stars) but abou ...more
Apr 16, 2012
Apr 16, 2012
Deep Blue Secret (The Water Keepers, #1)
Possibly 4.5 :)

Wow. This was different. An original plot, well at least one that I've never read about. It was interesting and completely caught me of
not set
Apr 15, 2012
13 Little Blue Envelopes (Little Blue Envelope, #1)
13 Little Blue Envelopes...hmmm....ok, so what did I think?

For me, it was definitely a page turner, but not in a good way! All I did was skim- and ski
not set
Sep 21, 2011
Hex Hall (Hex Hall, #1)
After having read so many reviews about this book, all praising and talking about how amazing this book was, I decided to finally check it out.

My hes
not set
Apr 17, 2012
Touch of Power (Healer, #1)
Eh, let's go with 5 stars :)

This book was pretty awesome.
-> An awesome plot? Check.
-> An awesome romance? Check. (It wasn't an instant love, it
Jan 23, 2012
Dec 02, 2011
Blood Fever (The Watchers, #3)
It doesn't mention Ronan.......


Won't stop me from reading it though......


Well, I liked it. Caden won me over a tad, not going to l
Aug 20, 2012
May 11, 2012
Article 5 (Article 5, #1)
4.5 :)

I liked this. A lot. Period.
And who doesn't love a good romance a-midst disaster?
Definitely not me.

I've been reading quite a few dystopian nove
Mar 08, 2012
Nov 15, 2011
In the Middle of Nowhere

First of all I want to thank Julie Ann Knudsen for graciously sending me her book. I felt so honored, really :D

Now to what I honestly thought...
Jul 08, 2012
Jul 06, 2012
Grasping at Eternity (The Kindrily, #1)
I loved the idea of the story. I really did. It's a cool take on the whole re-incarnation thing. Really well written too :)

But the thing that just rea
Jun 29, 2012
Jun 27, 2012
Anew (The Archers of Avalon, #1)
Probably 4.5 :)

This book really surprised me. The plot itself isn't anything particularly extravagant, more simple than complicated but that doesn't
Jan 15, 2012
Jan 14, 2012
This book left me with a sense of annoyance, rather than one of "awe" or "emotional overload" (a state where so many reviewers seemed to be).

It was a
Sep 23, 2013
Sep 23, 2013
Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (Jessica, #1)
4.5 :)

I kept on putting off reading this book, putting it in second place to other new releases time and time again (Don't ask me why)... and boy do I
not set
Nov 30, 2011
My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century (My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century, #1)
Maybe 3.75 :)
Mar 2014
Feb 28, 2014
Bourne (River of Time, #3.1)
Maybe moreso 4.5 but meh, if its got anything to do with The River of Time series it deserves a 5 :)

I only saw this yesterday and I so excited, like s
Mar 20, 2012
Mar 19, 2012
Life on the Edge (Edge, #1)
I saw this today. Bought it. Started reading it. And finished it.

I loved it :)

I haven't read an ice-skating centered novel in a really long time.
Jun 17, 2012
Jun 16, 2012
The Temptation (Kindred, #1)
It was a good read but the author could have done a lot more with this book. I would have loved to see the relationship between Travis and Shane devel ...more
May 17, 2012
May 16, 2012
The Star Dwellers (The Dwellers, #2)
A lovely sequel! :)
Jan 31, 2014
Nov 16, 2013
The Sweetest Spell
3.5 or maybe a 4.

This was a great read. I loved the idea, because really, who knew chocolate could be so sacred, right?
It was wonderful.
The romance w
Aug 23, 2012
Aug 08, 2012
Flat-Out Love (Flat-Out Love, #1)
**spoiler alert** Wow. Wow. Wow.

I am 'flat-out' (I'm sorry I couldn't resist) in love with this book. Even though I figured out the major twist early
Jan 06, 2012
Sep 28, 2011
Storm (Elemental, #1)
4.5 :D

*giggles stupidly*

I loved this. At first when I read the blurb and some of the reviews I was like "Woah, wait, there are 5 guys? Let's hope
Apr 26, 2012
Dec 13, 2011
Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)
This book was actually rather good (haha)(not that I was expecting it to be bad, I was actually excited to be reading a future sort of re-telling of C ...more
Jan 11, 2012
Nov 15, 2011
Illuminate (Gilded Wings, #1)
Or probably 4.5 :)

This book was seriously a great story. It was interesting, intriguing and definitely one of the better angel stories out there (no q
Apr 09, 2012
Nov 15, 2011
Shadows (The Rephaim, #1)
For the first half of the book I was like, "Eh, this is alright."

But then, the second half of the book happened. And won me over.
It was great, remind
Aug 20, 2012
Aug 14, 2012
Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1)
Oh. My. This book. (Thank you Cait for your review)
Loved it! loved it! Loved it!
Just spent a solid two hours reading this: a definite page turne
not set
Dec 22, 2011
The Wrong Path
I told myself to "grin and bear it", and so, I finished this book in under an hour.
Like the 2 star rating indicates it was ok.
I just didn't like the
Dec 22, 2011
Dec 21, 2011
Obsidian (Lux, #1)
**spoiler alert** Even though the overall plot about the aliens kinda screamed "I am number four" and maybe even Thor.....
as you can see:
-> Aliens
Dec 13, 2011
Nov 29, 2011
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