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Wicked Appetite (Lizzy & Diesel, #1)
Wicked Appetite was my first ever Janet Evanovich book, and I can see why her Stephanie Plum novels are so popular! The dialogue is witty, there were ...more
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Feb 16, 2011
Mission 1: The Recruit (Cherub)
One Amazon reviewer describes this book, the first in its series, as “fresh and grimy.” Somehow, that’s spot-on. James, newly orphaned and living in a ...more
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Jan 31, 2012
Jane Eyre
When Jane's parents both die and leave her an infant orphan, she is taken in by her aunt, the pitiless Mrs. Reed. She is placed in Lowood, an institut ...more
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Aug 25, 2011
The Thin Man
Cocktails, dames, gangsters and the speakeasies of New York provide a vivid background against which the bourbon loving Nick Charles and wife Nora inv ...more
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Aug 24, 2011
The House of Hawthorne
Moody and evocative, this historical fiction readily transports the reader to the lives of Sophie and Nathaniel Hawthorne, as their complicated, indiv ...more
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May 19, 2015
Open Season (Joe Pickett, #1)
C.J. Box initiates his first novel in a series with the paramount hook: the sound of gun shots. Three outfitters are dead and one is found on the loca ...more
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Jun 17, 2015
The Golem and the Jinni
If you liked The Night Circus you will like The Golem and The Jinni. Chava is a golem, a woman made of clay who finds herself disembarking on Ellis Is ...more
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Jul 13, 2013
My Name Is Resolute
The story is about a young woman overcoming tremendous odds in early North America. The format is similar to that used in "These is my Words," by foll ...more
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Jul 08, 2014
The Snow Child
This is a wondrous story. Eowyn Ivey's storytelling is by turns the perfect balance of realism, magic and heart. The backdrop is the wild Alaskan wild ...more
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Apr 24, 2012
Japantown: A Thriller (Jim Brodie #1)
Debut author Barry Lancet delivers in this cross-cultural thriller. Jim Brodie's inheritance has caught up with him. Now it's his turn to jump in and ...more
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Oct 11, 2013
The Girl on the Train
This is a first-rate thriller that starts out with the reader feeling fairly comfortable with the narrator, in the sense that the experiences describe ...more
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Jan 08, 2015
What We Remember
Who killed Sheriff Daniel McCloud? That's the premise behind this intriguing novel that explores the complex relationships between husbands and wives, ...more
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Jul 18, 2013
The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy
This is a companion book to Rachel Joyce's "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry" in which Harold responds to a letter from Queenie by walking the le ...more
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Mar 16, 2015
Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny
What a great book to bridge that gap between easy reader books and chapter books for newer readers! Isabel, aka Bunjitsu Bunny, is the central figure ...more
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Apr 08, 2015
The Look of Love
Our heroine learns on her 29th birthday that she has one year to learn the different types of love, and satisfy the terms of a special gift bestowed a ...more
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Jan 13, 2015
The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August
Harry August is immortal both doomed and blessed to go back in time at the moment of his death to be reborn on the day of his birth. Even though he li ...more
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Dec 24, 2014
The Well
In a Dystopian future our main character, Ruth, finds herself under house arrest after her grandson is murdered. She is locked up in what was once her ...more
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May 26, 2015
A Man Called Ove
This is a gentle story about a man named Ove who handles life best when it is very predictable and regular. As he ages, Ove's life is anything but pre ...more
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Dec 19, 2014
The Fiction Class
If you enjoy beautiful writing; if you've ever wanted to BE a writer; if you have a difficult mother; this is the book for you!

-Candy V.-
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Oct 30, 2010
Magic Burns (Kate Daniels, #2)
Magic and technology cannot peacefully coexist in the world, and the battle they wage fighting for dominion has savaged Atlanta. Enter Kate Daniels, m ...more
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Mar 20, 2015
Where'd You Go, Bernadette
This witty, heartwarming story is told in an entertaining and unique way and is unlike anything else I’ve read. Maria Semple, who worked on similarly ...more
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Nov 11, 2014
The Fixer
This is a fast, exciting thriller that oddly enough seems like it could happen to someone you actually know. The protagonist is a magazine writer, lik ...more
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May 17, 2015
Being Frank
A great recipe (book) for giving honest responses.
- Monty K.
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Feb 11, 2015
Watership Down
Do you like epic tales? What about rabbits? Or myths? And perhaps tales with a hint of Tolkienistic language? After seeing a vision of the destruction ...more
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Jun 30, 2015
House of Leaves
One part text-based Blair Witch-style documentary, one part critical analysis rife with subtext and personal tragedy, and one part slow descent into m ...more
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May 16, 2011
Skippy Dies
Set in an Irish boarding school, this novel examines the lives of the school's students and teachers as they become frayed by the expectations (both i ...more
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May 02, 2011
Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library
This book is perfect for second (advanced readers or as a book to be read to them) through sixth grade and is entertaining enough to be a good read al ...more
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Oct 31, 2013
World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War
Reactions have mainly been mocking when I say that I enjoyed World War Z (ignore the movie completely). But those doubters who dismiss it as just anot ...more
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Jun 20, 2014
The Light Between Oceans
This is an enchanting book. At every stage, the author manages to pull away from the expected and move the story deftly toward the unexpected. In ways ...more
Oct 03, 2014
Oct 03, 2014
Vicious (Vicious, #1)
Part origin story, part psychological revenge tale, Vicious pits a damaged 'villain' against a self-styled hero far worse than him. There are no world ...more
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Jan 27, 2014
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