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Rot & Ruin (Rot & Ruin, #1)
it was amazing
Benny hated zoms his whole life because he never stopped to consider that zoms were someones friend, someones mother, someone loved them. They weren't ...more
Jul 06, 2011
Jul 04, 2011
Forever (The Wolves of Mercy Falls #3)
liked it
**spoiler alert** I would say more like 3.5

There were a lot of parts that dragged in the book, almost to the point where if I had a physical book, I'd
Jul 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2010
Valiant: A Modern Faerie Tale (Modern Faerie Tales, #2)
really liked it
**spoiler alert** I think part of the reason for the mixed reviews is that this book is extremely dark compared to most that is out there for YA. It r ...more
Sep 23, 2010
Sep 22, 2010
Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1)
it was amazing
I checked this book out of the library mainly because the cover was so pretty. I know many of my friends have read it, so I didn't bother reading the ...more
Sep 25, 2010
Sep 22, 2010
Red Glove (Curse Workers, #2)
really liked it
**spoiler alert** I thought this was a great follow up to White Cat, it kept my interest in the characters high and didn't slump much like many of the ...more
Apr 24, 2011
Apr 13, 2011
Willing Victim (Flynn and Laurel, #1)
really liked it
A group of ladies was talking about steamy books and this one came up. Then I saw another one of my friends had this on her feed and I thought "meh, w ...more
May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012
Hearts in Darkness (Hearts in Darkness, #1)
really liked it
I would say this is more like a 3.5ish.

I purchased this because it kept popping up on my amazon feed and the cover intrigued me, it was cheap and shor
Dec 07, 2011
Dec 08, 2011
Darkest Mercy (Wicked Lovely, #5)
really liked it
A good end to the series I thought.

For the first time in the entire series, I loved Keenan, he redeemed himself from being a grade A douche. I thought
Apr 19, 2011
Apr 13, 2011
Passion (Fallen, #3)
really liked it
This was more like 3.5.

Not a whole lot was done to advance the plot until the end, and for that I sort of felt like "why did I buy this book?".

It was
Jun 26, 2011
Jan 15, 2011
City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments, #4)
really liked it
**spoiler alert** This is more of a 3.5, and really only this low because of the last 100 pages.

I was so excited to go back to Jace/Clary/Simon (and A
May 07, 2011
Sep 22, 2010
really liked it
This was more of a 3.5, maybe even a 3, a four is really, really generous and I went here because this is a first time author and so I'm more forgivin ...more
Aug 13, 2011
Apr 01, 2011
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
really liked it
I thought the science was absolutely fascinating of all that Henrietta has done for the field. I enjoyed seeing the look back in time of the questiona ...more
Jan 22, 2011
Dec 01, 2010
The Glass Castle
it was amazing
**spoiler alert** This book came highly recommended by I can't tell you how many people. One of whom basically looked at me aghast having said "YOU ha ...more
Aug 19, 2011
Nov 15, 2010
Twenty Boy Summer
really liked it
**spoiler alert** This is more like 3.5 to me. I really loved the premise of the book, the story of love and loss, healing and beginning again. The id ...more
Mar 15, 2011
Dec 20, 2010
The Fault in Our Stars
it was amazing
This was one of those books I picked up and could not put down, I read it cover to cover in a single day. Thankfully I was getting my hair done today ...more
Feb 15, 2012
Sep 21, 2011
Delirium (Delirium, #1)
it was amazing
**spoiler alert** AAAAAAH Nasty Cliffhanger!!! I need t stop reading the first book in a series soon after it comes out because then there is that loo ...more
Feb 26, 2011
Dec 13, 2010
The Giver (The Giver Quartet, #1)
it was amazing
**spoiler alert** I was stuck waiting somewhere with no book, so I saw that my ebook checkout from the library had this waiting for me and decided to ...more
Sep 20, 2011
Oct 07, 2010
Matched (Matched, #1)
it was amazing
**spoiler alert** I thought this book was fantastic. I thought that Cassia is a great protagonist and what I love most about her is her strength. I fi ...more
Feb 25, 2011
Dec 13, 2010
Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy, #6)
it was amazing
**spoiler alert** *this review contains spoilers*

I was very happy with the way Rose's POV ended. Unlike some other vampire series *cough* Twilight *co
Dec 12, 2010
Sep 22, 2010
Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #9)
liked it
**spoiler alert** I would maybe even give this a 3.5.

I went into this book with low expectations, but I have to say there were some parts I loved.

I re
Jul 2011
Dec 13, 2010
Wither (The Chemical Garden, #1)
it was amazing
**spoiler alert** I know this was either a "love it" or "hate it" book.

I loved it.

Was the subject matter disturbing? Absolutely, however I didn't have
Apr 21, 2011
Jan 24, 2011
Requiem (Delirium, #3)
it was ok
**spoiler alert** What a disappointing ending. Ugh. I am so bitter.

I need to elaborate a bit.

Here I am still angry about this book. There was NO endin
Apr 10, 2013
Dec 27, 2011
Divergent (Divergent, #1)
it was amazing
I tore through this book while we were on vacation.

I thought this book was absolutely fantastic. The world Roth created was rich and vibrant, each fac
Jun 13, 2011
Mar 14, 2011
Fragile Eternity (Wicked Lovely, #3)
really liked it
Oh Seth and Niall, how I love you both so. There was a moment in the book when Niall did something I wanted to do for 2 books now and it felt so GOOD. ...more
Apr 09, 2011
Mar 28, 2011
Vespers Rising (The 39 Clues, #11)
liked it
**spoiler alert** I thought this one was by far the weakest of the series. I did enjoy the look back at Gideon the best. Then probably Madeline, which ...more
Apr 26, 2011
Apr 25, 2011
Pandemonium (Delirium, #2)
it was amazing
**spoiler alert** I loved this, a rare sequel that I think in many ways is better than the original.

I really applaud Oliver, because in book 1 I simpl
Apr 07, 2012
Feb 27, 2011
The Darkest Pleasure (Lords of the Underworld #3)
really liked it
I'm chewing through these books because they are just a little truffle of decadence. Very similar to the Black Dagger Brotherhood or Carpathian novels ...more
Feb 20, 2012
Feb 14, 2012
Impossible (Impossible, #1)
it was ok
I found the writing to be a bit thin and the plot was just sort of scrambled. At the end it started to just go downhill.

I didn't believe in Zach/Luce
Jun 10, 2011
May 21, 2011
Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, #11)
liked it
**spoiler alert** Meh. It was probably more like a 3.5. Better than the last book for sure and you can see how Harris is starting to choose her endgam ...more
May 11, 2011
Dec 13, 2010
The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus, #1)
really liked it
**spoiler alert** I really liked bringing in the Roman gods/demigods into play made for an interesting twist. I love Leo, I think he is such a fun cha ...more
Feb 06, 2011
Sep 22, 2010
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