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The End of Eternity
5 stars for the start, 2 stars for the middle, 5 stars for the ending.

This book has among the best beginnings I've ever read. I must have picked this
Aug 22, 2012
Aug 21, 2012
Writing Irresistible KidLit: The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Fiction for Young Adult and Middle Grade Readers
The title promises a lot, and the author is certainly qualified, with a background in writing, publishing and acting.

The first and last chapters are a
Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012
Affluenza: When Too Much is Never Enough
Last year I read a book by the same title by British author Oliver James, which I thoroughly enjoyed, so I was interested to read more about affluenza ...more
Feb 24, 2012
Feb 24, 2012
Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fats
Dr. Mary Enig was ignored by the decision makers when she said -- long before trans fats required labeling in America -- that man-made transfats are b ...more
Jan 04, 2013
Jan 04, 2013
Atheist Manifesto: The Case Against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
If you've already read Dawkins' The God Delusion, the style of this book may be a little unexpected. Perhaps it's the French translation - I was sligh ...more
Jun 19, 2011
Jun 16, 2011
Worse Things Happen at Sea
This month's bookclub selection.

As it was handed out to bookclub members last month, this book was introduced with, 'A little *light* reading this mon
Oct 17, 2013
Oct 16, 2013
A Planet of Viruses
I'll expect nightmares tonight.

'Part chicken part virus' is a phrase that'll stick in my head. Also the image of the world's oceans, which I'll know f
Sep 10, 2013
Sep 10, 2013
Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill
My favourite line in the whole book concerns ‘Sunshine and Flax Oil’ and goes like this: ‘The oil is so smooth that you may inadvertently ‘oil your un ...more
Aug 28, 2012
Aug 18, 2012
Zita the Spacegirl (Zita the Spacegirl, #1)
I would possibly rate this more highly had I not just read an absolutely amazing graphic novel which had a dual audience. While my six year old quite ...more
Jun 29, 2014
Jun 28, 2014
The Hite Report
As I was reading this I kept wondering how things have changed since the mid seventies. But I have a sneaky suspicion I wouldn't like the answer to th ...more
Jan 17, 2014
Dec 13, 2013
**spoiler alert** This is a short novel which I expected to finish in two sittings but it took an entire week, so I guess I never really got into it.

Jan 16, 2012
Jan 10, 2012
To my shame, I am a child of 80s New Zealand and this is the first Margaret Mahy novel I read. I don't think this is one of her better known works. Th ...more
May 03, 2014
May 03, 2014
Canadians: A Portrait Of A Country And Its People
Earlier this year I read a novel called *Canada* by Richard Ford, an American, about Americans in Canada, or rather, in a little town in Canada that o ...more
Oct 21, 2014
Oct 13, 2014
Matchless: A Christmas Story
This is the first of Maguire's books I have read. A friend who loves his other work gave me this book because she couldn't bear to read it twice, or t ...more
Aug 05, 2014
Aug 05, 2014
The Serpent's Promise: The Bible Retold as Science
This read has me wondering at what stage the book was subtitled. I am going to take a wild stab in the dark and guess that it was subtitled after it w ...more
Jan 06, 2014
Dec 28, 2013
Ribsy (Henry, #6)
I absolutely loved Henry and Ribsy as a six year old, so decided to read this to my own six-year-old before bedtime. But I didn't enjoy this experienc ...more
May 29, 2014
Apr 03, 2014
See You Thursday
I did enjoy this story, partly because it's interesting to see how YA has changed in the past 30 years.

First, I was struck by the slower pacing of it
Jun 25, 2013
Jun 23, 2013
Reading By Moonlight: How Books Saved A Life
Last month's book club selection (selected by the local library, I hasten to add) was William McInnes' memoir, in which we contemplated the sad death ...more
Nov 24, 2013
Nov 24, 2013
Soulless (Parasol Protectorate, #1)
I fell in love with the character of Alexia Tarabotti in the first chapter, but grew less and less fond of her as the story progressed. I realised thi ...more
Nov 2012
Oct 28, 2012
The First Person and Other Stories
I wasn't really interested in most of the stories in this collection, but then I've never read a short story collection in which every story was equal ...more
not set
May 09, 2012
Intruders on the Rights of Men
It would be interesting to know the ways in which publishing has changed since this book was written.

I was amused at the prediction of one industry in
Jan 02, 2012
Dec 31, 2011
The Other Family
I listened to this as an audio book. The story was read by a very adept voice actor, who managed to switch up Estuary and Northern accents along with ...more
May 31, 2014
May 30, 2014
My Brother Bernadette (Yellow Bananas)
This book is part of the 'Yellow Banana' series put out by Heineman Young, which are short chapter books for semi-fluent readers. I'd been looking for ...more
Aug 29, 2014
Aug 29, 2014
Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight
This person manages to give a bad name to Mormons, women, BDSM-enthusiasts, bisexuals, bonobos and — of course — lawyers. She has something interestin ...more
Nov 24, 2014
Nov 23, 2014
I Am Susannah
**spoiler alert** Setting: Newtown, Sydney, summer, in the late 1980s

I really should have come across this book in 1988 when it was an honour book in
Jul 05, 2014
Jul 05, 2014
How it Ended
**spoiler alert** Third Party is a wonderful depiction of what I believe is called ‘Imaginary Audience Syndrome’:

‘He imagined the passersby speculat
Jan 26, 2014
Jan 24, 2014
Footrot Flats 5 (Footrot Flats, #5)
My husband bought a number of the Footrot Flats comic collections when he was a teenager, and still had them when we first met. He is Australian and I ...more
Feb 02, 2014
Feb 02, 2014
Millions of Cats
"Once upon a time there was a very old man and a very old woman. They lived in a nice clean house which had flowers all around it, except where the do ...more
not set
Mar 04, 2015
The People You Are
I remember one lecturer at teachers' college talking about this way of looking at individuals: He introduced me to the idea that we are each playing r ...more
Jul 12, 2014
Jul 11, 2014
Left Turn
Most who read this will probably be slightly more interested in some areas of politics than others, and these essays are sufficiently wide in scope to ...more
Jan 02, 2015
Jan 01, 2015
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