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The Wishing Thread
I love, love, LOVED this book. In fact, it's the best book I've read all year.

The Wishing Thread is about three unusual sisters who are reunited after
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Jun 20, 2013
Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail
I loved this story of a young woman setting out to trek the better part of the Pacific Crest Trail in an attempt to pull her ravaged life back togethe ...more
Jan 05, 2014
Jan 15, 2014
The Invention of Wings
I read this novel with some apprehension, having recently read a number of novels set in the South with similar themes. I've been getting a whiff of a ...more
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Sep 18, 2014
The Martian
I read this entire novel during a transatlantic flight -- swallowed it whole -- couldn't put the darn thing down, not even during meals. What a fabulo ...more
Apr 22, 2015
Apr 23, 2015
Born To Magic (Tales of Nevaeh, #1)
A dystopic fantasy with a feminist twist! In the new world that develops long after the old one was destroyed, women have the upper hand. They wield t ...more
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Dec 31, 2014
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
This is the best page-turner I've read in years!
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Mar 16, 2012
Gone Girl
Brilliant book, great plot twists, a masterful use of point-of-view, real in-depth, detailed insight into the relationship between the two characters. ...more
Jul 10, 2014
Sep 19, 2014
The Alchemist
I really wanted to love this book. Maybe it was oversold to me. I'd heard so much about it's simple wisdom, it's universal themes, and it has been on ...more
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Nov 15, 2013
Water for Elephants
I confess I was drawn to this book because of its historical setting, which Sara Gruen nails. The details about how a 1930's-era circus moves along th ...more
May 31, 2011
Jun 01, 2011
How to Bake a Perfect Life
First, a little story of my own about baking bread. During my college years, I used to bake bread on Sunday afternoons. Hanging in the kitchen with my ...more
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Jun 23, 2013
Wolf Hall (Thomas Cromwell, #1)
Hilary Mantel is a spectacularly talented writer, and I admire the way she fleshed out the character of the historical villain Thomas Cromwell. She al ...more
Jul 26, 2012
Jul 18, 2012
Jonathan Franzen deserved the accolades he received in the press with this book. He's an amazing chronicler of human behavior--very flawed, very compl ...more
May 17, 2011
May 08, 2011
A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)
**spoiler alert** I adore this series. I love the HBO mini-series, too. George R.R. Martin has created a masterpiece, the 21st century equivalent of L ...more
Jan 2012
Nov 09, 2012
The Interpretation of Murder
Great historical detail and some well-developed characters, but the mystery plot is hopelessly complicated and doesn't end with any true clarity. Freu ...more
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Sep 03, 2011
Remarkable Creatures
Having recently read Shelley Emling's book, The Fossil Hunter, a narrative biography about the life of Mary Anning, it was fascinating to read Tracy C ...more
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Aug 22, 2011
The Catcher in the Rye
I'm on a kick to try to read the books I SHOULD have read in high school and college, and this was the first one that fell into my hands. There's a re ...more
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Nov 22, 2011
The Year of Magical Thinking
An interesting look at the grieving process. As usual, Joan Didion comes up with some amazing imagery, but I found her in some ways too detached, too ...more
Mar 2011
Mar 14, 2011
The Artificial Silk Girl
An odd but compelling little book written in 1930s Germany about a young woman's adventures trying to support herself in Berlin--mostly by hooking up ...more
Aug 27, 2012
Aug 28, 2012
State of Wonder
Ann Patchett is an incredible writer. This book is multi-layered, so much so that I haven't yet parsed out all the literary connections (the opera Orp ...more
Jun 27, 2011
Jun 18, 2011
Mistress of My Fate (The Confessions of Henrietta Lightfoot, #1)
I got sucked right into this one to the point of reading late into the night. A fast-paced story of a 18th century woman's fall from grace, this one o ...more
Jul 07, 2013
Jul 07, 2013
To Kill a Mockingbird
Yeah, I should have read this in high school or college, but I'm glad I waited. I knew a lot of the plot points, but what I didn't know was how well H ...more
Aug 12, 2012
Aug 09, 2012
Country Roads (Whisper Horse, #2)
Nancy Herkness has written another fabulous, sensuous romance with Country Roads, her second installment in the Whisper Horse series. Her characters a ...more
Oct 10, 2013
Oct 10, 2013
Stargazey Nights
A magical novella about the importance of following one's heart and finding out what is truly important in life. I loved the way the author integrated ...more
Aug 15, 2013
Aug 16, 2013
The Fossil Hunter: Dinosaurs, Evolution, and the Woman Whose Discoveries Changed the World
Shelley Emling is such an excellent writer of narrative fiction that this book -- really a biography of a 19th century lower-class female fossil hunte ...more
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Oct 15, 2010
And One Last Thing ...
Funniest book I've read in years--and certainly the funniest one I've ever read about a divorce. I laughed and laughed and laughed. The dialogue is wi ...more
Sep 18, 2011
Sep 23, 2011
Death Comes to Pemberley
I was charmed by this book, and enjoyed visiting P.D. Jame's versions of Elizabeth & Darcy years after their marriage. P.D. James did a fabulous M ...more
Apr 08, 2012
Apr 16, 2012
The Corrections
The author has tremendous talent in creating character and setting up conflicted dysfunctional domestic scenes . . . however I struggled to find anyth ...more
Apr 14, 2011
Mar 22, 2011
Secret of the White Rose (Simon Ziele, #3)
I adore Stefanie Pintoff's series of turn-of-the-century police procedurals based in New York City, and this book, following A Curtain Falls and In Th ...more
Aug 24, 2012
Aug 19, 2012
A Kiss Out of Time
This is a lovely, romantic, page-turning YA about a young woman, Georgina, who spends a summer working in her grandmother's antique store bombarded wi ...more
Sep 29, 2013
Oct 03, 2013
A Promise of Safekeeping
An emotional, deeply-developed, heartfelt and *extremely* well-written novel. Some of these passages had me gasping. I feel like I'd know these charac ...more
Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012
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