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Indian Horse
April 2, 2012:

I begin this book with both eagerness and trepidation. The year is 1961. Saul Indian Horse, Indian boy, is 8 years old. I, little white
Apr 04, 2012
Apr 01, 2012
Come, Thou Tortoise
Honestly, I don't know if I have the words to do this novel justice. As I said a few short weeks ago, I bought this book because I just couldn't resis ...more
Apr 2009
Apr 03, 2012
Two Solitudes
I finished reading this book this morning, January 23, 2012. I started on January 14th. Nine days to read it? I'm shocked. I thought I breezed through ...more
Jan 23, 2013
Jan 14, 2013
We So Seldom Look on Love
I first read this book many, many moons ago. It is the book that I've always pointed to when justifying my opinion that Barbara Gowdy "always" writes ...more
Mar 31, 2012
Mar 30, 2012
Eating Dirt: Deep Forests, Big Timber, and Life With the Tree-planting Tribe
I am so excited to win this book. Can hardly wait for it to arrive. Thank you Charlotte Gill, Greystone Books & David Susuki Foundation, Goodreads ...more
Oct 18, 2011
Oct 01, 2011
Cool Water
Christmas booty!

Okay so what is it about books set in Saskatchewan? I am not a prairie girl. I was born on Lake of the Woods. Pine, granite, steep hil
Jun 12, 2011
Jan 07, 2011
Found in my mailbox on April 24/12 (B'day surprise from DJO). Started reading this morning. Got all nostalgic with memories of my father and the sight ...more
Apr 27, 2012
Apr 25, 2012
King Leary
Read in 2008 for Canada Reads, my review from January, 2008:

Oh gosh, I am so glad I read this book. Notwithstanding that I haven't yet read the other
Jan 08, 2008
Mar 10, 2013
The Bone Cage
Having just read Trevor Cole's *Norman Bray in the Performance of His Life* and come to the shocking conclusion that I might be just as self-absorbed ...more
Nov 23, 2010
Nov 17, 2010
Broken Circle: The Dark Legacy of Indian Residential Schools: A Memoir
I read this book in one sitting and appreciated the motivation, courage and effort involved in the writing of it. It added to my understanding of what ...more
Jun 17, 2012
May 26, 2012
The Dead of Midnight
April 15, 2012:

Started the book last night, just before bed. Got a few chapters in and totally creeped myself out. Honestly, how you mystery lovers ca
Apr 22, 2012
Sep 06, 2011
Snowball, Dragonfly, Jew
Rather than weep and tweet about the impending closing of Aqua Books in Winnipeg, I went shopping there while I still could. This was one of the treas ...more
Aug 31, 2011
Aug 11, 2011
Dance, Gladys, Dance
June 5, 2012

I'm just a few chapters in and, even though I am not one for ghost stories, I am quite at home with these characters. Perhaps, I'll shall
Jun 08, 2012
May 31, 2012
Before I Go To Sleep
As anticipated, this was a fast read. This is not for lack of pages but because of the compelling need to continue reading.

The premise is quite distur
Mar 12, 2013
Mar 09, 2013
Throwaway Daughter
I enjoyed this book. It was an easy read and a very interesting story. Grace Parker, now a teenager in the story, was abandoned as a new-born on the s ...more
Oct 30, 2011
Nov 02, 2011
I read this book in a day and quite enjoyed it. I'd really give it 3 & 1/2 stars if I could, or 7 out of 10.

The book takes place in Saskatchewan
Aug 2011
Aug 01, 2011
City Of Ice
Crime fiction is so not my genre, but picked it up at recent BookCrossing meeting. So, an adventure.

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this book. A page-t
Feb 02, 2012
Jan 14, 2012
Jim Lynch's blurb on the back cover of this book suggested that *Fauna* was "the sort of rare novel that can change the way you see your world." This ...more
Jul 28, 2010
Aug 01, 2011
Sunny Dreams
I think this might be the first Alison Preston novel I've read. Inexcusable really. I love to support local authors, yet somehow while I've purchased ...more
Aug 24, 2011
Aug 24, 2011
Yikes. This story set in the mean streets of Winnipeg, apparently in the "skinhead scene" of the 1990's (I've never really paid enough attention to co ...more
Sep 2009
Aug 06, 2011
Irma Voth
I've loved every book Miriam Toews has written. So, of course, I had to have this new one. At the same time, I was reluctant to read it. What if I did ...more
May 16, 2011
May 17, 2011
A Week of This: A Novel in Seven Days
I am by birth and childhood years, a small town girl. As such, I am usually a sucker for stories set in small towns. The jacket cover photo of this bo ...more
Sep 11, 2011
Sep 12, 2011
Raven's Gift,The
This book drew me in right from the prologue:

"Don't you hear the noise? It swishes like the beating of the wings of great birds in the air. It is the
Jul 26, 2011
Jul 30, 2011
Thunder Road
Full disclosure:

1. The author is not a personal friend of mine, but he is my friendly local bookseller at McNally Robinson, we do follow each other on
Sep 19, 2012
Sep 20, 2012
Secret Daughter
I have a penchant for books about mothers and daughters and will invariably select one to read when my two daughters and I take off on our used-to-be- ...more
Apr 2012
Apr 01, 2012
Setting Lake Sun
This is a curious little book - one hundred and sixty-four chapters on about half as many pages. It is a story told by Angele, a young Metis architect ...more
Apr 14, 2012
Apr 13, 2012
Where the Rocks Say Your Name
I enjoyed this novel about four young people "attempting" to come of age so to speak. I say attempting because I don't think any of them quite make it ...more
Mar 09, 2012
Mar 07, 2012
When All You Have Is Hope
I finished this book in two sittings. It was a quick read but what an amazing story. I was both inspired and dismayed. Inspired by the fact that someo ...more
Jan 12, 2013
Jan 10, 2013
With the Boys: Field Notes on Being a Guy
I tweeted today that I was a wee bit in love with Jake MacDonald. It's true, although I've never met the man.

I was also trying to fit into 140 charact
Sep 15, 2011
Sep 12, 2011
Her Sparrow
I promised myself this book for quite a while, but did not get around to buying and reading it until just recently. The reason I promised it to myself ...more
Jun 2012
May 31, 2012
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