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Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #9)
**spoiler alert** Aaaah Lover Unleashed, much awaited book.....maybe too much??

My feelings are mixed: there is good, there is bad. And to be honest t
Apr 23, 2011
Nov 07, 2010
Dark Soul: The Complete Collection (Dark Soul, #1-5)
Little hesitation between 4 and 5 stars but decided on the latter.

Voinov does what he knows best: describing people in all their beauty and ugliness.
Aug 26, 2012
Mar 26, 2012
Sin Undone (Demonica, #5)
Okay I finished the demonica series and I really want to put my feelings on paper/screen. I've got a lot of mixed feelings about this series. the last ...more
Dec 14, 2010
Dec 11, 2010
GhosTV (PsyCop, #6)
02/04/2012: re-read and upped the stars! Hell?? how did I miss the greatness of this book last year? I can't believe it... this is awesome, beyond awe ...more
Jul 18, 2011
Nov 15, 2010
Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling, #9)
*sigh* I don't know...I'm getting frustrated with this series.
Unfortunately these heroes and heroines are getting very similar... the seduction and c
Dec 03, 2011
Nov 26, 2011
At Grave's End (Night Huntress, #3)
It finally arrived! i was without a book for 2 days....the horror of it! and i didn't want to start a new series before finishing this one... I really ...more
Dec 28, 2010
Dec 14, 2010
Eternal Kiss of Darkness (Night Huntress World, #2)
I'm so glad we get to know Mencheres better! he was always in the shadows and with Cat not really liking him... that didn't do him any favours. How wr ...more
Jan 28, 2011
Jan 26, 2011
Special Forces: Soldiers Part II -Director's Cut
*sigh* it's finished....what the hell am I going to read now?
I feel like any book I'm gonna read now will be dull, will lack colour and depth just bec
not set
Jan 09, 2012
The Betrayal Knows My Name, Volume 1
this book was way thicker then I thought, great! art work is good but the characters are too similar to my taste. really liked the large drawings in t ...more
not set
Jul 08, 2012
Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #10)
Well.... i don't think I ever gave only 1 star to a Warden book. Unfortunatly that's all I have left after I've finished.

I'm left with a big fat 'That
Apr 22, 2012
Feb 29, 2012
Secrets (PsyCop, #4)
Vic and Jacob keep on getting better and better!! I finished the first 4 books in 2 days and I am desperate for more! the detective storyline is alway ...more
not set
Oct 27, 2010
Blaze of Memory (Psy-Changeling, #7)
hmm what to think of this one? it's not my favorite... let's say it is my second last favorite of the series so far. Katya grew on me, i did not like ...more
not set
Dec 15, 2010
Desire Unchained (Demonica, #2)
difficult one this series.... i was really looking forward to reading them..have just started the 3rd book... am I thrilled? no... am I swept away? a ...more
not set
Oct 27, 2010
The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide
Nice addition to the series this insiders guide! It sheds more light on the brothers and their shellans. I really liked the deleted scenes and especia ...more
Nov 05, 2010
Oct 27, 2010
Bonds of Justice (Psy-Changeling, #8)
I'm a bit disappointed with this book..again I should say as I didn't like the previous one either. The story of Max & Sophia was so similar to De ...more
not set
Dec 15, 2010
Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, #11)
i was a little hesitant to start this book cause i had a feeling i was not gonna like it. turns out it was quite ok and once i started i just kept on ...more
not set
Dec 27, 2010
Altered Carbon
I've read loads and loads of scifi, mostly older stuff from the 50's so this was my first 'modern' scifi novel.
it's really more of a great detective
Aug 26, 2011
May 10, 2011
Partners (PsyCop, #1-2)
Victor Bayne, you are my hero!

you manage to be clumsy, overly medicated, ironic, awkward and scorching hot at the same time.... I love you!

It's been
Mar 06, 2012
Mar 05, 2012
This Side of the Grave (Night Huntress, #5)
Cat & Bones are back on track! i feel their relationship has matured a lot during this book and thank God for that..... i really liked Cat giving ...more
not set
Apr 01, 2011
First Drop of Crimson (Night Huntress World, #1)
Well this was nice :)
not mindblowing, wickedly good but nice... easy-reading, swept-of-my-feet-kinda romance, don't think too much just enjoy the ride
Jan 26, 2011
Jan 24, 2011
Envy (Fallen Angels, #3)
a well earned 5 stars!! let me say: i am very happy to read another 5star quality book by JR Ward...after the fiasco of LUnl i was anxious and i reall ...more
not set
May 27, 2011
Special Forces: Soldiers Part I -Director's Cut
more like a 10 star rating.

never have I read anything this mindblowing!
not set
Jan 04, 2012
Mine to Possess (Psy-Changeling, #4)
very mediocre...let's hope this was a glitch in the oh so mighty Psy-changeling world cause I would be heartbroken if this series went downhill!!

i ju
not set
Dec 15, 2010
Hostage to Pleasure (Psy-Changeling, #5)
Can i give it 6 stars? I would!

hot damn!

where i was HUGELY disappointed by the previous psychangeling, this one made everything better!

what a book....
not set
Dec 15, 2010
A Dangerous Thing (Adrien English Mystery, #2)
i'm still not
dunno perhaps i'm just not getting into the story? i'm missing something.... more tension? Adrien is okay but i don't fi
not set
Nov 23, 2010
Visions of Heat (Psy-Changeling, #2)
i really really really liked this book!! the fact that is a bit scifi, the Psyrace with it's vulcan-inspired values, the idea of the PsyNet and all of ...more
not set
Nov 24, 2010
Passion Unleashed (Demonica, #3)
Ha! this series is getting better :)
the first 2 books i thought were on the verge of Boring, capital B..... but Wraith's book: Aha! there is the hot s
Nov 30, 2010
Oct 27, 2010
The Ultimate PCOS Handbook: Lose Weight, Boost Fertility, Clear Skin and Restore Self-Esteem
didn't really learn anything new in this book. it's more of a re-hash of all things know about PCOS.. and I even put questionmarks at some treatments. ...more
Jan 27, 2013
Dec 28, 2012
Crave (Fallen Angels, #2)
Love it! loveitloveitloveit :)
cant wait for another Jim Heron adventure!
Dec 11, 2010
Nov 30, 2010
One Grave at a Time (Night Huntress #6)
Everytime I pick up a Night Huntress book I'm reminded how good these are. I always leave them a little while on my 'to read' pile but when I start, I ...more
not set
Aug 10, 2011
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