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The Complete Yes Prime Minister
When the Yes Minister series was being aired on television, I was too young to appreciate the subtle nature of its humour, and I admit that I found it ...more
Nov 12, 2010
Oct 25, 2010
Asura: Tale Of The Vanquished
First and foremost, when a book is written and goes through the publishing process, I expect it to be proofread. This book is not. I can understand th ...more
Dec 25, 2012
Aug 17, 2012
The Infinite Book: A Short Guide to the Boundless, Timeless and Endless
Well, the good thing is, I managed to finish this book in a finite amount of time. At one point it looked unlikely.

Its not a bad book at all (in fact
Sep 04, 2010
Sep 02, 2010
Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking
Blink is an interesting book, not in the concept that it presents i.e. intuition, but rather in the stories that it tells. I did not find the first ha ...more
not set
Oct 04, 2012
Attempting to decipher the hidden layers of true meaning behind the mundane happenings of daily life is a lofty goal indeed. Roland Barthes' Mythologi ...more
Jul 08, 2013
Jul 08, 2013
Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar: Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes
Philosophy is one of those topics which I have always been curious about, but I have never had the opportunity or the inclination to pick up the serio ...more
Jul 07, 2013
Jul 07, 2013
The Batman Adventures: Mad Love
I loved reading this book. It's comical yet tragic, and so completely bizarre. In a strange way, it captures Harley Quinn and Joker's character in a w ...more
not set
May 25, 2012
On the Road
Is it possible to dislike the characters in a book but like the book immensely? And then, by the time the book is read, develop a sort of sympathy tow ...more
May 05, 2014
Apr 22, 2014
The Sandman, Vol. 10: The Wake (The Sandman #10)
The Wake completes the Sandman series, and ties up all the loose ends nicely. I really liked the artwork in the first chapter, the first time that I r ...more
Jan 08, 2011
Jan 07, 2011
The Sandman, Vol. 6: Fables and Reflections (The Sandman #6)
I love this series more and more. It gets deeper, richer, more and more layers reveal themselves. I loved the special about Baghdad and Haroun Al Rasc ...more
Dec 19, 2010
Dec 18, 2010
In Search of the Multiverse. John Gribbin
Very often during the course of reading this book, I found myself wishing that I had the diligence, patience and time to really get into the meat of t ...more
Dec 26, 2010
Nov 21, 2010
My Name Is Red
When I began reading this book, I found it enchanting. I enjoyed the descriptions of Ottoman Turkey, I liked the narrative made from different perspec ...more
Oct 24, 2010
Sep 18, 2010
The Lord of the Rings (The Lord of the Rings, #1-3)
For the longest time, I dreaded picking up this book because of its sheer size and scope. When I finally did get around to reading it, I was instantly ...more
not set
Sep 03, 2010
The Book Thief
You know you have a read a great book when you turn the last page, and feel you have lost a friend.

I have just turned the last page of this book, and
Aug 18, 2011
Sep 02, 2010
A Confederacy of Dunces
The only reason I picked up this book in the first place is because so many people seemed to have found it hilarious. The reviews I read had instances ...more
Jul 07, 2013
Mar 16, 2013
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium, #1)
I can't make up my mind about this book. It's good in parts, but at the end of the day, the big reveal is pretty much what you would have expected. Th ...more
not set
Mar 30, 2012
Every time I watch England go down to a rival in the knockout stages of a tournament, I throw my hands up in despair and ask why. This book finally an ...more
Mar 24, 2013
Dec 25, 2012
Life After Life
The premise of this book is not earth shatteringly new. The idea of living your life over and over again until you finally get it right and finally re ...more
Apr 13, 2014
May 01, 2013
The Satanic Verses
Now before I say anything, lets keep the whole controversy aside, just for a moment. This is a fabulous book, but it was stupid for Rushdie to go over ...more
Sep 18, 2010
Sep 13, 2010
The Sandman, Vol. 2: The Doll's House (The Sandman #2)
I don't have enough time right now to write a complete review, but I'll say this: Neil Gaiman is brilliant, I am completely hooked onto this series, a ...more
not set
Nov 30, 2010
What Ho!: The Best of Wodehouse
If I was asked to rate only this particular anthology of Wodehouse's works, I would probably rate it a 4, but my 5 rating is indicative of my love for ...more
Mar 25, 2014
Jul 31, 2013
The Count of Monte Cristo
Difficult decision between giving this book three stars or four stars. Ideally, would have likes to give it three and a half.

The book boasts of an ext
Feb 24, 2011
Jan 19, 2011
God's Debris : A Thought Experiment
Simply written, profound and brilliant. This crazy little book has become a cornerstone of my worldview.
not set
Dec 06, 2010
The Secret History of the World
What a let down!!! I picked up this book hoping for interesting insights into the similarities between disparate belief systems and cultures, with may ...more
Jan 25, 2011
Dec 26, 2010
The Odyssey
not set
Sep 02, 2010
Time Stops at Shamli and Other Stories
Jul 20, 2013
Jul 08, 2013
The Secret Politics of Our Desires: Innocence, Culpability and Indian Popular Cinema
not set
Oct 08, 2014
The Sandman: King of Dreams
not set
Jan 06, 2011
Batman: The Killing Joke
not set
Mar 30, 2012
The Future of Man
not set
Apr 30, 2014
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