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The Paris Apartment
Well, I'm obviously in the minority here, but the only reason I stayed with this book was the Paris setting. I was intrigued by a story about an appra ...more
May 13, 2014
Mar 31, 2014
The Land of Painted Caves (Earth's Children, #6)
Just won this on GoodReads First Reads and am looking forward to it arriving. I'm hoping it will be more like Clan of the Cave Bear and Valley of the ...more
Mar 30, 2011
Jan 17, 2011
A Man Called Ove
I may have already found my favorite character of the year! Ove is undoubtedly a curmudgeon extraordinaire! He's the neighborhood enforcer of rules, a ...more
Jan 23, 2015
Jan 08, 2015
Our Souls at Night
What a beautiful gem of a book! Haruf captures the essence of life and happiness with such simplicity and sparseness. And all in about 170 pages. Writ ...more
Jun 03, 2015
Mar 23, 2015
Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion
I think I cried more listening to this book than any book - and that's saying a lot. I think I laughed more reading this book than most books I have r ...more
Jan 31, 2015
Jan 25, 2015
The Paris Wife
The story kept me interested enough to keep reading but with less than marked enthusiasm. I had major problems with the characters - the lifestyle of ...more
Apr 06, 2011
Mar 09, 2011
I originally read this book a long time ago and I can't imagine I enjoyed it any less. It's the quiet characters that Haruf creates that draw me in. Q ...more
May 29, 2015
May 06, 2015
Take Me with You
No question that I loved this story and the three main characters. August is a fast-becoming-burned-out high school science teacher still trying to co ...more
Mar 19, 2015
Feb 24, 2015
The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion
I very rarely read a book twice, and have never read the same book twice back to back. That shows how desperate I am to understand the polarity in tod ...more
Jul 15, 2014
Jun 25, 2014
Fragile Beasts
I never expected this book to capture me. I'm not even sure why I decided to read it. The thought was in the back of my mind that I might not get thro ...more
Nov 24, 2014
Apr 14, 2014
The Lost Wife
"I had to teach myself that love was very much like a painting. The negative space between people was just as important as the positive space we occup ...more
Feb 14, 2015
Feb 19, 2013
The Paris Architect
The question of what exactly constitutes collaboration with the occupying Germans is one that Paris architect Lucien Bernard prefers to sidestep. Ther ...more
Nov 05, 2014
Oct 21, 2013
The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics
My favorite kind of nonfiction is the kind told like a story that even though you may know the ending of, you get totally engrossed with the character ...more
Jun 25, 2014
Dec 26, 2013
The Reluctant Artist: Stephen Housley
I guess I must disclose a possible prejudice about this book since the author happens to be my husband. But only a possible one, because when it comes ...more
Dec 06, 2014
Feb 10, 2015
The Tortilla Curtain
This book was like a punch to the gut. Once the momentum took hold, it was a runaway train that you knew was heading for the cataclysmic crash. Maybe ...more
May 02, 2015
Apr 23, 2015
The Tilted World: A Novel
I love what Tom Franklin does with Mississippi! I loved his "Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter" and now I've spent some time with bootleggers, revenuers, ...more
Mar 29, 2015
Mar 19, 2015
Grandma Gatewood's Walk: The Inspiring Story of the Woman Who Saved the Appalachian Trail
In 1955, 67-year-old Emma Gatewood became the first woman to solo thru-hike the Appalachian Trail - in canvas Keds and a homemade denim knapsack. 2,05 ...more
Mar 27, 2015
Mar 14, 2015
Where All Light Tends to Go
How can such beautiful writing portray such darkness, despair, and violence. David Joy has created a vivid and alive place - in reality a cesspool of ...more
May 07, 2015
Apr 26, 2015
The Lost Child of Philomena Lee: A Mother, Her Son and a 50 Year Search
I listened to the audio edition of this book and it succeeded in captivating me the whole way through. Because of reviews I had read, I had rid myself ...more
Apr 22, 2014
Apr 05, 2014
The Illusion of Separateness
This is one of those books that was all about the beauty of the language for me - incredible beauty! The author follows several characters through see ...more
Dec 26, 2014
Nov 20, 2014
Even though this book was not quite what I expected it to be, it was a good read. Loosely based on the life of "Typhoid Mary," this novel follows Mary ...more
Apr 12, 2014
Mar 23, 2014
A Long Way Home
A fascinating and true account of the author's quest to find his roots in India. At the age of 5, Saroo Brierley becomes lost and ends up on the stree ...more
Jan 03, 2015
Dec 20, 2014
Bough Down
A glimpse! I almost see it, get it. But it slips away. Karen Green's writing tries to come to grips with her husband's suicide. She writes in fragment ...more
Aug 12, 2014
Aug 07, 2014
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
I was fascinated by this whole story - by the science, by the ethics, and by the characters. I will never go for a medical test again without thinking ...more
Dec 19, 2010
Apr 18, 2010
Burial Rites
I was haunted by this book from the very beginning. The audiobook narration drew me into the 19th century Icelandic landscape and into Agnes's cold an ...more
Nov 08, 2013
Sep 13, 2013
The Nightingale
There are so very many books vying to tell their unique story of WWII. Kristin Hannah succeeds where so many fall into cliché. This is the story of tw ...more
Mar 13, 2015
Jan 12, 2015
The Same Sky
There are many stories told in alternating voices that I have really loved. The Same Sky is told in alternating chapters by Alice (a frustrated woman ...more
Apr 14, 2015
Oct 04, 2014
The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry: A Novel
Everybody I know loved this book - I liked it, but I can't say I loved it. The format was interesting - each chapter began with a short story annotati ...more
Nov 18, 2014
Mar 20, 2014
The Year of the Flood (MaddAddam Trilogy #2)
I haven't been in the mood for science fiction in oh so long. But then Margaret Atwood isn't your run-of-the-mill sci fi. In this book, she just dumps ...more
Mar 27, 2012
Sep 19, 2010
Dark Places
Gillian Flynn of "Gone Girl" fame has once again taken me into the darkest places of the human heart. A cast of characters not one of which is likeabl ...more
Feb 21, 2014
Jan 06, 2013
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