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The Wall
How would you react if you woke up one day and found that you were all alone? Somehow an invisible wall appears overnight blocking the heroine's valle ...more
Jan 2004
Nov 04, 2010
High Hearts
What would the telling of the Civil War read like with a woman soldier? Here we find Brown's take on that question. Five days after marrying, Geneva C ...more
Jan 2000
Oct 08, 2010
Pitch Perfect: How to Say It Right the First Time, Every Time
Seven Principles of Persuasion:

Headline principle: start with best material
Scorsese Principle: Hold your audience's attention with visual images.
Jun 30, 2014
Jun 30, 2014
How We Learn
Review of learning studies.
Take aways:
1. Forgetting then retrieval makes the memory

2. Recreate same state of mind/study environment -shake it up so t
Mar 20, 2015
Jan 16, 2015
The Widow's War
I like historical fiction and when it's well done I enjoy it all the more. The Widow's War is both an intriguing story and a social study on the struc ...more
Jan 2007
Oct 11, 2010
The Selfless Way of Christ: Downward Mobility and the Spiritual Life
I found this a thoughtful book about how to shape one's life. (I read it right after reading Behind the Beautiful Forevers about life in a life in Mum ...more
Aug 28, 2014
Aug 27, 2014
Strengths Based Leadership: Great Leaders, Teams, and Why People Follow
Why follow leaders?
1. The most effective leaders are always investing in strengths.
2. The most effective leaders surround themselves with the right p
Jan 2008
Nov 30, 2012
The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment (Volume 1)
Very important Tibetan Buddhist work. volume 1 of 3. While helpful, this book should be read after a great deal of classic Buddhist writings. It is a ...more
Oct 12, 2011
Jun 13, 2011
White Lotus: An Explanation of the Seven-line Prayer to Guru Padmasambhava
Padmasambhava, Guru Rinpoche, was a historical teacher who is said to have finally converted Tibet to Buddhism. Hence the multiple references to the T ...more
Jun 18, 2015
May 27, 2015
The God of the Witches
Stumbled across it looking for something else. Very glad I found it.

First off, understand that this study of witchcraft in Europe is highly controver
Sep 19, 2009
Oct 07, 2010
Winning with People
Very gentle approach to friendly, kind ways to interact with others. Discusses 5 central concerns: readiness, connection, trust, investment and synerg ...more
Jan 2007
May 21, 2013
Public Speaking Survival Kit: Expert Training to Dazzle Your Audience
Very impressive. A great talk (I listened to it). So much is packed in. From the basics to more advanced techniques.
Opening (<10%), Body (bulk), C
Feb 17, 2013
Feb 22, 2013
Against the Stream: A Buddhist Manual for Spiritual Revolutionaries
I know people who identify as Dharma Punxs and wondered where that started. So I was interested in getting Noah Levine's spin. I am glad he turned to ...more
Oct 17, 2010
Oct 12, 2010
Animal Husbandry
There's a good reason to help students find books in the stacks -- I come back with something to read too. How can I resist those rows and rows?
Jan 2003
Oct 07, 2010
How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable
Hostile language is problematic both personally and professionally. Cleaning up our verbal express creates a safe and secure, healthy and successful e ...more
Jan 2002
May 28, 2013
An Edible History of Humanity
Cursory look at the entire history of humanity through the lens of food in no more than 250 some pages! Which means huge influences and tragedies are ...more
Mar 08, 2014
Mar 10, 2014
In the Company of the Courtesan
A courtesan and her dwarf sidekick Bucino flee the 1527 sack of Rome only to reinvent their business in Venice. Fiammetta Bianchini is a top notch mis ...more
Jan 2007
Oct 11, 2010
The Shell Collector: Stories
If you enjoy short stories try reading this. I found this a delightful collection of stories whisking me from beach front Kenya to frozen pine forests ...more
Jan 2002
Nov 04, 2010
The 11 Laws of Likability: Relationship Networking . . . Because People Do Business with People They Like
Each "law" own chapter with summary at end. Nothing new.

Section 1: Authenticity: make connections you want, "do it, re-frame it, or delete it"

Apr 04, 2012
Apr 03, 2012
The Wardrobe Wakeup: Your Guide to Looking Fabulous at Any Age
Helpful. Good tips. Nice layout.
Same clothes- Edit wardrobe, wear (only) 1 color, wear navy with black, elongate neck (show collar bone) and legs, (re
Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2014
Short. Good overview and description of the religion of "Only one God."
Starts off with history - Muhammad successfully lead several military expeditio
Jan 2004
Feb 06, 2012
The Third Eye
This starts out with an odd introduction, the author Cyril Henry Hoskin states he is experiencing the memories and life of the reincarnate T. Lobsang ...more
Jan 1999
Mar 10, 2014
Islam: A Short History
What happened here? I've read other of Armstrong's work and have enjoyed and learned from them. But this one was a mess. I felt insulted and didn't ge ...more
Jan 2002
Oct 14, 2010
Lead with Humility: 12 Leadership Lessons from Pope Francis
Lead with humility, smell like your flock, who am I to judge, don't change - reinvent, make inclusion a top priority, avid insularity, chose pragmatis ...more
May 04, 2015
May 04, 2015
Inside Tibetan Buddhism: Rituals and Symbols Revealed
Moving toward positive and away from negative, humans have freedom in movement and can move to liberation from this pattern. Rituals reinforce this pr ...more
May 27, 2015
May 27, 2015
I don't listen to rap and didn't really know who Jay-Z is. That said I liked reading this. The lyrics with some background works for me. I know a bit ...more
Mar 07, 2011
Apr 02, 2015
There are better books about imaginary friends. This seems half-heartedly done.

See: Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson, Please Bring Balloons by Lind
Jan 2009
Aug 05, 2014
How Professors Think: Inside the Curious World of Academic Judgment
Don't read this if you are thinking you will learn something about how professors think. Title is a misnomer. This is a very specific book about a stu ...more
Apr 07, 2011
Sep 08, 2014
Slide: ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations
lots of examples of slides

7 questions for knowing audience
1. what are they like
2. why are they here
3. what keeps them up at night
4. how can you solve
Nov 05, 2013
Oct 30, 2013
Waking the Moon
I found the story boring. The characters are narrow and stereotypes of archetypal myth figures but not as well done as the classic myths. Tries to use ...more
Jan 1999
May 17, 2011
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