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Hourglass (Hourglass, #1)
This is by far the greatest and most clever young adult book I have ever read.

I purchased the HOURGLASS ebook, because I couldn't get to the book stor
Jun 14, 2011
Aug 16, 2010
County Line
Bill Cameron is a writer who knows when to slow down, speed up, and carry you along at just the right pace that you can't help but yearn to finish his ...more
not set
Jun 01, 2011
Altered Destiny
Shawna Thomas eases you into a detailed world of love, allegiance, and destiny. A world where two races, with two different versions of a war, collide ...more
Aug 2011
Aug 24, 2011
The Vampire Voss (Regency Draculia, #1)
Voss is neutral when it comes to siding between the warring sides of the Daculia. Not evil and not necessarily good, he prefers spending his time trad ...more
Mar 2011
Apr 02, 2011
To Desire a Wicked Duke (Courtship Wars, #6)
This was my first Nicole Jordan book, and I enjoyed it immensely! The opening is fabulously tense. The chemistry was thick, and the hero reads like a ...more
Feb 10, 2011
Feb 11, 2011
Ladybugs and Fireflies
Ladybugs and Fireflies is a southern romance that has all the makings of a southern world. With a small town, the southern heat (in more ways than one ...more
Aug 24, 2011
Aug 26, 2011
The Husband Lesson
The Husband Lesson centers on two characters who think things are going pretty well when actually they are going no where but in circles. Karan Reece ...more
Jun 17, 2011
Jun 17, 2011
The Ideal Man (Buchanan-Renard, #9)
The Ideal Man is an explosive book filled with lots of action surrounding two well written characters.

That being said, I feel that this is one of thos
Aug 12, 2011
Aug 13, 2011
Once Upon a Holiday
Holiday Heat by Beverly Jenkins

This was a good story! The dialogue was sharp and strong, and it was the biggest hook for me. The second hook would be
not set
Dec 31, 2010
Exclusively Yours (Kowalski Family, #1)
Exclusively Yours is my first Shannon Stacey read. I've seen her website, and heard things here and there about her writing, and I kept meaning to pic ...more
Dec 16, 2011
Dec 15, 2011
My Irresistible Earl (Inferno Club, #3)
I don’t claim to know all the ins and outs of historical romance, as I’ve been reading the genre for less than a year, but I believe I know enough to ...more
not set
Mar 09, 2011
Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart
In a world where women are raised like cattle—or in Juliana’s eyes grapes—and reputations are everything, the scene is set for tension and conflict. I ...more
May 06, 2011
May 04, 2011
A Night of Scandal (Bad Blood, #1)
I love Susan Morgan’s books for many reason. Like any good book they have solid plot, good pacing, great conflict, and are packed with emotion. But wh ...more
Jul 09, 2011
Jul 08, 2011
Bonnie (Eve Duncan)
For those who have been reading this series since 1998, I applaud you for making it through this book in one piece! I started with this series in 2004 ...more
Oct 21, 2011
Oct 21, 2011
Notorious (The Scandalous Women of the Ton, #4)
Before we begin, let us just take another moment to admire that cover art. Take several minutes if you must. There isn’t anything about that cover tha ...more
Jul 02, 2011
Jun 27, 2011
Cowboy, Take Me Away
“He knew who she was, but not really. He remembered how they’d come to this moment, but not really."

That in itself explains this book. Sometimes you k
Mar 18, 2011
Mar 14, 2011
Baby, Drive South (Southern Roads, #1)
This contemporary romance is right up my alley. It is simple and fun with good opposites that make for an interesting couple. We’ve got a cocky, yet c ...more
May 17, 2011
May 16, 2011
An Offer From a Gentleman (Bridgertons, #3)
AN OFFER FROM A GENTLEMAN is the third book in Quinn’s Bridgerton series, and her own version of the classic, Cinderella. I’m always interested to see ...more
Nov 26, 2010
Nov 25, 2010
Already Home
Seeing as I was adopted myself, I was particularly interested in this book, and I nearly fell off my bed when I saw that the egalley was offered at ne ...more
Mar 04, 2011
Feb 25, 2011
Making Waves
I've been anticipating this book ever since I read the excerpt on the author's website. Add to that many well-written, hilarious blog posts and I was ...more
Aug 03, 2011
Aug 02, 2011
Unveiled (Turner, #1)
This is my first Courtney Milan book, and boy does she know how to put beautiful words on the page. This will definitely not be my last read by her.

Feb 04, 2011
Jan 22, 2011
Archangel's Blade (Guild Hunter, #4)
This story simply sings! It’s an intensely emotional roller coaster, with dark and powerful characters that touch you as deeply as Nalini Singh breaks ...more
Sep 06, 2011
Sep 06, 2011
The Guy Next Door (Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor, #0.5; Donovan Brothers Brewery, #0.5)
Ready, Set, Jet by Lori Foster

Restraints and pillow talk are the name of the game in this story. He wants more. She refuses. He seduces her heart righ
Jan 21, 2011
Jan 12, 2011
The Ugly Duckling
Unspeakably good!
Jun 15, 2011
Aug 07, 2010
Let the Sky Fall (Let the Sky Fall, #1)
After being a book reviewer for a time, I was burnt out. I haven't felt the urge to write one, no matter how deep my love for books runs, in well over ...more
Apr 12, 2013
Jan 31, 2012
The Vampire Dimitri (Regency Draculia, #2)
Burned once by giving his all to a woman, Dimitri never wants to be so vulnerable again. Until Maia.

Dimitri’s own loyalty thrusts Maia right under his
Mar 2011
Apr 02, 2011
To Die For (Blair Mallory, #1)
Business savvy club own Blair Mallory finds herself in trouble after witnessing a murder in her parking lot. The killer has no way of knowing that Bla ...more
Jun 08, 2011
Aug 09, 2010
Bella and the Merciless Sheikh (The Balfour Brides #7)
If you hear anything in this review hear this, Sarah Morgan knows how to develop a character.

You will not find a bratty, snobbish, or stupid dynasty d
Feb 20, 2011
Feb 15, 2011
Lie for Me
Lie For Me is a compelling drama with an underlined Christain theme, and a second chance romance on the side.

Overall I enjoyed the story. It wasn’t as
Jul 28, 2011
Jun 23, 2011
Day One
The cover art could not be more perfect. The story literally unfolds like a drip, drip, drip ... and you just know something horribly messy is waiting ...more
Sep 24, 2010
Sep 16, 2010
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