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Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal: War Stories from the Local Food Front
I'm about halfway through. Finished it. This one might just be my new "Bible" of sorts.

Here are some of the takeaway points I got:
* "Schizophrenic t
Jun 21, 2013
Jun 19, 2013
In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin
First off, reading about this period in history is very literally depressing for me. Overcoming that hurdle with the help of my friends...

As a story o
Jun 24, 2014
Jun 24, 2014
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Having grown up on different iterations of this story, I'm glad I finally took the time to read the original. As is normal, the book is better than th ...more
May 16, 2014
Nov 06, 2010
In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto
Mostly skimmed it. The most interesting thing that he said throws a shadow on the rest of the book's usefulness. That was something about Weston Price ...more
Nov 2014
Dec 17, 2014
Breaking Stalin's Nose
The protagonist is a very real character, in terms of his decisions. He lets others take the blame for his actions when the punishments are severe, an ...more
Jan 24, 2013
Jan 24, 2013
The Resilient Gardener: Food Production and Self-Reliance in Uncertain Times
I liked the premise of the book; our gardens should not only be able to sustain us during difficult times, but should be able to take their own share ...more
Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013
Up Tunket Road: The Education of a Modern Homesteader
As a want-to-be/future homesteader, I appreciated the presentation of this book. I enjoyed the anecdotes (it read a little like James Herriot), and th ...more
May 2012
Jul 27, 2012
World on Fire: How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability
It was slow reading, and I'm not a slow reader.

The ideas presented in the text were well-reasoned and backed-up. The evidence, I hate to say, became r
Mar 30, 2011
Mar 30, 2011
More Quilts from the Quilt Maker's Gift
This is my quilting reference book. The patterns are timeless, the how-tos for assembly, mitering borders, and so on are easy to understand, and there ...more
not set
Sep 11, 2013
The Mother of All Arts: Agrarianism and the Creative Impulse
I'm not sure what to say about this book. I enjoyed reading it, appreciated the writing, and took in some new ideas I had not before considered about ...more
Jan 10, 2013
Jan 15, 2013
Scientists Greater than Einstein: The Biggest Lifesavers of the Twentieth Century
The abbreviated histories of 10 scientists and their discoveries that led to them becoming the 10 scientists to save the most lives in the last centur ...more
Aug 04, 2012
Jul 27, 2012
How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves: Taking Advantage of Early Conditioned Learning
This book talks you through getting and training a puppy, specifically to train a hunting dog, but the first several chapters are a good foundation to ...more
Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012
Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast
I thought it was good, and the information and anecdotes were fun to read, however I have a complaint about the utility of the book. It needs a compan ...more
Dec 29, 2012
Dec 30, 2012
The Chosen
It wasn't what I expected it to be. From the recommendation I received, I expected something a little more historical documentary, and not a fiction n ...more
May 2012
Aug 04, 2012
Small Scale Grain Raising: An Organic Guide to Growing, Processing, and Using Nutritious Whole Grains, for Home Gardeners and Local Farmers
I save five-star reviews for life changing books. This book has changed my life. I feel like I am now armed with information that makes possible a new ...more
Nov 27, 2012
Nov 28, 2012
Holy Shit: Managing Manure To Save Mankind
I thought it was a very succinct treatise on manure and waste management, easy to read and understand.

The most sincere complement I think I can give
Dec 15, 2012
Dec 17, 2012
The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods You Can Stop Buying and Start Making
Ok, I feel a tad ridiculous reviewing a cook book for content (recipes aside), but the introduction made me feel like I'd found a friend--or that a mo ...more
Apr 2015
May 14, 2015
Raising Your Spirited Child: A Guide for Parents Whose Child is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, and Energetic
Tools for parenting kids who don't fit the mold. Several of them were already given to me by my parents, but a few more were new to me. It probably ta ...more
Mar 16, 2013
Mar 17, 2013
The New Organic Grower: A Master's Manual of Tools and Techniques for the Home and Market Gardener
Chalk full of very practical gardening advice from someone who has a lot of practice. I found the most practical bits to be the more "how to get the m ...more
Jun 2013
Dec 20, 2013
The First National Bank of Dad: The Best Way to Teach Kids About Money
I liked a lot of the principles he espouses (allowing children to choose, make mistakes, etc). I know that I won't implement his system exactly becaus ...more
Feb 12, 2015
Feb 13, 2015
I really like this book. I have since the first time I read it. I'm not sure I can articulate why I like it, other than that it deal allegorically wit ...more
Dec 2014
May 14, 2015
The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals
This book has been on my "to read" list for a few years, and now that I'm finally finished with school I finally did! I am very glad I did. Not only h ...more
Aug 05, 2010
Jul 25, 2010
Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation
I'm not really sure what to say about this book other than I really liked it. It didn't blow my mind or challenge any assumptions I held dear, but it ...more
Jan 2015
Feb 01, 2015
Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do
I had a really hard time reading it sequentially, but I did read the whole thing twice before returning it to the library, and I really liked it. I fe ...more
May 2015
May 14, 2015
Life of Pi
Interesting. When I find my mind empty, I keep thinking about it, and the way the stories interweave. The "tiger" story, the "people" story and the "f ...more
Nov 2014
Dec 17, 2014
A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy, #1)
I read it for a book group, otherwise I probably would have skipped it; not my typical genre. It read well, the story moved well enough for me. I just ...more
May 2015
May 14, 2015
1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created
Lots to get my head around. History of globalization as a result/motivator (chicken and egg thing here) of Columbus' expeditions. Including boom/bust ...more
Feb 2015
Feb 01, 2015
Two Acre Eden
Light reading, easily digestible. Some wonderful nuggets of information, like how to cure a ham, interspersed among anecdotes and practical advice as ...more
Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012
Call of the Mild: Learning to Hunt My Own Dinner
I picked this up as I'm trying to make the same changes the author made as a non-hunting woman who wants to learn to hunt. I hope my experience with h ...more
Apr 18, 2014
Apr 18, 2014
The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate
Gave me a new filter through which to look at my marriage. I won't say is changed everything, and that life is a glowing paradise now, but it has some ...more
Aug 2011
Aug 24, 2011
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