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Strawberries for Dessert (Coda Books, #4; Strawberries for Dessert, #1)
In my usual fashion I had no clue that this was the fourth book in a series called “Promises” by Marie Sexton and only found out about that afterwards ...more
Aug 07, 2010
Aug 07, 2010
Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker
If you are a beginning crocheter this is the perfect book for you. It explains all stitches in detail. In fact, it is the only crochet book I have eve ...more
Aug 04, 2011
Aug 09, 2011
The Beast (The Beast, #2)
What a great twist on the common Beauty & the Beast. This is sort of an inverted werewolf story, just that it’s not a werewolf but some unspecifie ...more
Dec 19, 2013
Dec 17, 2013
Spoils of War
When I read the blurb of “Spoils of War” I immediately decided to read it. I like Greek mythology. All the political agendas as well as the quibbles a ...more
Jul 17, 2010
Jul 15, 2010
Highland Sorcerer (Highland Sorcery, #1)
**spoiler alert** OK, next time I really must not forget to have a look at the heat index of books. I had automatically assumed there would be at leas ...more
Jan 02, 2015
Jan 01, 2015
Smoke and Mirrors (The Gifted, #1)

Marie Treanor has a knack for creating heros I am smitten with. Drago from Gothic Dragon was the cream of the crop, but Rodion Kosar comes a close sec

Dec 31, 2014
Dec 30, 2014
Between Us Two (Between Us #2)
**spoiler alert** I liked "Between Us", so when its sequel "Between us two" came out there was no question about reading it right away.

Jason and Matt
Jul 14, 2010
Jul 14, 2010
Snowed In (Southern Comfort, #3)
* I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion. *

This is the fourth story in the Southern Comfort series, h
Jan 07, 2015
Jan 05, 2015
Touch Me Gently
I’m all for the tortured hero and all and, God, nobody can be disappointed in that respect. Poor Kaden has suffered a lot during his childhood and it ...more
Sep 18, 2010
Sep 18, 2010
Touch of a Wolf
I hate anonymous sex scenes. Whenever I come across one I get bored and skip it. Anonymous sex just does not do it for me. This is what I thought anyw ...more
Jul 18, 2010
Jul 16, 2010
Dinner for Busy Moms: Easy Strategies for Getting Your Family to the Table
This book is for the absolute beginners. If you have cooked for a family for some time and have something that looks somewhat like a family life then ...more
Aug 12, 2011
Aug 09, 2011
Conventional Education (Conventions, #2)
Slowly, but very slowly, Lucas’ and Trent’s “affair” turns into more, even if only in the minds of both men. They are still only meeting irregularly a ...more
Aug 23, 2010
Aug 17, 2010
Demon's Dance
**spoiler alert** The blurb sounded nice enough and you don’t see too many incubi in books, even though you would think for erotica they would be the ...more
Jan 07, 2011
Dec 27, 2010
Through the Grinder (Coffeehouse Mystery, #2)
Didn't like this one. The constant thoughts of the killer got on my nerves. "Genius", give me a break!
Quinn comes in for some reason or other looking
not set
Mar 02, 2013
Clean Slate (GORGON, #1)
From reading the blurb I already figured that I will have to supsend disbelief to a certain extent here. Why assassins who come too late to kill their ...more
Aug 03, 2010
Jul 30, 2010
Conventional Wisdom (Conventions, #1)
I really like TC Blue’s stories and when I saw that she has a new one out at Torquere I wanted to get it but learned that there are two prequels to it ...more
not set
Aug 14, 2010
Tribune of Rome (Vespasian, #1)
For lovers of historical fiction set in ancient Rome this is a must read.
The book covers only a very short period of Vespasian's life, starting with
Feb 20, 2014
Feb 12, 2014
Murder on the Flying Scotsman (Daisy Dalrymple, #4)
If you are a reader who can’t remember who is who in a story with five characters, then don’t touch this book! We are dealing with a four generation f ...more
Sep 04, 2011
Aug 22, 2011
Gods Behaving Badly
When I read the blurb I found the idea that the Greek Gods are living in contemporary London trying to find back to their original splendour highly or ...more
Jul 30, 2010
Jul 13, 2010
Taking you Home (Boys of Summer #2)
**spoiler alert** When I got this book I wasn’t aware of the fact that this is actually the sequel to “Boys of summer”, which I had not read. So it wa ...more
Mar 24, 2011
Mar 08, 2011
Strange Fortune
**spoiler alert** When I picked up this book I had no idea what to expect. I have never read anything by Josh Lanyon before and didn’t know anything a ...more
Oct 14, 2010
Sep 27, 2010
The Lion of Kent
I am a sucker for Lord and Squire stories, so when I saw The Lion of Kent by Aleksandr Voinov available on Netgalley I picked it up right away.

Of the
Aug 09, 2010
Jul 30, 2010
The Winter Palace: A Novel of Catherine the Great (Catherine, #1)
This book is supposed to be “A story of Catherine the Great”. Let me tell you that it is not. If anything it should be called “A story WITH Catherine ...more
Nov 12, 2011
Oct 11, 2011
Wolf Town (Wolf Town, #1)
The story starts medias in res with Rory following Scott around to make sure he was safe. Scott’s background is completely in the dark. We only know h ...more
Nov 27, 2010
Nov 23, 2010
Bodies Politic (Marcus Corvinus, #13)
This is a very good continuation of the series and I hope that there will be more, especially now that Caligula is emperor. He is a much more lively c ...more
Apr 07, 2012
Apr 02, 2012
The Borgias: The Hidden History
When I started reading this I knew next to nothing about the Borgias. I only knew that they are said to have been an infamous family, poisoning people ...more
May 16, 2013
Apr 03, 2013
Button Holed (Button Box Mystery, #1)
**spoiler alert** The mystery was not too bad (even though some solutions were really far-fetched). For example, if you were an actress who was more t ...more
Aug 23, 2013
Jul 11, 2013
Fix-It and Forget-It Vegetarian Main Dishes
I was slightly disappointed with this book. The last vegetarian book in this series had plenty of slow cooker meals, but in this book a lot of the rec ...more
May 18, 2013
Apr 03, 2013
Track Of Sand
This is the 12th book in the Inspector Montalbano series. The books get their charm from the Sicilian atmosphere just as much as from Salvo Montalbano ...more
Aug 10, 2011
Jun 26, 2011
Hectors Reise oder die Suche nach dem Glück
Starting to read:
The writing style is unpretentious, simple and suitable even for children.
Oh, Hector is adorable. He is a psychiatrist and so wonderf
Apr 15, 2012
Apr 04, 2012
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