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Planetary, Vol. 1: All Over the World and Other Stories
I bought every issue of Planetary from 1999 to the last one in 2010 and decided to re-read the entire saga. The first 6 issues are a bit light and the ...more
Jun 20, 2011
Jun 28, 2011
Ready Player One
This book is all out love for everything that makes me a geek: classic Atari videogames, 1980s movies like Weird Science and Real Genius, 80s music, c ...more
Oct 16, 2011
Aug 15, 2011
Nexus (Nexus, #1)
This top notch science fiction thriller deserves the highest rating! What first seems like a novel about wetware turns into a very tense thriller abou ...more
Jan 07, 2014
Jan 04, 2014
Amazing book, playing with time in a very clever way. When the first chapter was titled TWO I looked to see if my book was damaged! Thankfully Jim's r ...more
Dec 04, 2011
Dec 04, 2011
Shattered (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #7)
I went 100% audiobook on this - didn't even bother with the Kindle edition. There is a new character, Atticus old teacher, Owen, who is 2000 years old ...more
Jun 24, 2014
Jun 17, 2014
Pines (Wayward Pines #1)
I would rate this 3.5 - 4 stars, giving a nod to the latter because I love TV shows like LOST, X-Files, and Twin Peaks. This novel reminded me of all ...more
Aug 12, 2014
Aug 09, 2014
Words of Radiance (The Stormlight Archive, #2)
I have spent a month in Roshar due to reading this book and The Way of Kings in April, what a trip it has been! Two of the finest fantasy novels I've ...more
May 02, 2014
Apr 21, 2014
The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive, #1)
One of the longest yet one of the best fantasy novels I've ever read! I went into this with some trepidation. The Mistborn series was awesome, but one ...more
Apr 21, 2014
Apr 04, 2014
Exo (Jumper, #4)
3.5 stars. Too much science info-dumping nearly made this novel impossible to get through, I had to skim certain sections. If you're into the characte ...more
Nov 29, 2014
Nov 09, 2014
Reflex (Jumper, #2)
A very good sequel to Jumper, though totally different in tone and narration. The first book was written from the 1st person perspective of Davy, who ...more
Oct 04, 2014
Oct 02, 2014
Skin Deep (Legion, #2)
I liked the 2nd one much better than the first story - I listened to the audiobook (which was free) and the narrator just makes all of Stephen's perso ...more
Dec 13, 2014
Dec 12, 2014
The Warlord of Mars (Barsoom, #3)
A rousing end to the first Martian trilogy featuring John Carter. Burroughs does a good job of opening up new Martian territory with each tale, and th ...more
Sep 11, 2011
Sep 10, 2011
3.5 stars. It's a cute story but I am not as enamored with it as many other Sanderson novels.
Dec 07, 2014
Dec 03, 2014
The Flash: Rebirth
I originally read this in 2009 and was so jazzed about the new Flash TV show that I decided to re-read it. As a life long Flash fan, I have mixed feel ...more
Nov 28, 2014
Nov 28, 2014
Easy Street: The Hard Way
One of the best autobiographies by an actor I have ever read / listened to! If you're a fan of Ron Perlman (I've been one since Beauty and the Beast o ...more
Dec 2014
Nov 29, 2014
Watch Me: A Memoir
2.5 stars. I love most celebrity memoirs / autobiographies but this one was frustrating. Does Angelica Huston dish all about dating Jack Nicholson for ...more
Dec 09, 2014
Dec 05, 2014
Tricked (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #4)
I'm on a Kevin Hearne roll now, listened to two of these books in a week! They seem to be getting better, building on their own internal mythology and ...more
Jan 17, 2014
Jan 01, 2014
Red Rising (Red Rising Trilogy, #1)
BEST SF NOVEL I READ IN 2014! I have never enjoyed reading a story in such a long time. Perhaps I am too enthusiastic but I think this may become an S ...more
Dec 26, 2014
Dec 22, 2014
Ancillary Justice (Imperial Radch, #1)
I thought the book was just OK. It had some terrific concepts, but I only really cared about Breq as a character when she was around Lt Awn, and even ...more
Feb 11, 2014
Jan 01, 2014
Everything I Never Told You
I went through a variety of impressions on this novel. At the halfway point I thought this was a 5 star book but it's more of a 3 1/2 star. Aching bea ...more
Dec 20, 2014
Oct 02, 2014
Mistborn: The Final Empire (Mistborn, #1)
After discovering Sanderson through his young adult books, I knew I had to read Mistborn. The people I had met at a signing were quite excited about i ...more
Oct 26, 2013
Oct 12, 2013
The Goldfinch
I read all the fantastic reviews for this novel and thought I wouldn't enjoy it--how wrong I was--I loved it! It is indeed a modern day Dickensian tal ...more
Mar 12, 2014
Jan 01, 2014
The Magicians (The Magicians, #1)
Put Harry Potter, Beverly Hills 90210, Bright Lights Big City, and Narnia in a blender, and you've got The Magicians by Lev Grossman.

I was really knoc
Nov 22, 2009
Jul 08, 2010
H-E-R-O, Vol. 1: Powers and Abilities
I re-read not only this volume but the entire series in the original comic book monthly format. This series premiered in 2003 and lasted for 22 issues ...more
Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012
Johnny Carson
This book has all the inside dirt and gossipy details a Tonight Show fan could ask for. Johnny Carson was one of the greatest TV personalities of all ...more
Jan 26, 2014
Jan 01, 2014
The Hammer and the Blade (Egil and Nix #1)
This is a great fantasy novel for people who loved Conan, Fafrhd and the Grey Mouser, or other classic sword and sorcery stories. But the best part is ...more
Feb 28, 2014
May 22, 2012
Wayward (Wayward Pines #2)
I have to Lem this one. The first book was good - but after it ended I just can't buy into the premise. It will be interesting to see where the TV sho ...more
Aug 23, 2014
Aug 13, 2014
Hollow World
I am Lemming this one. I don't see why it was so highly rated / reviewed and chosen for the best SF of the year. This is a pretty standard Time Travel ...more
Dec 03, 2014
Apr 21, 2014
Hunted (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #6)
If this novel in the Iron Druid series were an old Marvel Comic it would have the blurb "Action Packed Issue". Picking up immediately where Trapped le ...more
Jan 24, 2014
Jan 23, 2014
Avengers: Endless Wartime
I picked up this graphic novel at the library and was glad I didn't pay for it. It's well structured by writer Warren Ellis (who wrote Planetary, Vol. ...more
Feb 02, 2014
Feb 02, 2014
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