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The Oxford Project
This big coffetable book was absolutely fascinating. It's an art project by a self-proclaimed obsessive (he's counted things all of his life). An art...more
Apr 04, 2009
Mar 07, 2009
Divergent (Divergent, #1)
Far and away the best dystopia that I've read this year, and so far my favorite 2011 book of the year (I said this shortly after I read it--I actually...more
Jun 08, 2011
Feb 16, 2011
Your Own, Sylvia: A Verse Portrait of Sylvia Plath
Whoo hoo! Today it won a Printz Honor! I just finished this last week, and if I had read this last year (a few days ago at this point) it would have d...more
Jan 2008
Jan 04, 2008
Between Shades of Gray
Looks like this is pretty much universally liked by all of the people I know who've rated it. I'm not so blown away, and this probably won't still be...more
May 08, 2011
Mar 07, 2011
The Graveyard Book
Whoo hoo! This just won the NEWBERY award. WTG Gaiman!! This is a JUNT book that I was definitely looking forward to (We have a lot of October books o...more
Mar 29, 2009
Nov 04, 2008
I wish that I was more affected by this book than I actually was. It seems like the subject matter should have been more emotional, but it just didn't...more
May 13, 2014
May 13, 2014
Half Bad (Half Life, #1)
I'm a sucker for a good survival story, and if you throw in a few whiffs of "Romeo and Juliet", and some likable albeit very complicated characters, t...more
May 29, 2014
Mar 03, 2014
Jersey Tomatoes are the Best
Compelling story of two BFF's from joisey. Henry (short for Henriette, which she hates) is an avid tennis player, who wins tournaments with her trash-...more
Jun 04, 2011
Apr 14, 2011
4 1/2 stars. This is now my favorite book by this amazing writer, and it's knocking North of Beautiful off of my 2009favorites list. I love that Punkz...more
Dec 13, 2009
Sep 15, 2009
First Cap Choices 14+ book for the new year. When I first saw the nomination (and early GR reviews) I thought, "Looks good!" And it definitely was! I'...more
Jul 02, 2013
Mar 01, 2013
The Wicked and the Just
A definite 4 1/2 stars, and the first book that I'm tempted to give 5 stars to this year, so I guess at the moment it's my favorite book of the year....more
Aug 20, 2012
Jul 07, 2012
Okay for Now
We (2 librarian parents, one 13 yr old boy and one 10 yr old boy) listened to this in the car on a family vacation, and we all agreed that it's one of...more
Apr 25, 2011
Apr 26, 2011
Rage: A Love Story
Took me almost 2 mos to read this, not because I didn't like it, but because the abuse was hard to read about, so I could only take it in small doses....more
Apr 24, 2010
Feb 26, 2010
A Reader's Guide to Fantasy
Follow-up to A READER'S GUIDE TO SCIENCE FICTION. I've had this for years, but didn't use it as much as the SF one when I was a teenager. I actually p...more
Aug 1982
Feb 29, 2008
One of my favorite-ever booktalks, mainly because it has a lot of boy appeal. A great middle school title about sports and dysfunctional families.

Nov 1997
Oct 14, 2007
Just the Two of Us
I've always loved this Grover Washington, Jr song, and also love Will Smith's version which came out the year my older son was born. This book was one...more
Aug 2001
Feb 13, 2008
This all worked well for me, and I've been missing it today. I was so involved in the ending last night that I keep thinking today that I'll be able t...more
Dec 07, 2010
Nov 21, 2010
Henry's Freedom Box
**spoiler alert** More amazing illustrations by Kadir Nelson. Definitely deserves all the accolades it's gotten this year. Based on an incredible stor...more
Feb 13, 2008
Dec 02, 2007
Dying to Know You
Love this "circular story". Wonder what Chambers' wife, Nancy, thought about the dead wife (Jane) in this story? Compelling story, quick reading, grea...more
Aug 08, 2013
Jun 07, 2013
Sorta Like a Rock Star
2010 is over, or this would have made my list of 2010favorites. Stayed up way too late finishing this last night, as a new year's eve treat to myself,...more
Jan 2011
Jan 01, 2011
Flash Burnout
4 1/2 stars. Near perfect, for what it is, which to me is a high school slice of life that's an excellent look ahead for middle schoolers. It has sex,...more
May 30, 2010
May 29, 2010
Creature of the Night
Exceptionally well-done combination of a literary thriller and a typical YA problem novel, with a touch of a fairy story, set in Ireland. The "problem...more
Nov 30, 2009
Dec 01, 2009
A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life
Can someone please explain the hardback cover to me? This book never made it on to my to-read list, even though I've vaguely thought of reading it eve...more
May 31, 2010
May 31, 2010
Going Bovine
When I started it: I'm finally reading this, and was surprised that it was a very fast start for me. I'm already 50 pages in, and I can't say that I r...more
May 12, 2010
Jan 20, 2010
Scar Tissue
I love the honesty here! His early drug use and relapses are sad but completely believeable, and the hopeful ending (at least in 2004) is a relief. A...more
Jan 19, 2010
Jan 19, 2010
Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm
4 1/2 stars. THE COLOR KITTENS has always been a very favorite picture book of mine, but I had never seen this book by the same authors until I notice...more
Jun 14, 2009
Jun 16, 2009
Into the Wild (Warriors, #1)
My son wanted me to put this on my "to-read" shelf, because he's really in to them. I read it on vacation, and I definitely think that it's better tha...more
Mar 25, 2008
Feb 13, 2008
Lunch Lady and the League of Librarians (Lunch Lady, #2)
This is kind of silly and not too memorable for me, but all 4 members of my family read it in the past few days, and it only takes about 10 minutes to...more
Mar 04, 2010
Mar 06, 2010
Does My Head Look Big In This?
Fills a definite void in the area of novels about contemporary Muslim teens (in Australia, but the setting could have been an American city). Excellen...more
Feb 09, 2008
Jan 23, 2008
A Little Wanting Song
Another one that kept me going during a big reading slump, although I read it slowly. Charlie, Rose, Luke, and Dave are vividly drawn, as are their ve...more
Sep 15, 2010
Sep 05, 2010