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Charity Envieth Not (George Knightley, Esquire #1)
I really liked this book and am looking forward to part 2. The book is a great companion to Emma. She shows the rest of Mr. Knightley's life as a magi ...more
not set
Mar 16, 2010
Darkness Exposed (Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery #5)
Exciting addition to the Mary O'Reilly series.
I like this series, and am finding it a very quick read. The price does not hurt. I like Mary as a char
Sep 13, 2014
Sep 16, 2014
Eclipse (Twilight, #3)
Overall I liked this book very much. I managed to read it in two power sessions. Stephenie Meyer did flesh out the characters more than in the other b ...more
Jul 02, 2009
Jul 03, 2009
The Host (The Host, #1)
I really enjoyed this book. This was surprising. While I have read and mostly enjoyed the Twilight series, I found Bella, the main character, complete ...more
Sep 20, 2009
Sep 21, 2009
Duty and Desire (Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman #2)
Knowing that this book takes place during the time we do not see Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice is one of its biggest flaws. Ms. Aiden tries to set ...more
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Aug 10, 2009
These Three Remain (Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman #3)
A great book. Following the not enjoyable second book, Ms. Aiden recovers nicely with These Three Remain. Mr. Darcy and the other characters act as re ...more
Aug 02, 2009
Aug 10, 2009
Twilight (Twilight, #1)
This book was a very fast read. I read it in 4 days (losing sleep staying up too late reading it).
Pros: The story sucks you in fast. Bella, the main
Apr 2009
Jan 23, 2009
New Moon (Twilight, #2)
I stayed up very late last night to finish this book. It really kept my attention.

The Pros: The book picks up the pace once you are past the first 1/
Jun 03, 2009
Apr 22, 2009
Mr. Knightley's Diary (Jane Austen Heroes, #2)
A nice companion to Jane Austen's Emma. She does introduce one character. She also changes the outcome/future for another character. I do love the ide ...more
Feb 22, 2010
Feb 23, 2010
Breaking Dawn (Twilight, #4)
Great end to the series. Bella was not nearly as annoying and it was nice to hear her appreciating her new skills. Thought the surprise twist works (t ...more
not set
Aug 10, 2009
10,000 Steps a Day to Your Optimal Weight: Walk Your Way to Better Health
I chose to read this more for the advice on increasing steps than dietary info. The dietary portion seemed to be fat-phobic and does not recognize the ...more
not set
May 19, 2010
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, #1)
Hilarious take on Pride and Prejudice. Very clever and the a form of justice for some of the "bad" guys in the story. Wickham's fate is most pleasing! ...more
Jul 2009
Aug 10, 2009
Searching for Captain Wentworth
I absolutely could not finish this. While the book had a good idea to start, I found the main character COMPLETELY ANNOYING! She took me out of the st ...more
not set
Feb 01, 2015
The Rules of Gentility
Really good and fun read. The relationship between Philomena and Inigo proves to be a good one. The heart of both people are in the right place. Mulla ...more
Nov 03, 2009
Nov 04, 2009
Harry Potter Boxset (Harry Potter, #1-7)
JK Rowling's Harry Potter series is wonderful. The mystery elements and the relationships of the characters drive the series. By "Harry Potter and the ...more
not set
Sep 19, 2007
Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style
Very funny and has good advice. Does not go far enough in the advice area. The writing is very witty and fun to read.
Aug 2009
Aug 26, 2009
Mansfield Park
Mansfield Park is my least favorite Jane Austen Book. I understand that Jane wrote this when she was ill and Methodism was coming into the forefront i ...more
Jan 2006
Jul 08, 2008
Darcy's Story
Good book. Told from Darcy's point of view. Not an exciting telling, but nice.
not set
Oct 30, 2009
More Than Fiends
I loved these books. I wish Maureen Child would do more Demon Duster books.
Jan 2013
Aug 24, 2013
The Vampire's Revenge (Savannah Vampire, #5)
Love this series. I just hope that the author can get the next(and probably last) book published. She lost her deal with her publisher.
not set
Aug 06, 2012
The Time Traveler's Wife
I started this book before we moved. Had to stop and didn't pick it up again for a while. Once I started the book it was hard to put down. It is a boo ...more
May 2009
Jul 27, 2008
The Handmaid's Tale
A chilling book. While this is set in the future and is clearly fiction--it is not too hard to imagine this country ending up in this situation. Post- ...more
Jan 1994
Sep 19, 2007
Me and Mr. Darcy
Cute story.
not set
Sep 19, 2009
The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible
A very funny and honest book. AJ opens his life to the reader in a very real way. He addresses the "rules" of the Bible (mainly the Old Testament with ...more
Jan 25, 2010
Nov 09, 2009
Jane Fairfax
Good book. I do with that the author had made more of a basis for Jane and Frank's relationship. It still seemed that Frank was 2nd or 3rd on her list ...more
not set
Feb 23, 2010
The Mists of Avalon (Avalon, #1)
I read this over 20 years ago--it is a great book. It captures the Arthurian stories from a female point of view.
Morgaine is a strong character and th
Jan 1992
Sep 19, 2007
Pride and Prejudice
My very favorite Jane Austen book. Elizabeth Bennett is sassy and has spunk. Austen contrasted Elizabeth to Lydia who was foolhardy and silly most of ...more
Jan 1987
Sep 19, 2007
Thyroid Power: 10 Steps to Total Health
I have found the vitamin/supplement info useful in this book. Some of the dietary info seems extreme and nearly impossible. I do not know of a city th ...more
May 2010
May 19, 2010
Beloved Disciple: The Misunderstood Legacy of Mary Magdalene, the Woman Closest to Jesus
This book takes a very fascinating topic and does an ok job with it. Unfortunately-it is very dry and I ended up skimming the last few chapters lookin ...more
Apr 03, 2009
Feb 04, 2009
The Female Brain
This is a great book that every women needs to read. It explains those differences that we all know exist between men and women. I had no idea how muc ...more
Jul 15, 2008
Jul 10, 2008
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