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The Nourisher (Border Worlds Saga, #1)
This was not a book I expected to be all cute and cuddly. Seriously, 8-foot spiders? Who thinks cute and cuddly? It wasn't ALL cute and cuddly but Ver...more
Feb 18, 2011
Jan 23, 2011
The Reluctant Wolf (Cloverleah Pack #1)
I’m having a hard time with this book. It took me a while to read. I think the hardest thing for me was the obvious editing. It wasn’t all that good b...more
Apr 03, 2014
Mar 07, 2014
A Sangrille Christmas
I'll admit I always love Mark's books. Have to get that out of the way first;) This one was different from the others I have read. There was a relatio...more
Jan 25, 2011
Dec 05, 2010
Centaur's Awakening (Keeper of the Land, #2)
The plot moves along quickly. You have a hard time putting it down because you are afraid you'll "miss" something;) I enjoyed the further development...more
Nov 16, 2010
Oct 25, 2010
The Mis-adventures of a Teenage Mark
Thanks for sharing this Mark. Had fun reading it. Way to put yourself out there:)
not set
Feb 11, 2011
The Conquerors (Zero-G wrestling)
Wonderful short. Wrestling will look a lot different after this;)
not set
Dec 21, 2010
Mouse in the Wainscoting (Schism Universe, #1)
This was a fun book. I can't wait to read more in this Universe. I enjoyed having a different shifter story. David is so lonely. Naru was just what he...more
May 2011
Apr 27, 2011
With Abandon (With or Without, #3)
I did enjoy this next book in the series. I wanted to beat Aubrey but I think most people will want to. I was a little disappointed with not really li...more
Mar 23, 2011
Nov 12, 2010
The Diamond Ring Effect
This is a short read. I loved the characters. Roy was a realistic character. He had so much pressure on him for his age. His response to that seemed p...more
Mar 15, 2011
Mar 01, 2011
The Soldier (Border Worlds Saga, #2)
This the the second in the Borders of Worlds Saga. We have more characters joining Vern and Drake on their adventures in saving the universe. It is fu...more
Mar 15, 2011
Feb 04, 2011
The Incubator (Border Worlds Saga, #3)
What to say without giving anything away? It's 4 years later and all isn't well. All the way to the end you are left hanging on what is going to happe...more
Apr 15, 2011
Mar 30, 2011
Waves of Infinity
So enjoyed another read from Mark Alders. Love the world he came up for this one. Really loved the character Julian. I've met some guys kind of like h...more
Feb 02, 2011
Jan 15, 2011
Broken  (Broken, #1)
I always try to say a little if I rate a book real low or if I give 5 stars. So....I wasn't sure I would like this book. It was recommended in a chall...more
Nov 22, 2010
Jul 20, 2010
Away Team (Starship Cadet Missions, #1)
Well, not as naked as most of Mark's books;) This was a fun read. Mark always takes you away from the ordinary. This time it's on a journey through sp...more
Aug 15, 2011
Aug 04, 2011
Honor Bound (Viking Lore, #1)
A good start to a series. I can not wait to see how the rest will go. Ein is a strong man in his own way. He doesn't have the warrior strength of his...more
Jun 13, 2011
Jun 13, 2011
The Phoenix Rises
Fun book once again something very different. This was a short read. I have always enjoyed the adventures that Mark Alders takes his readers on. I thi...more
Feb 05, 2011
Jan 18, 2011
Saving Jack
Awww, this was a wonderful read. It is a little short but there are advantages to that for those days you just don’t have time but need a lift.

Jack is...more
Mar 08, 2014
Feb 19, 2014
Blacker than Black
This isn't one of my easier reads. The author does a wonderful job of using first person present tense to tell the story. This is not normally a style...more
Jun 13, 2012
Jan 22, 2012
Covenation (Adventures of the Magician's Coven, #2)
The continued adventures of Shane, Will, and Joel as they stumble along figuring out how to be a good coven. Alistair is back and trying once again to...more
Oct 19, 2011
Aug 26, 2011
Transference (Rava's Story)
Oh, geesh:( I'm always nervous to be the first review. Anyway, Rava is a man from a future society in which data is currency...those that have it and...more
Sep 2011
Aug 05, 2011
The Alpha King (Passion's Hero, #1)
I know there will be people that don't agree with my rating, but it is my opinion. So I loved the story. Talon was so alone without even knowing it. B...more
Apr 28, 2013
Apr 27, 2013
Balancing Karma
This was a very fun read. Moswen is hilarious and intense. Kijika is kinda aloof until Moswen comes along. Kijika is a nerd. There is no other way to...more
Jul 30, 2011
Jun 06, 2011
Slow Bloom (Slow Bloom #1)
Loved the book. Didn't think I would part way through but really did by the end. Little repetitive and Jack was a little too "understanding" all the t...more
Feb 17, 2011
Aug 17, 2010
Jay's Pet
I normally don't really care if a book is not good. I tend to like light, fluffy, and uncomplicated books, but this one did rankle. I have read BDSM a...more
Sep 18, 2011
Sep 17, 2011
Mama's Heart
Short story but well written. You see the early days of a man discovering love in his life. More than the relationships he has it's about him discover...more
May 2011
Dec 21, 2010
Ice Dragon Tales
This was an awesome start for a series. Joron is a “cinderfella” kinda of guy. He is the second, bastard son of the dying King of Blade Rain. His olde...more
Feb 07, 2014
Jan 26, 2014
After Midnight
Adam and Gordon are like magnets. On the one hand they really repulse each other, but when close the sparks just fly and they can’t stay away from eac...more
Oct 03, 2013
Sep 16, 2013
Thick as Thieves (Thick as Thieves, #1)
The writing is good. The author does a good job in world building. The characters are a fun and varied cast. The descriptions are vivid and easily dra...more
Jan 25, 2014
Jul 05, 2013
Fair Game
Well written story. Loved the mystery. (I guessed it right but wavered;) The author did a wonderful job of making the story come to life. Many times I...more
Feb 25, 2011
Sep 26, 2010
Into Oblivion Falls (Diary of the Eternal war, #1)
Ok, it's been a while since I read the Pembrooke Eve series but it wasn't hard to remember the series. Mark once again manages to get his characters n...more
May 17, 2012
Apr 20, 2012
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