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He's Just Not That Into You
While I don't necessarily agree with everything in the book, I get what the author is saying.

This slim, one hundred sixty-five page volume of humor, h
Dec 2004
Jul 20, 2010
Come Lie with Me
Good, good, good book! This is the kind of book that makes me want to find a wounded man and make him whole. Ok, I REALLY didn't just type that did I? ...more
May 29, 2002
Jul 14, 2010
Bullet (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #19)
First, LKH has lost me with the Anita Blake series. Like others, I read the books because it's like a train wreck. I just cannot look away. Second, I ...more
Jul 16, 2010
Jul 14, 2010
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory
Excellent book. Until now, I had never heard of Caitlin Doughty or her website. I'd never thought much about the rituals of after-death. Personally, I ...more
Jul 03, 2014
Jul 03, 2014
The Mating (Law of the Lycans, #3)
Meh. It's ok. Don't like that the formatting is all screwed up and makes you think the book is 898 pages. Wouldn't read the next book...even though it ...more
Jul 08, 2011
Jul 10, 2011
A Very Merry Christmas: WITH Do You Hear What I Hear AND Bah Humbug, Ba (Twins' Bad Boys)
Read for Lori Foster's short story. Totally cracked up through the entire thing. Typical Lori Foster.
Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012
Anything That Moves: Renegade Chefs, Fearless Eaters, and the Making of a New American Food Culture
This book was a weird combination of boring, fascinating, and disgusting. Rather than one cohesive line of thought, this book is set up more like essa ...more
Mar 16, 2014
Nov 18, 2013
Not even close to as good as classic Koontz, barely as interesting as Life Expectancy. The last four chapters totally jump the shark; and my mediocre ...more
Sep 02, 2010
Aug 29, 2010
Blood Ties (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit, #12)
3 of 3. Better than Blood Dreams. About the same level as Blood Sins. However, I'm putting paid to this series. The ending puts the whole kibosh on th ...more
Jul 27, 2010
Jul 17, 2010
Hounded (Iron Druid Chronicles, #1)
This reads like a cross between Harry Dresden, Rachel Morgan, and a tamer version of Elena from Women of the Otherworld novels. There is a crap ton an ...more
Sep 21, 2013
Apr 18, 2011
Ex Machina, Vol. 10: Term Limits (Ex Machina, #10)
Gah! I cannot believe the ending. ARGH! Clearly, I was hoping for a slightly better (read: happier. Not that I was expecting unicorns and rainbows) en ...more
Mar 2013
Mar 04, 2013
The Seasons Series - Part 2 (The Seasons Series Box Set)
Spring's Fury: Picked this up via a "Name that Book" request on LT. I've never read Domning before. She reads like Devereaux or Lindsey. This is proba ...more
Apr 13, 2014
Dec 06, 2014
The Art of Racing in the Rain
Excellent, excellent, excellent! I was afraid, at first, that I would cry my entire way through the book. I'd barely hit page 7 before I was gulping b ...more
Aug 17, 2010
Jul 14, 2010
I continue to be amazed and disappointed in Koontz's newest books. Like Breathless, this book is lyrical and crammed with philosophy and theology. Als ...more
Jun 09, 2014
Jun 08, 2014
This Dark Road to Mercy: A Novel
While this was an engaging novel while I read it, I doubt it will stay with me in the long run. Cash's characters range from cardboard-like mock ups t ...more
Mar 11, 2014
Mar 05, 2014
Snow Like Ashes (Snow Like Ashes #1)
Snow like Ashes was good. Better than I expected. I didn't actually remember why I'd bought it until I'd read the book blurb. The story is a predictab ...more
Jun 14, 2015
Jun 14, 2015
Black Magic Woman (Quincey Morris, #1)
I was a little annoyed with the "Texan" accent in the first few pages. Then the "podner" affectation was like nails on a chalk board. Followed by the ...more
not set
Oct 10, 2010
I won't finish this for a few more days, but I know what my review will be...

I like this and I hate this. First, the liked parts:
* Richards is unapolo
Jan 31, 2014
Jan 21, 2014
Great North Road
First, this isn't my genre. I like space operas; but I am not a die hard science fiction fan. I'm definitely not a fan of epic SF sagas. Having said t ...more
Dec 28, 2013
Aug 07, 2013
In Cold Pursuit: A Mystery From The  Last Continent (Valena Walker, #1)
Wah wah. Wah wah wah wah. I didn't make it far; but several things annoyed me immediately. Valena on one page doesn't want to seem TOO interested in m ...more
not set
Nov 09, 2011
One Shot (Jack Reacher, #9)
For having never read a Jack Reacher novel, I didn't feel lost or confused while reading this. I can't say I'm interested in knowing more about Jack, ...more
Sep 15, 2010
Jul 13, 2010
The Ritual Bath (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus, #1)
Good read! Only problem I had was all the Hebrew words. Would have liked a glossary instead of having to search Google or Wikipedia via my Nook app. F ...more
Jun 19, 2011
Aug 24, 2010
George Washington's Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution
A good introduction into a small but very significant slice of the American Revolution: the Culper spy ring. I am seeing a lot of reviews that ridicul ...more
Apr 20, 2014
Apr 21, 2014
Wyman Ford returns. Having left the monastery from Tyrannosaur Canyon, Wyman is now a PI. Wyman makes for an interesting character; but the story is j ...more
Jan 12, 2014
Jan 05, 2014
The Seasons Series - Part 1
Winter's Heat: Domning reads like Devereaux or Lindsey. Her characters are interesting. Her settings almost come to life. It's historical romance, so ...more
Apr 10, 2014
Dec 06, 2014
The Movement of Stars
Amy Brill, author of The Movement of Stars, chose the Quaker astronomer Maria Mitchell as the inspiration for her protagonist, Hannah Gardner Price. R ...more
Sep 15, 2013
Aug 25, 2013
Saga, Volume 2
Vaughan has a way with the absurd, epic, and vulgar. This 2nd volume is actually better than the first in a few ways: you get a little more background ...more
Jan 31, 2014
Feb 09, 2013
A Shiver of Light (Merry Gentry #9)
First, I am no longer a fan of Laurell K. Hamilton. Second, I can't seem to help myself when the Merry Gentry books come out. Third, I think I'm done ...more
Jun 19, 2014
Jun 17, 2014
Empire of Sin: A Story of Sex, Jazz, Murder, and the Battle for Modern New Orleans
While this is good, and there is a ton of information, each chapter feels more like a loosely connected essay. The chapters do bounce across topics an ...more
Feb 28, 2015
Dec 07, 2014
The Wicked House of Rohan (The House of Rohan, #0.5)
Quick read. A prequel to a new series that hasn't been published yet (first is out in August). This is the first I've ever read of Anne Stuart. I like ...more
Jul 23, 2010
Jul 20, 2010
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