Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (Vorkosigan Saga, #15)
I'm not up to a review, so some quick notes.

- Loved this.
- A slow build which seemed odd in a "Vorkosigan" novel, until I remembered it was an Ivan no...more
Oct 23, 2012
Oct 15, 2012
Warsworn  (Chronicles of the Warlands, #2)
I didn't like this one as much as Warprize. I'm not exactly why, but it didn't grab my attention. I struggled with reading it all and finally decided...more
Jun 13, 2006
Oct 16, 2012
San Diego 2014: The Last Stand of the California Browncoats (Newsflesh Trilogy, #3.1)
I thought this was a good solid story. It doesn't really add anything new to the world as we've already been told what the Rising was like, but it was...more
Jul 14, 2012
Jul 13, 2012
Murder Past Due (Cat in the Stacks, #1)
Goodness me, a library books and a mystery. Those are both things I haven't read in a while.

This was a quick and pleasant read, and just what I needed...more
Sep 10, 2013
Sep 09, 2013
Some Kind Of Fairy Tale
I'm not sure what I think of this book.

I loved it as a straight story - I'm a fantasy reader so I'm perfectly happy to accept Tara's story as true. Th...more
Dec 03, 2012
Dec 01, 2012
The Winter Sea (Slains, #1)
Oh, I loved this to pieces. I think it's definitely my favourite Kearsley book so far. I loved the characters in both time frames and their interactio...more
Jan 31, 2013
Jan 24, 2013
Heart Choice (Celta's Heartmates, #4)
This has been sitting on my TBR shelf for ages and I have no idea why as I've liked all the other books in the series. The next one comes out in a few...more
Aug 22, 2006
Oct 16, 2012
Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America
I think the author very clearly has an agenda with this book, but I also don't that immediately validates everything he has to say. I suspect he's cho...more
Oct 08, 2010
Sep 24, 2010
Twilight's Dawn (The Black Jewels #9)
Just so you know, there are no spoilers here - although that does make this a post about feelings rather that details. I figured vagueness was better...more
Apr 16, 2011
Mar 30, 2011
Revelation (Rai-Kirah, #2)
I keep wanting to give this 10/10 because I'm remembering the ending, which was amazing. I'm stopping myself however, because there was a section in t...more
Feb 28, 2013
Feb 10, 2013
Beguilement (The Sharing Knife, #1)
The Sharing Knife: Beguilement by Lois McMaster Bujold (8/10)
Fantasy/Romance. Bujold has said this book was an opportunity to play and see if she coul...more
Nov 29, 2006
Feb 08, 2013
WebMage (Webmage, #1)
A solid and interesting story that doesn't quite manage to lift itself above that.

The idea of the Fates as computer programmers is nicely done, but I...more
Oct 03, 2006
Nov 04, 2012
Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex
Comment originally published here.

I don’t really have much to say about this one. I didn’t like it nearly as much as I did Mary Roach’s other books. I...more
Aug 02, 2011
Jul 17, 2011
Lab Rat One (Touchstone, #2)
Copied from my blog (this content is also in my review for Caszandra):

Life being what it is, I just haven’t managed to write up any kind of review for...more
Sep 30, 2012
Sep 27, 2012
A Dream Of Kinship
I have thoroughly enjoyed the second book in my reread of Richard Cowper's White Bird of Kinship series. I don't seem to have anything deep or meaning...more
Dec 27, 2013
Dec 18, 2013
Wow, what an amazing book. I don't know that I have words for it just yet, having only finished it a few moments ago, but what an amazing book.

Added t...more
May 11, 2010
Apr 21, 2010
The Poisoner's Handbook: Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York
I picked this up on a whim from the new books stand at the library.

I was rather suprised at how much I enjoyed it. I think it is the long ago chemist...more
May 18, 2010
May 17, 2010
Apocalypse Array (LINK Angel, #4)
This was a solid, fascinating conclusion to Morehouse's series. My only problem with it, is that I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to take from t...more
Oct 09, 2006
Nov 04, 2012
A Sundial in a Grave: 1610
I've decided to give up on this. I'm 150 pages in and not really interested enough to keep going. I'm interested enough to ask someone who does finish...more
Sep 17, 2005
Oct 16, 2012
Undead and Unwed (Undead, #1)
All through this book, I kept changing my mind over whether or not I liked it. It didn't hit me between the eyes as a fantastic book and while I smile...more
Aug 11, 2005
Oct 15, 2012
To Ride Pegasus (The Talents Saga)
Just quickly, I thought this one had dated worse than a lot of the others.

I still really liked the first story, but the one I remember as a favourite,...more
Sep 06, 2012
Sep 01, 2012
To Ride Hell's Chasm
**spoiler alert** I found this to be very much a book of two halves.

The first part drove me insane - not because it was bad, but because the character...more
Oct 20, 2009
Sep 26, 2009
Hounded (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #1)
This was interesting. It was one of those books where everything should have been exactly my thing, but it didn't quite work for me.

I liked it. It was...more
May 27, 2011
May 19, 2011
Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale
This is another book I discovered thanks to the internet (there seem to be a lot of those, which is probably why my TBR pile is so out of control). Th...more
Feb 05, 2010
Feb 03, 2010
Who's 50: The 50 Doctor Who Stories to Watch Before You Die - An Unofficial Companion
Interesting to read, interesting choices. It's getting to the point I know a lot of what is being said by now though. I'm glad I read this one from th...more
May 13, 2014
Mar 31, 2014
How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea (Newsflesh Trilogy #3.5)
Zombie kangaroos. Really, do I need to say more?

Oh all right, if you insist. Zombie wombats.

Happy now? No? Okay, then. Zombie koalas.

If that's not en...more
not set
Jul 20, 2013
Reunion in Death (In Death, #14)
As always, I enjoyed my visit with Eve and Roarke. However, I didnt' find myself as involved with this book as I have with some of the others. I find...more
Jan 15, 2006
Oct 16, 2012
Majipoor Chronicles: Book Two of the Majipoor Cycle
ORIGINAL READ: 9/10 (10 May 2008 - 23 June 2007)

Majipoor Chronicles - Robert Silverberg
Majipoor, Book 2; SF; 7/10
I read Silverberg's first Majipoor bo...more
Dec 20, 2012
Dec 17, 2012
Death by Darjeeling (A Tea Shop Mystery, #1)
I was disappointed in this. Not quite disappointed enough to stop reading, but close. This should have been a great premise and a lovely read, but it...more
Jul 09, 2005
Oct 15, 2012
Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital
A fascinating and very disturbing read, looking at the failure of resources and lack of preparedness relating to one hospital in New Orleans during Hu...more
Mar 24, 2014
Mar 23, 2014