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Mossflower (Redwall, #2)
This next Redwall book and one of the most famous is starting with Martin the Warrior again. After he had defeated Badrang the stoat, he is now is mos ...more
Oct 2007
Oct 19, 2007
Redwall (Redwall, #1)
This book is about animals consisting of mice,foxes, rats, squirrels and other animals you would probably find in the woodlands. THe good creatures a ...more
Sep 2007
Sep 21, 2007
Farewell to Manzanar: A True Story of Japanese American Experience During and After the World War II Internment
It was around the time when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, an area that reside to America. This arouse racism towards Japanese. Ever since then, people ...more
Mar 24, 2008
Apr 14, 2008
Up the Down Staircase
This book is about a teacher who started the career in teaching high school kids. It was hard and she thought the kids were just plain bad. However a ...more
not set
May 15, 2008
Wicked Lovely (Wicked Lovely, #1)
The book starts out with a character Ashlinn who could see creatures called fey. Creatures that normal humans cannot see. Creatures that she is not s ...more
Dec 03, 2009
Jan 02, 2010
Snow (Losing Christina, #2)
Winter time has come. Christina may have avoided the Shevvington once, but can she do it again. This time there is more at stake. A sixth grader has ...more
May 09, 2010
May 13, 2010
Jane Eyre
This book is by far one of the best that I have ever read. If I myself was very wealthy or very well known in the past, I would have given a reward t ...more
Jun 25, 2010
Jun 25, 2010
Dope Sick
A 17 year old young man is running from the law who believe he was the one that shot a cop. He then encounters a seemingly abandoned building, in whi ...more
Mar 02, 2010
Mar 12, 2010
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
A boy is living on a reservation. In his whole entire life, he believes that his family will always be poor, he will always get beat up with the othe ...more
May 2009
May 07, 2009
How I Found America: Collected Stories of Anzia Yezierska
A immigrant came to America because she believe there was hope to rise up. However, the person was met with struggles everywhere, house evictions, re ...more
Apr 10, 2009
Apr 28, 2009
Death March (Dragonlance: The Stonetellers, #2)
Goblins have escaped from a slave camp lead by a educated and firm hobgolbin leader. With the additional help of two humans who sworn to their loyalt ...more
Oct 31, 2009
Nov 02, 2009
Ink Exchange (Wicked Lovely, #2)
A 17 year old girl who leads a normal life has always been interested in tatoos. One day in a shop, she found a interesting one that the store owner ...more
Dec 03, 2009
Dec 21, 2009
The Prince and the Pauper
A beggar boy who dreams of having a luxurious life. A prince who desires to see the outside. On one faithful day, they meet and exchange clothing. Th ...more
May 26, 2010
May 26, 2010
The Fire (Losing Christina, #3)
In the final part of the sequel, Christina attempts to survive her final days of school before being terrorized by the Shevvingtons to the point of b ...more
May 2010
May 24, 2010
Walk on the Wild Side (The Others, #13)
A young woman named Kitty Sugarman found that she was not human. In order to find out who she truly was, she goes to Las Vegas to find her father, on ...more
Sep 15, 2009
Oct 05, 2009
Deader Still (Simon Canderous, #2)
A man has been working for a government funded institution, which involves magical issues. After living a new leaf from his dark past, Simon again re ...more
Oct 03, 2009
Oct 18, 2009
Life on the Refrigerator Door
A girl and a single mother have such a busy lifestyle that they are barely together even though they live in the same house. In order to communicate ...more
Jan 29, 2010
Feb 06, 2010
A Map of the World
This book portrays the perspective of two different characters. They are both spouses of each other who have similiar yet different views of life. In ...more
Mar 03, 2009
Mar 10, 2009
Lessons from a Dead Girl
After the death of an important friend, Lainey reflects back on the time, of how she interact with Leah. She wonders if she should think of her as a ...more
Dec 2009
Dec 03, 2009
Black Beauty
A children's book which tells of the life of a horse. His experiences included the kindness and cruelty of many owners. The horse was sold many times ...more
Mar 07, 2009
Mar 22, 2009
The Time Paradox (Artemis Fowl, #6)
Artemis Fowl is now in the future-well the future of where he should be when he is 17, not 14. However, do to his mistake with meddling with magic. H ...more
May 13, 2009
May 24, 2009
Stranger in a Strange Land
A being with human ancestry who had lived on Mars has finally come to Earth. He then shares his view and beliefs to humans in attempt to changed them ...more
not set
Dec 28, 2008
In the Courts of the Crimson Kings (Lords of Creation, #2)
A earth person goes on a journey with of martians on the dying planet one of whom is a heir to the imperial throne. In an attempt to reclaim such pow ...more
Nov 12, 2009
Nov 27, 2009
A Confederacy of Dunces
A man who lives view of the modern time is ridiculous compare to what many people will think. A fat, man who uses his own mother to support himself f ...more
not set
Dec 11, 2008
The Kite Runner
A man tells of experience in Afghanistan; how he befriended a boy who was discriminated because of his religion, how he experience the richness of be ...more
not set
Dec 02, 2008
The God of Animals
A girl who lives in a has the following situations; a depressed mother, runaway sister and a workaholic father. As time pass by, the individual must ...more
Jan 29, 2010
Jan 31, 2010
Magic's Child (Magic or Madness, #3)
I have never read the previous two books of this series, but from what I know, there are a few people who live in a world where they can use magic an ...more
Jun 05, 2010
Jun 06, 2010
The Opal Deception  (Artemis Fowl, #4)
Artemis Fowl is back again, this time, his memory is wiped and is back to his old days again; committing crimes. However, one of his old foe Opal Kob ...more
Apr 29, 2009
May 03, 2009
This book reveals of a the life of a teenage girl whose family was not rich and her life in a private school. In it, there are feelings of being acce ...more
not set
Jan 26, 2009
The House of the Spirits
This book starts off with a descrition of the scene of a group of people particulary a family. Later on, it takes the point of view of some people an ...more
Jan 26, 2008
Feb 06, 2008
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