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Elephant Run
It's 1941 and World War II is literally at Nick's doorstep in London. In an effort to keep Nick safe, his mother sends him to live with his father on ...more
Dec 13, 2008
Dec 13, 2008
Jellicoe Road
I just finished reading this book, and WOW! First off, I feel compelled to admit that for the first half of the book, I didn't really care for it. I w ...more
Jan 07, 2009
Jan 07, 2009
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
I know a lot of people out there are head over heels for this book however, it wasn't exactly life-changing for me. Some people might find it hard to ...more
Jun 26, 2012
Jun 21, 2012
Playing with Matches
Time to be honest here. I only read this book as a favor to a friend who gave me a stack of books to read. I picked this one to read first because it ...more
Nov 29, 2008
Nov 29, 2008
Funny how historical fiction can feel awfully timely
Dec 07, 2014
Dec 03, 2014
He Forgot to Say Goodbye
Ramiro Lopez and Jake Upthegrove are the same age and attend school in adjacent buildings, but other than that, they don’t have much in common. So why ...more
Jan 19, 2009
Jan 19, 2009
HEAVY stuff here! This book will tug at your heart and will leave you slightly unsettled. Set in 1973, it deals with parental illness, death, child ab ...more
Apr 14, 2015
Apr 13, 2015
Meant to Be
I had such high hopes for this book, but for some reason, the book failed to live up to my expectations. I wanted characters I really cared about, but ...more
Dec 20, 2012
Dec 18, 2012
Half a World Away
A tough look at adoption - international adoption in particular - from the point of view of an adoptee.

I have so many thoughts and feeling about this
Nov 06, 2014
Nov 05, 2014
Gracefully Grayson
Oh Grayson, my heart hurts for you and I want to hug you.

We have seen an increase in book for teens about being transgender and we are even starting
Jan 08, 2015
Jan 08, 2015
William Shakespeare's Star Wars Collection
Oh how I LOVED this collection!! I can't imagine sticking with it in print, but it is an audio delight! The actors cast to read the audiobooks are rem ...more
Aug 07, 2014
Aug 04, 2014
Coaltown Jesus
I don't know what to say about this book, except that it touched me
Jan 25, 2014
Jan 25, 2014
If You Could Be Mine
Nasrin and Sahar are best friends and more. They love each other deeply, but cannot go public with their love because homosexuality is punishable by d ...more
Apr 02, 2014
Apr 01, 2014
I'll Give You the Sun
Started off not really liking the book. I mean, it was OK, but I kept hearing so many good things about it and I'd think to myself, "Are we talking ab ...more
Dec 02, 2014
Nov 26, 2014
What the Moon Said
If Laura Ingalls Wilder had grown up in Chicago and a farmland in Wisconsin in the early 1930s, she might have written this. Rosengren captured the sa ...more
Aug 11, 2014
Aug 09, 2014
Laughing at My Nightmare
Anything I try to say about this sounds trite. How about this? If you want to know what life with a debilitating disease is like - read this. The auth ...more
Nov 12, 2014
Nov 10, 2014
The Princess Curse
A mix of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, and Greek mythology - all set in Eastern Europe at the time of Vlad the ...more
Aug 06, 2011
Aug 04, 2011
The Glitch in Sleep (The Seems, #1)
Becker Drane is 12 years old and a "fixer" in The Seems - an alternate world that controls much of our world's daily function. Becker's first offical ...more
Nov 2007
Nov 24, 2007
Vanishing Girls
A couple of times I felt like this novel was trying to do a little too much, but overall, I bought it - hook, line, and sinker.

High School
Apr 09, 2015
Apr 07, 2015
Hold Tight, Don't Let Go: A Novel of Haiti
Oh my goodness, this was so realistic and, quite frankly, depressing. Very good, but not an easy read.

8th grade and up
Feb 05, 2015
Feb 03, 2015
Alias Hook
After a bit of a slow start, this delivered a new version of the Peter Pan story, with a Captain Hook that you really feel for.
Sep 25, 2014
Sep 22, 2014
The Forest of Hands and Teeth (The Forest of Hands and Teeth, #1)
Totally creepy! I LOVED this and stayed up to finish the last 2/3 of the book. Zombies aren't normally my cup of tea, but I ate this up (pardon the pu ...more
Apr 13, 2009
Apr 14, 2009
The Princess in Black
Very cute. I know many a first grade girl that will love this.
Oct 23, 2014
Oct 22, 2014
Death al Dente (Food Lovers' Village Mystery, #1)
I really liked this new series starter. And I loved that the cop was NOT the love interest!
Nov 17, 2014
Nov 12, 2014
Food, Girls, and Other Things I Can't Have
Andy is not the fattest kid in his high school - he's the second fattest. In a weird way, that's worse. It's like he isn't the best at anything - not ...more
Aug 16, 2009
Aug 15, 2009
Karma for Beginners
14-year-old Tess lives with her mom in....well that's kind of the problem. They move around A LOT. Some people might call Tess's mom, Sarah, a freak, ...more
Jul 15, 2009
Jul 14, 2009
The Age of Miracles
Okay, so I was late to party on this book. I remember hearing about it when it first came out and I couldn't decided if I wanted to read it or not. I ...more
Jan 10, 2013
Jan 08, 2013
Five Days Left
See that person over there crying while holding a book? Yeah, that's me after finishing this one.
Sep 30, 2014
Sep 24, 2014
American Ghost: A Family's Haunted Past in the Desert Southwest
An interesting family story, but to be honest, I wanted more hauntings and ghost stuff.
Mar 24, 2015
Mar 23, 2015
Delancey: A Man, a Woman, a Restaurant, a Marriage
Ok, so now I want to go to Seattle and eat at this restaurant
Jul 12, 2014
Jul 11, 2014
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