Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle, #4)
did not like it
**spoiler alert** All I have to say is, I have never felt so much DISAPPOINTMENT in my life and i know the only person who can dare to top it is KIM H ...more
Nov 12, 2011
Nov 09, 2011
did not like it
It was just way too boring for me (shrugs shoulders)
Dec 16, 2011
Dec 04, 2011
The Dreamer, Her Angel and the Stars
it was amazing
I'm guessing it was because of the wording but I read the characters voices in a british accent! But anyway, I loved this book, one of the most differ ...more
Jun 04, 2013
Mar 09, 2013
Something in Return
it was amazing
If that wasn't the cutest read
Oct 09, 2014
Oct 09, 2014
Island of the Aunts
liked it
**spoiler alert** This book was weird… lovely but weird. The whole concept of the story was brilliant. Reading about all the creatures normal and myst ...more
Dec 29, 2011
Jan 08, 2012
Shadow Hunt (Midnight Hunters, #6)
it was amazing
This installment did not end with a cliff hanger like the previous one, everything was pretty much tied up. I can only assume that the next installmen ...more
Jul 15, 2015
Jul 14, 2015
Fangs and Stilettos
really liked it
**spoiler alert**
Fangs and Stilettos was a very refreshing read. It’s a supernatural read that’s a bit far from the norm. DiFiore’s take on supernatu
Sep 23, 2012
Sep 19, 2012
really liked it
**spoiler alert** I really loved Mallory, even though she was mainly out for her and her people but only because she ended up becoming a true friend o ...more
Nov 17, 2011
Nov 16, 2011
Keeping the Moon
liked it
**spoiler alert** This book was a very smooth read even with the bit of angst that it had. All while reading this book I felt like I was on the beach ...more
Dec 29, 2011
Dec 29, 2011
An Affair of Love
really liked it
I only gave it a four because I loved Blayne so much, if not for that, this would have been a three because it has waaaay to much angst for me. I also ...more
Apr 06, 2013
Apr 02, 2013
The Hollows Insider (The Hollows, #9.5)
it was amazing
**spoiler alert** Ummm….only with Kim’s books….no in any kind of writing with mention of Ivy and Rachel (Jenk’s sometimes) I am very content but…I hon ...more
Nov 19, 2011
Nov 04, 2011
Against Doctor's Orders (A Rivers Community Romance, #1)
really liked it
**spoiler alert** I'd like to start off by saying ---> Kate Chopin Rivers, Margaret Mitchell Rivers, Harper Lee Rivers, Flannery O'Connor Rivers, C ...more
Mar 13, 2015
Mar 11, 2015
Backseat Saints
really liked it
**spoiler alert** Omg!!! Here I am complaining about the every now and then boredom and neglect in my relationship when here we have a woman who is li ...more
Jul 06, 2011
Jun 30, 2011
Please Baby
really liked it
**spoiler alert** Great read but it took me a while to stop flinching at their relationship. My sister's ex? Yeah, no thanks lbs. Live and let live th ...more
Nov 27, 2014
Sep 03, 2014
really liked it
Good because of the happy ending but I don't know... I have too many unanswered questions & that's something I don't like =/
Sep 21, 2014
Sep 16, 2014
Changeless (Parasol Protectorate, #2)
liked it
**spoiler alert** In Changeless, I was entranced with who Alexia was as a character trying to figure out what caused the Supernatural’s to become mort ...more
Jan 14, 2012
Dec 09, 2011
Blameless (Parasol Protectorate, #3)
liked it
**spoiler alert** Ummm…I won’t lie, I only read this book to see what would happen with Madame Lefoux. There wasn’t a real mystery to solve anyway…wel ...more
Jan 15, 2012
Dec 09, 2011
Viral Dawn
liked it
Nice read, it was different...and probably possible lol
Mar 10, 2013
Mar 09, 2013
Arcadium (Arcadium, #1)
really liked it
This was a spectacular zombie read, from finding "sanctuary" to having to leave it and make their own. The relationships among the characters was hear ...more
Mar 11, 2013
Mar 10, 2013
Cyndra: A Modern Fairytale
really liked it
This was a great read! & the spin on the classic fairytale was cute. It ended too soon for me but I'm like that would all the books that I like. T ...more
Mar 06, 2013
Mar 05, 2013
really liked it
**spoiler alert** Turns out the one chapter I read about Mary freshman year of high school wasn't detailed enough and apparently 1000 ways to die got ...more
Mar 06, 2012
May 29, 2011
Darkest Mercy (Wicked Lovely, #5)
really liked it
**spoiler alert** I want to start off by saying that this is how a book series should end!!!! I’ve just finished a series that tore at my soul so badl ...more
Nov 25, 2011
Jun 03, 2011
Lock and Key
really liked it
**spoiler alert** I absolutely loved this book there is nothing I didn’t like about it…I mean I noticed several typos but I still loved it. The whole ...more
Jun 15, 2011
Jul 12, 2010
A Little Princess
really liked it
**spoiler alert** I’ve either read this book when I was younger or a book with the same plot, or this plot was just that predictable…great but very pr ...more
Jun 13, 2011
Jan 06, 2011
After the Moment
really liked it
**spoiler alert** This book kind of reminded me of the book a million little pieces, or a thousand little pieces, which ever one. Leigh reminded me of ...more
Jun 10, 2011
Feb 23, 2011
Love You Hate You Miss You
really liked it
**spoiler alert** Elizabeth’s story was incredibly appealing, at first I was going to stop reading because Amy starts off talking about Julia in the p ...more
Jun 18, 2011
Feb 23, 2011
really liked it
**spoiler alert** OMG!!!! This book was freaking awesome!!! Soulless was the first book of the horror genre I’ve read and it delivered greatly. I was ...more
Dec 18, 2011
Nov 26, 2011
As Far As You Can Go Without A Passport: The View From The End Of The Road
really liked it
**spoiler alert** Ok from the reading the author did not think he was funny. But he was! Lol, in a dry sense of the word he was very funny and a lot o ...more
Aug 07, 2011
Aug 01, 2011
Two or Three Things I Know for Sure
really liked it
**spoiler alert** I want to start off by saying that this is the shortest autobiography I’ve ever read, but it was still great though. The way her fam ...more
Jul 17, 2011
Feb 23, 2011
Sing You Home
it was amazing
**spoiler alert** First I want to start off by saying that Jodi Picoult has stolen Kim Harrison’s story line and that no wonder Kim got confused after ...more
Aug 21, 2011
May 21, 2011
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