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Ghost Road Blues (Pine Deep, #1)
Three criminals arrive to Pine Deep, one of them is more sinister than the rest, a wanted Killer! Is that all the evil that lurks in Pine Deep? No!
Jan 12, 2011
May 10, 2010
It reads like a bullet hitting bang on target. No messing around, strip away the usual vampire history or romance this story goes straight to the kil...more
Oct 16, 2010
Oct 06, 2010
Rot and Ruin (Benny Imura, #1)
This story is about two brothers, The Imura brothers, Tom the bounty hunter and...more
Jun 18, 2011
Oct 19, 2010
The Night Strangers

Imagine yourself a pilot of a passenger aircraft, a trip you have made hundreds of times something that you become so used to doing. On one occasion...more
Oct 05, 2011
Jul 27, 2011
The Last Werewolf (The Last Werewolf, #1)
He killed his first victim on 14th August, 1842. He was thirty-four years old. He will be two hundred and one in March.
A word of warning you are about...more
Apr 03, 2012
Jul 12, 2011
Southern Gods
There is a music that once heard has an effect upon the listener and also there are books out there filled with pages that once glanced at have an eff...more
Apr 04, 2012
Aug 22, 2011
The Night Eternal (The Strain Trilogy, #3)
A great cataclysmic finale to a story of biblical proportions, a story thats unearths a history as old as mankind.
A father and a son separated across...more
Oct 19, 2011
Jul 11, 2011
The Humans
Read my Interview with this author @ he chats on writing,his life,and an adaptation.

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May 08, 2013
May 08, 2013
The Christmas Spirits
George our main protagonist, is a despised man a Scrooge of the Commodities business.
He is to learn some real lessons in life, he will encounter a jou
Dec 2011
Nov 30, 2011
I Am Legend and Other Stories
When i read this i was not on goodreads so a review now would not do justice, so this is up for a re-read. Matheson is such a good writer and this ta...more
not set
May 08, 2010
Talulla Rising (The Last Werewolf, #2)
In the authors first werewolf novel 'The Last Werewolf' I liked the way he put you in P.O.V mode of the character and the memoir way we learned of the...more
Apr 06, 2012
Apr 03, 2012
City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1)
City of Bones has a lot going on inside the story. The cover for a start is bit over the top makes out to be more romantic than it is. I might be one...more
May 09, 2011
Mar 14, 2011
The Bone Tree
This was a pleasant surprise of a story. The Bone Tree is a insidious presence in a cemetery, which is not the only horrors in this story. What made i...more
Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012
I Travel by Night

Let a talented storyteller take you by the hand into the darkness, into the world of the Dark Society,
A world where a man travels by the night, he bec...more
Apr 17, 2013
Apr 16, 2013
Wolves Dressed as Men
Good stuff a short sharp and deadly story. Hunter and hunted, hunter is the tracker and hunted is the wolfman. Written in flowing visceral pace a joy...more
May 20, 2011
Apr 22, 2011
The Vampire Lestat (The Vampire Chronicles, #2)
This story was told by the same guy who had read the audiobook for The Gunslinger by Stephen King. It was a really good narration he really puts you i...more
Oct 14, 2011
May 20, 2010
The Cross (Vampire Federation, #2)
The Ubervampyr want world domination and no peace pact with humans. They are creating a new breed of monster. The Vampire federation have a set of rul...more
Oct 14, 2011
Oct 05, 2011
Fevre Dream
Great atmospheric story set in the period of 1857 during slave era, setting is great on-board a grand steamship with a few vampires mixed in to boot,...more
not set
May 08, 2010
The Pack
If you happen to notice anyone become suddenly very active a fast runner and have a large appetite and delicacy for meat not well done you would not t...more
Apr 24, 2012
Apr 21, 2012
We Have Always Lived in the Castle
This story is not scary or thrilling and I felt slight let down due to so many high ratings. Just did not hold my interest and it is more of a straigh...more
May 17, 2011
Aug 10, 2010
Malfi immerses you in a cold surroundings, with a person with strange abilities. A group of men on a fishing boat at sea spot a young stranded naked g...more
Feb 15, 2012
Feb 12, 2012
Isolation: Stories
This was a really good collection of stories. You will find in these pages crimes, terrors, horrors and the bizarre. He has covered many types of stor...more
Apr 26, 2012
Apr 07, 2012
Lords of Twilight
A man in a dilemma of sorts divorced and missing his wife. His only real companion at present is a man best friend a puppy. It's fine company animals...more
Feb 15, 2012
Jan 21, 2012
They Thirst
Robert McCammon has set the stage, L.A is the setting, vampires are the dark element in this story. His vampires are not that of a teen romance urban...more
Nov 10, 2012
May 09, 2010
Let the Right One In
The story started of really good and promising but by midway nothing really starts to happen great and story goes flat and writing mediocre, oh well y...more
Jan 29, 2011
May 09, 2010
Relic (Pendergast #1)
not set
May 20, 2010
Bloodfever (Fever, #2)
not set
Jan 30, 2011
Faefever (Fever, #3)
not set
Jan 30, 2011
Shadowfever (Fever, #5)
not set
Jan 30, 2011
The Dead-Tossed Waves (The Forest of Hands and Teeth, #2)
not set
Feb 15, 2011
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