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A Mango-Shaped Space
I haven't read this, but the synopses actually put me off of it. As someone with synesthesia, I don't see how anyone could think they need to go to a...more
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Aug 23, 2012
Then They Came for Me: A Family's Story of Love, Captivity, and Survival
This was a great and important book, as well as a great read. It should be mandatory reading for all Americans. It's disturbing to know how much Irani...more
Oct 10, 2011
Jul 11, 2011
A Girl of the Limberlost (Limberlost, #2)
This is now one of my top favorite books of all time. It sucked me deep into another time and place, which was lovely, comforting, beautiful, and fant...more
Oct 03, 2010
Sep 17, 2010
The Brothers Karamazov
How can a person really write a review of this book? It is wholly amazing; it is the undisputed and eternal king of my favorite books, my most favorit...more
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Jul 18, 2011
Sky of Red Poppies
The last book to break my heart this much was Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset. But I shouldn't say "this much," since this one actually broke m...more
Jan 19, 2012
Oct 12, 2010
I started to read this, for less than half an hour, and was instantly just impossibly, horribly depressed. It's well written and compelling, if you wa...more
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Jul 10, 2014
I had to read this in separated segments, preferably only during mornings, because it worked like a horror movie on me. It made me afraid to be alone,...more
Mar 23, 2011
Mar 23, 2011
The Land of Painted Caves (Earth's Children, #6)
I tried this out in audio-- having read most of Clan of the Cave Bear and examined Auel's other books, I sensed that these stories would be best commu...more
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Jul 02, 2011
The Searchers
This book beautifully evoked place and time. However, I didn't read too far into because... well, I can't say for sure, exactly. I think I could just...more
Feb 16, 2012
Feb 14, 2012
Playing Evelyn
Is this really not in print at all? It was quite un-put-down-able, which was infuriating since it's on the computer. A print reader like me forced- fo...more
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Oct 31, 2013
This was a really good book--not great literature, but not every book needs to be. As soon as I read the synopsis and reviews, I had a sneaking suspic...more
Jan 20, 2012
Jan 17, 2012
Carnet de Voyage
I really loved this book. However, I still have critiques, so they must be of reality rather than the book, since it's REAL. So, while reading, I just...more
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Nov 03, 2012
The Witch of the Palo Duro
I really enjoyed this book. Somehow the writing style brought me into the story and made it real. So much so that though this book ended up on my back...more
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Nov 12, 2011
Boneshaker (The Clockwork Century, #1)
I stopped reading this at the last word of chapter 6. Really, it was competition that was responsible for that. I started reading True Grit by Charles...more
Feb 16, 2012
Feb 11, 2012
White Sands, Red Menace (Green Glass #2)
It's rare for a sequel to be just as good or better than the first book, especially when the first book commands loyalty by readers through characters...more
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Feb 18, 2014
The Native Star (Veneficas Americana, #1)
This was just kind of a rag. I waded in a good distance, wishing and hoping (and hoping and wishing) that it would become good, since it had potential...more
Jun 22, 2012
Jun 15, 2012
Lips Touch: Three Times
Another fantastically great work by Laini Taylor. At first, I was super disappointed to find out after the first story that it was a collection of sho...more
Dec 17, 2011
Dec 09, 2011
The House Girl
Sat and read several chapters of this in a book store, having greatly enjoyed the writing seen in Goodreads' excerpt, but... it turns out I only liked...more
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Feb 13, 2013
Chroniques de Jérusalem
I'm a big fan of graphic novels, and it's rare to find one I don't like. But I didn't like this one. Here are my beeves with it: A. You can't just mak...more
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Dec 14, 2012
Moominpappa at Sea (The Moomins, #8)
Well, this book stands out in the Moomin series-- it's a parable for depression. I've been reading Jansson's works to cheer myself, but this one put m...more
Jul 05, 2013
Jun 26, 2013
Ablutions: Notes for a Novel
Patrick deWitt is possibly the author I most admire in our time. His writing is extraordinary. Because of this, I got through this just for the durati...more
Jan 11, 2013
Jan 02, 2013
True Grit
This was simply a great book, and I loved it. Every bit of it was well-executed. The characters were vivid, the story straightforward and realistic ye...more
Feb 20, 2012
Feb 11, 2012
Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1)
This is an unbelievably wonderful book. I love every bit of it: the characters' quirky and exceptionally interesting yet totally realistic dialogue la...more
Nov 28, 2011
Nov 18, 2011
I liked this book. It was gorgeous and engaging and profound like most of these great adult graphic novels are. The only thing was I didn't connect wi...more
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Dec 08, 2012
Beirut Blues
So, I read the Locust and the Bird by this author and was blown away. I had to try everything else she'd written. Unfortunately, it turns out everythi...more
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Mar 03, 2012
I never expected to read this whole rather hefty tome from cover to cover in one sitting of a few thirst-ignoring, significant-other-neglecting, sleep...more
Nov 03, 2012
Oct 20, 2012
Rogelia's House of Magic
This book makes me realize that most books that are written set out to try to be great, but aren't. This one does not try to be great--but it is. Sure...more
Jan 02, 2013
Dec 20, 2012
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
I wanted to read this because I loved The Sisters Brothers and True Grit, and this one is often recommended in the company of those works-- I didn't k...more
Feb 28, 2012
Feb 14, 2012
Coyote Waits (Navajo Mysteries, #10)
I really loved this book. I've read and attempted a couple other Hillermans up to this point (liked The Dark Wind; couldn't get into a couple others)-...more
Nov 12, 2011
Nov 05, 2011
The Wanderer
Didn't hook me--but then again, I'm an adult now. Walk Two Moons was my most favorite book for much of my early adolescence, and still when I read it...more
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Jul 05, 2011
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