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Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail
I like all the complaining about the author's poor life choices. I would definitely like to read a memoir by someone who never made any mistakes, neve ...more
Nov 30, 2013
Oct 16, 2013
Management of Organizational Behavior: Utilizing Human Resources
I read a 650-page book about management theory in 10 days, and I think I liked it. I contain multitudes.
Jul 13, 2013
Jul 13, 2013
Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge
3.75 stars.

Pretty gossipy (although missing some episodes!) oral history of the grunge movement, about which I care very little. I'm certain I would h
Dec 11, 2013
Dec 06, 2013
Loved it, and Fey reads the audiobook herself and I got really resentful of any time NOT spent listening to it. Smart and hilarious.

(That said, if I'd
Oct 09, 2014
Oct 08, 2014
Three Uses of the Knife: On the Nature and Purpose of Drama
It's possible I hated this book because it wasn't what I was expecting it to be, and that if I had picked it up wanting to read about Mamet's cynicism ...more
Dec 18, 2008
Dec 22, 2008
Monsters: The 1985 Chicago Bears and the Wild Heart of Football
I meant to pick this up and flip through it and decide if I wanted to read it later, but then I didn't put it down. In 1985, I lived in the northern s ...more
Jan 26, 2015
Jan 26, 2015
Zarina: Paper Like Skin
I'm going to buy a coffee table just so I can put this book on it. I stumbled across the exhibition itself (also called 'Paper Like Skin') on my semi- ...more
Jul 04, 2013
Jun 30, 2013
12 Days on the Road: The Sex Pistols and America
In January of 1978, the Sex Pistols went on a 12-day tour of the States. The last show was at the Winterland, in San Francisco; the band broke up that ...more
Jul 08, 2011
Jun 26, 2011
On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock
So, I didn't actually mean to read this book last night, because I started it at midnight, but then I didn't put it down until I was finished. It's ba ...more
Oct 29, 2009
Oct 15, 2009
Scar Tissue
I got bored with this about 75 percent of the way through, but powered through for mysterious reasons. It just seemed to be the same stories about the ...more
Jun 21, 2011
Jun 17, 2011
Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge
(disclaimer: I know the author, sort of. We're not in touch anymore, but he once got me into an American Cheese Society show for reasons since lost to ...more
Sep 05, 2011
Aug 07, 2011
Emotion: The Science of Sentiment
pretty impossible to rate. Probably I should stop reading intro books for things I already know about, although I didn't realize that all the source m ...more
Apr 29, 2013
Apr 28, 2013
The Game
I don't read a lot of sports books, because I have this idea in my head (one I admit is probably incorrect) that they're mostly bullshit, just pieces ...more
Apr 05, 2010
Apr 06, 2010
Get in the Van: On the Road With Black Flag
There is a reason most of us do not publish the diaries we keep when we are teenies, and that reason is paragraph after paragraph about how the world ...more
Oct 26, 2010
Oct 27, 2010
Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk
I love this book. The end.
Nov 18, 2010
Oct 21, 2010
Men of Tomorrow: Geeks, Gangsters, and the Birth of the Comic Book
More like 4.5, but I'm in a good mood today and rounding up. This is basically the nonfiction version of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay ...more
Jul 04, 2013
May 05, 2012
Underboss: Sammy the Bull Gravano's Story of Life in the Mafia
I wanted to read something light and trashy after finishing the most recent Tana French, but it seems I am out of werelion books so I went with a mob ...more
Jan 21, 2015
Jan 17, 2015
Live from New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live
So there's this book about Shakespeare and pop culture that I have been skimming for a few years now, and early on it talks about some outdoor store h ...more
Nov 05, 2013
Nov 03, 2013
Cartographies of Time: A History of the Timeline
This is a very pretty book (although many of the illustrations could have been bigger), and it's sometimes an interesting and well-written one (assumi ...more
Dec 06, 2013
Nov 26, 2012
Calling the Shots: Memoirs of an NHL Referee
You know how sometimes there's a rickety table set up at the grocery store that's covered in terrible books from the 80s that no one wants? Maybe they ...more
Dec 14, 2013
Apr 17, 2011
The Possessed: Adventures With Russian Books and the People Who Read Them
"A straightforward relationship with the factual truth was never one of Babel's top priorities," the author says, and she might as well have been talk ...more
Sep 22, 2013
Feb 10, 2013
Divorced from the Mob: My Journey from Organized Crime to Independent Woman
The thick NY accents in the audiobook held a lot of fascination for me, and the story, it's okay. She and her family are mob-adjacent and ...more
Dec 31, 2014
Dec 29, 2014
Difficult Men: Behind the Scenes of a Creative Revolution: From The Sopranos and The Wire to Mad Men and Breaking Bad
Focused more on behind-the-scenes making-of stories and larger-than-life personalities than Sepinwall's book was; Martin is a reporter, not a critic, ...more
Dec 26, 2014
Jun 29, 2013
The Heroin Diaries: A Year In The Life Of A Shattered Rock Star
These are the published diaries of Mötley Crüe bassist/mastermind Nikki Sixx, written in 1987 during the recording and tour for their "Girls, Girls, G ...more
Jun 26, 2011
Mar 20, 2011
Iggy Pop: Open Up and Bleed
I may try to read this again, when I am feeling a little more tolerant, but the first time I tried, I could barely make it through the first few chapt ...more
not set
Jan 06, 2011
The Island of Lost Maps: A True Story of Cartographic Crime
I should have paid more attention to the fact I was getting an advance copy of this, because it did not have any actual maps in it and that made me re ...more
Jul 31, 2013
Dec 11, 2012
U2 at the End of the World
This book had some stylistic tics that bothered me, but I basically didn't put it down until I was finished. Crazy rock stars on surreal world tours F ...more
Jan 05, 2010
Jan 06, 2010
Punk Shui: Home Design for Anarchists
VERY hit-or-miss. The first few chapters were about, I don't know, like fighting the power, man, and thinking outside the box. As for the design tips, ...more
Dec 30, 2012
Dec 30, 2012
The Annotated Godfather
3.5 stars. Exactly what it says on the tin. interesting and fun to read along while watching the movie, if a bit basic. What I really want is Coppola' ...more
Dec 28, 2014
Dec 28, 2014
Family Secrets: The Case That Crippled the Chicago Mob
it takes a writer and storyteller of considerable skill to write about one of these cases -- very complicated, involving tons of people and conspiraci ...more
Dec 31, 2014
Dec 29, 2014
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