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MacRieve (Immortals After Dark, #13)
3.5 stars

EDIT: I reduce the stars, because... Dark Skye (Immortals After Dark #14) by Kresley Cole is FULL OF AWESOME and kinda antithesis with MacRieve. Sorry Chloe! (But no sorry for you Will! Heh :P)
Jul 26, 2014
Jul 10, 2012
Lord of the Vampires (Royal House of Shadows, #1)
e-ARC provided by

Edited rating : 3,5 stars

The first book of Royal House of Shadows series. The story about the crown prince of Elden, N
Jul 08, 2011
Mar 07, 2011
The Winter King (Weathermages of Mystral, #1)
3,5 stars


C.L.Wilson is not a new writer to me. I really love her Tairen Soul series (even just read 2 of her books) because the book take fan
Dec 18, 2014
Jul 02, 2013
Tangled (Tangled, #1)
3,5 stars

My review also posted there:

Ren's Little Corner

“See, Drew, there are three kinds of males in this world: boys, guys,and men. Boys—like Billy—never grow up, nev
May 22, 2014
May 21, 2014
Rock Courtship (Rock Kiss, #1.5)
3.5 stars

Way, waaay better than the predecessor, Rock Addiction! This is Nalini Singh that I'm familiar with :D. Yeah, there are some cliches too, but
Sep 29, 2014
Sep 10, 2014
Avenger's Angel (The Lost Angels, #1)
3 stars
e-ARC provided by netgalley and PENGUIN GROUP USA

Contain some spoilers.

I will not tell about the story just want to explain why I give this bo
Oct 17, 2011
Jun 17, 2011
Wishes and Sorrows (Myth and Magic)
3,5 stars

I never think at the first place that Wishes and Sorrow is an anthology, because when I request this one, I strucked by the haunting, eerie y
Nov 27, 2014
Nov 26, 2014
The Naked Traveler 2
Kasih 3,5 bintang aja, karena ternyata emang bener masih bagusan yang pertama.

Gaya cerita Mbak Trinity yang nama aslinya entah siapa ini (lah), tetep
Jan 14, 2012
Jan 11, 2012
How to Drive a Dragon Crazy (Dragon Kin, #6)
3,5 stars

The first book I read in 2015, also the first paperback I finally read after reading so many e-book last year. One book at a time to conquer
Jan 02, 2015
Nov 22, 2012
Skin on Skin

can't remember when I read this, but, HOLY SMOKIN HAWT COVER!!!
Jan 2011
Aug 14, 2010
The Darkest Night 1 - Lords of the Underworld 1
I had review the manga adaption of The Darkest Prison - Lords of the Underworld 3.5 (Harlequin comics) by Earithen and The Darkest Passion (Harlequin comics) by Earithen..and now , we back to the first book of LOTU, The Darkest Night. A little foreword, I read LOTU back at 201 ...more
Dec 21, 2014
Dec 21, 2014
The Darkest Prison - Lords of the Underworld 3.5

I already know about manga adaption from one of my favorite series (long time ago to be exact. Not quite sure for now), Lords of the Underworld b
Dec 20, 2014
Dec 21, 2014
The Darkest Passion - Lords of the Underworld 5
Still on binge reading for manga adaption of Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter. After reading The Darkest Prison - Lords of the Underworld 3.5 (Harlequin comics) by Earithen, I didn't hesitate to purchase The Dark ...more
Dec 20, 2014
Dec 21, 2014
Recipe for Love
3,5 stars

Murder, food, chefs, humor, suspense, competition, celebrity, gossips, Southern Charms, witty heroine, alphahole but adorkable hero and love.
Nov 23, 2014
Nov 02, 2014
When Darkness Comes - Sang Pelindung
"Jangan berdebat dengan vampir. Kami selalu benar"

Setelah dibaca lagi, keknya 4 Bintang aja udah cukup, hahahahaha ^^

Abby Barlow, awalny
Aug 03, 2010
May 18, 2010
Sex and the Single Vamp (Entangled Covet)
3,5 stars

Sex and the Single Vamp have an interesting premise, also same title with another popular vampire novel, but I will set it aside. This is als
Mar 23, 2014
Mar 22, 2014
Healing Her Heart (Stanton Family, #3)
3,5 stars

Healing Her Heart is the start of what I assume a new series by Audra North, called Stanton Family. This is also the first time I try her boo
May 23, 2014
May 22, 2014
The Shadow Wolf (Draicon Werewolves, #9)
3,5 stars
I want to round it to 4 stars, but a few last chapters have too fast pace and feel a little bit forced.

Megan Moraine always running for enti
Aug 19, 2011
Jun 07, 2011
Black Rook (Cornerstone Run Trilogy, #1)
3,5 stars

Kelly Meade is not a new voice in literature word, since it's another pen name of Kelly Meding, the author of Dreg City series and MetaWars.
Jul 19, 2014
Jun 25, 2014
Chester 5000 XYV
Sooo.... last night I stumble upon my Facebook and see Zoe Archer (one of my favorite author) share the link of Jessica Fink's website. With "NSFW" wo ...more
Mar 30, 2013
Mar 30, 2013
The Spook's Apprentice (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #1)
Makasih banyak buat bu dokter AS Dewi yang bersedia meminjamkan semua buku Spooknya padaku <3. BTW, buku ini juga yang pertama aku baca dari semua ...more
Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013
Centurion's Honor (Imperial Desires, #1)
The first book of Imperial Desire

3, 5 stars

I'm surprised to know even this book considered as erotica, the story is good. Its tell about how 3 peopl
Jul 28, 2011
Jul 27, 2011
Victoria dan Sang Earl (Victoria and the Rogue)
Abis baca Kisah Di Balik Layar (She Went All The Way) - Boys #4 by Meg Cabot, akhirnya jadi tertarik sama buku2nya Meg Cabot, dan kemaren dapat pinjaman Novel Meg Cabot banyak banget, hahah :D

Udah lama ga baca HR, d
Jan 07, 2011
Jan 07, 2011
Avalon High - SMA Avalon
Karena kemaren dapet pinjaman Meg Cabot banyak, dan ni termasuk teenlit, jadi termasuk bacaan ringan untuk weekend, jadi baca yang ini dulu :)..

Jan 08, 2011
Jan 07, 2011
The Fifth Victim (Keajaiban Cinta)
3 1/2 bintang untuk buku Beverly Barton kedua yang Qbaca :D
Melihat ceritanya mirip2 Dream Man, hanya ini lebih serius dan humornya nyaris ga ada :/

Sep 06, 2010
Sep 02, 2010
Duo Hippo Dinamis : Tersesat di Byzantium
Review di blog (plus gambar - gambar lansekap di Capadoccia) : Ren's Little Corner

With thanks to Diah Didi who so kindly to lend this graphic novel t
Sep 02, 2012
Sep 02, 2012
The Night Is Mine (The Night Stalkers, #1)
3.5 stars

This is the first time I'm reading romance book written by man (yep, M.L. Buchman is a man). I will said The Night is Mine more like military
Jan 08, 2013
Jan 04, 2013
This Same Earth (Elemental Mysteries, #2)
3,5 stars

Note: Contain minor spoilers

So, on my vacation, I have a marathon read and the Elemental Mysteries series by Elizabeth Hunter become my "vict
Aug 02, 2014
Jul 31, 2014
Secrets of a Summer Night (Wallflowers, #1)
London, 1843

Annabele Peyton had been a wallflowers, the girl that always near wall, never get invited from men for dance or meeting. Even though she i
May 18, 2010
May 11, 2010
Strange Fates (Nyx Fortuna, #1)
3,5 stars

Nyx Fortuna is the son of the Fourth Fates, Lady Fortuna. But her aunts, the Fates Nona, Decima and Morta killed her, and had been hunted Nix
Feb 21, 2013
Feb 07, 2013
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