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Speak, Memory
Disgusting that a somebody could be such an amazing writer. (And this is a person born in Russia, writing in English!) The word "genius" seems to come ...more
Oct 2007
Sep 18, 2007
Passage To Juneau: A Sea And Its Meanings
This is a book that is staying with me. I finished it a bit over a week ago, and despite having read some others in between, this books keep pulling m ...more
Jul 22, 2011
Jul 04, 2011
A good basic background on Indian history, society, religion, politics, etc. Not just history.

Does not get bogged down in details, but still provides
Nov 2007
Oct 29, 2007
The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World
Had some interesting moments.

Yet, I'll start with what I did not like:
Weiner's approach is not very organized or scientific. He seemed to be wanderin
May 04, 2010
Apr 28, 2009
On Paris
This is a bunch of newspaper articles that Hemingway wrote for the Toronto Star in 1922 & 1923.

From that standpoint, it is very limited in scope.
Jul 25, 2011
Jul 28, 2011
Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman
This book focused heavily on the science. Having read Feynman's "Surely You're Joking" and "What Do You Care What Other People Think?", I was expectin ...more
Mar 04, 2012
Mar 06, 2012
Who Moved My Cheese?
**spoiler alert** This might be the worst book I have ever read.

The lesson as I understood it: if something changes, don't bother to try to understan
Apr 28, 2001
Apr 28, 2009
In Praise of Shadows
A long essay, written in 1933. At times interesting, at other times if feels quite dated. There is no real expertise here, rather an author offering h ...more
May 2009
May 04, 2009
A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)
Interesting, but this is just the START of the story. There's not much closure to be found here in terms of the storyline.

Some of the descriptions and
Jul 06, 2010
Jun 29, 2010
The Discovery of Heaven
730 pages of time that I will never have back.

Not only was the book pretentious, it was also poorly written. Perhaps the translation is to blame, as I
Jul 2006
Oct 05, 2007
World Without End (The Pillars of the Earth, #2)
Repetitive. This felt like the same book as his previous (Pillars of the Earth) in terms of plot & characters.
Dec 18, 2011
Dec 21, 2011
Looks like you have to live in either Brooklyn or SF to read & dislike this book. Oops.
Jun 20, 2010
Jun 17, 2010
All Day Permanent Red: The First Battle Scenes of Homer's Iliad Rewritten
At less than 40 pages, this is so short that you could miss it. Still it has moments, and is insane - but in that nice way.

Although this book is about
Mar 02, 2008
Mar 03, 2008
Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear
This book is called "the science and politics of fear", and it is really divided up into two distinct sections: one on the science of fear/risk and th ...more
Apr 07, 2009
Mar 25, 2009
A Brief History of Venice
Quick read & concise. However, there were a number of errors, typos, and just dumb statements. After a while it really started to detract from the ...more
Jan 02, 2013
May 02, 2011
The Unquiet Grave: A Word Cycle by Palinurus
Some interesting moments, but I had no idea WHY he was saying the overwhelming majority of what he wrote. If you are looking for anything with even a ...more
Jul 26, 2009
Feb 17, 2009
An Iliad
As far as an Iliad goes, this is a quick read.

2 star rating? Not that I disliked the book, I just didn't LIKE it either. Perhaps a translation of an i
Feb 26, 2008
Feb 26, 2008
God's Crucible: Islam and the Making of Europe, 570-1215
Good brief overview of a time period that I don't have much familiarity with (570-1215). Linked the end of the Roman Empire with the early Middle Ages ...more
Feb 10, 2008
Jan 08, 2008
Tropic of Cancer
Intense book.

Not the most linear in terms of plot, in fact if there is a plot here I'd be hard pressed to say just what it is.

Interesting to read Mil
Sep 15, 2008
Sep 12, 2007
The Quiet American
Holy crap this book was great! Written in 1955 no less. Prescient regarding the US's role in Vietnam, and an engaging story as well.
Oct 07, 2009
Mar 27, 2009
The Elegance of the Hedgehog
I found the first 100 pages or so of this book boring, pretentious, and immature.

However, the story picked up afterwards.
Oct 14, 2009
Aug 19, 2009
A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)
Pretty much a soap opera at this point. A couple of events, but not enough content and story to justify the 1000 pages.
Nov 11, 2011
Jul 15, 2011
The Cloudspotter's Guide
Interesting, but I may have been more blissful in my ignorance...just looking at the clouds.
Mar 2007
Jan 08, 2008
Paris: The Biography of a City
Poor organization.
not set
Sep 12, 2007
The Children of Húrin (Middle-Earth Universe)
August 2007
not set
Sep 12, 2007
Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi
Nov 02, 2009
Oct 28, 2009
Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Man, the Image and the World
not set
Jan 22, 2009
The Future of Nostalgia
Jun 16, 2008
Oct 04, 2007
The Devil & The Good Lord
not set
Sep 05, 2007
A Special Providence
not set
Sep 13, 2007
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