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Mein Kampf
The author of this book is certainly one of the five or ten biggest nutjobs in the history of the world. Complete raving lunatic. No one should ever l ...more
not set
Jul 26, 2012
Attack on Titan, Vol. 7 (Attack on Titan, #7)
Casualties: Excessive
Victories: None
Number of Times I Wanted to Smack Eren: 2
Number of Times I Questioned My Sexuality While Looking at Levi: 12
Wait U
Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013
The Imperial Cruise: A Secret History of Empire and War
Just came across this gem:

"In 1844, America elected James Polk to the presidency. At the time of his election, the United States was a small country w
Nov 17, 2010
Oct 21, 2010
Brianna on the Brink
For a story that sounds like it should be taking a stand against slut-shaming, this book comes down pretty hard on the side of stuffy bourgeois morali ...more
Jun 13, 2013
Jun 12, 2013
Slimed!: An Oral History of Nickelodeon's Golden Age
EDIT: Okay, I am retroactively deducting a star from this book for the author being an ass-hat of Biblical proportions. Seems the guy gave an intervie ...more
Nov 09, 2013
Nov 04, 2013
The Godfather
"The book is always better than the movie" is one of those truisms that people repeat uncritically. But anyone who's widely read knows that's not true ...more
not set
Mar 05, 2010
The Storm of War: A New History of the Second World War
Someday, someone will write a great one volume history of the Second World War. But it won't be Andrew Roberts.

The book is all right when it comes to
Apr 05, 2012
Apr 04, 2012
The Cave and the Light; Plato Versus Aristotle, and the Struggle for the Soul of Western Civilization
This is pop-history at its worst -- a broad, sweeping thesis that simplifies everything too much while relying on historical myths any time the author ...more
Dec 23, 2013
Dec 16, 2013
Stupid History: Tales of Stupidity, Strangeness, and Mythconceptions Throughout the Ages
The title doesn't lie. This is a book of stupid, easily disproven trivia, often with an absurd Amerocentric or Eurocentric slant. Among the highlights ...more
not set
Dec 06, 2010
Time Travelers Never Die
Time Travelers Never Die is about a science fiction writer named Jack McDevitt who's read a bunch of historical biographies and decides to write a nov ...more
May 27, 2010
May 26, 2010
Downbelow Station (The Company Wars, #1)
I don't know why so many science fiction fans find this book off-putting. Sure, it's ultra-dense, and Cherryh prefers to build the world through subtl ...more
Mar 11, 2013
Jun 05, 2012
Durarara!!, Vol. 1 (Durarara!!, #1)
Okay, people, let's get this straight. This is urban fantasy.

This is fantasy for white suburbanites who lock their car doors if they have to drive thr
Jul 22, 2015
Dec 07, 2011
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 1 (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Renewal Editions, #1)
Most of you probably remember Sailor Moon as a rather silly cartoon series from the mid-90s. And you're probably looking at me wondering, "Why is he r ...more
Mar 19, 2014
Sep 26, 2011
Bridge of Birds: A Novel of an Ancient China That Never Was (The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox, #1)
For years people have been telling me how great this book is, and I can only conclude that they read it when it first came out in the '80s and forgot ...more
Feb 25, 2013
Feb 13, 2013
Mishima: A Biography
Imagine: In 1970 Norman Mailer, fed up with hippies and the wimpification of America, leads his personal militia into a National Guard outpost in Wash ...more
Jun 11, 2012
Jan 10, 2012
The Midwich Cuckoos
Oh, dear me! Something strange has happened to the village of Midwich. Some mysterious force has shrouded the town and rendered all therein unconsciou ...more
Jun 20, 2012
Jun 19, 2012
Rocket Men: The Epic Story of the First Men on the Moon
Rocket Men is a rather preposterous novel about the United States sending a space craft to the moon in 1969. The story begins with the rocket on the l ...more
Jul 2009
Mar 05, 2010
These Are The Voyages: TOS Season One (These Are the Voyages, #1)
This is certainly a monumental piece of research, the first truly comprehensive history of the original Star Trek since Whitfield's The Making Of Star ...more
Sep 25, 2013
Aug 26, 2013
Alien: The Official Movie Novelization
If you ever want to see how much movie novelizations have changed in the last forty years, you can't go wrong with Alan Dean Foster's work. Pick up hi ...more
Jan 07, 2015
Jan 04, 2015
City of Dragons
Kelli Stanley tries very hard to make City of Dragons a hardboiled mystery in the tradition of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. The problem is, ...more
May 31, 2010
May 01, 2010
Sankarea 1: Undying Love
I really wonder what the good folk at Kondansha USA were thinking when they came up with the cover to this. I mean, here's the original Japanese cover ...more
Jun 17, 2013
Jun 17, 2013
Page 15: Nifty premise, but math doesn't work like that.

Page 100: Okay, now this is getting creepy.

Page 150: Ah, finally interesting stuff is happenin
Jul 18, 2012
Jul 02, 2012
Towers of Midnight (Wheel of Time #13)
Why do I abuse myself like this? After giving up this damned series after book eight or nine, I stupidly decided to give it another shot now that ther ...more
Mar 02, 2011
Mar 02, 2011
The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (Haruhi Suzumiya, #4)
The story so far: On the surface Haruhi Suzumiya seems to be an ordinary if hyperactive Japanese schoolgirl, but in reality she is a being of immense ...more
Jun 2011
Jun 05, 2011
空ろの箱と零のマリア 1 [Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria 1]
You know what's amazing? It's only been 18 years since the film Groundhog's Day popularized the infinite time-loop story [1]. Less than two decades, b ...more
May 13, 2015
Jun 29, 2011
ソードアート・オンライン4: フェアリィ・ダンス (Sword Art Online Light Novel, #4)
On the whole this is a fun fast paced read, but it suffers from the same problem as the previous volume -- Asuna is reduced to the status of Princess ...more
Jul 30, 2012
Jul 25, 2012
Opera Vita Aeterna
How did this hackwork get in my Hugo Awards packet? (Okay, I know exactly how it ended up in my Hugo packet. I'm being rhetorical here.)

This isn't esp
Jun 09, 2014
Jun 09, 2014
The Shocks of Adversity
I really wish Paramount would hire some of the Trek novel writers for the next movie instead of the idiots who gave us red matter and white Khan. In t ...more
Jul 15, 2013
Jul 15, 2013
The Limit, 1
Survival-horror has been part of the manga landscape since at least Kazuo Umezu's The Drifting Classroom, but there's no doubt that it received a huge ...more
Oct 15, 2012
Oct 14, 2012
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Haruhi Suzumiya, #1)
The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is about a 14 year old Japanese schoolgirl.

(Well, there's a surprise. When was the last time you came across a light
May 23, 2011
May 18, 2011
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