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Wolf Dawn (Forsaken Worlds, #1)
First I'd like to thank the wonderful author, Susan, for introducing me to her book. I'm truly glad she did. I was afraid I'd have to tell her some ha...more
Apr 03, 2012
Mar 27, 2012
City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments, #3)


I love these books, but I felt so wrong for wanting a brother and sister to hook up. I knew they either had to die or find...more
Apr 03, 2012
Apr 05, 2012
Visions of Sugar Plums (Stephanie Plum, #8.5)
I loved this book, but mostly because I didn't expect it to play into the later novels. As and "in-between" book I completely expected it to be someth...more
May 31, 2012
Jun 01, 2012
All These Things I've Done (Birthright, #1)
I'm somewhere between loving this and only liking it. I will say I was angry when I first finished it. I had thought it was a standalone novel and the...more
Feb 23, 2014
Feb 23, 2014
The Juice Fasting Bible: Discover the Power of an All-Juice Diet to Restore Good Health, Lose Weight and Increase Vitality
I was hoping that a book written by a doctor would contain more facts and less opinion, but Ms. Cabot continually says "this is my opinion and if you...more
Jun 08, 2012
Jun 08, 2012
Wolf Revenge (Forsaken Worlds, #2)
Once again I find that I've rewritten this review several times because all I want to do is gush about the parts I loved, but my review keeps ending u...more
Aug 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012
The Lovely Bones
I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I was afraid it was going to be a shallow story and end up a love story somehow, but when my mentor told me t...more
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Feb 08, 2012
Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success
This is hands down one of the best books I've read on the craft of writing. I love that he not only tells you a good way to try out lining but then sh...more
May 20, 2013
May 20, 2013
Blood Dreams (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit, #10)
I'm not exactly sure what I think about this one. Well, I guess I do know that it would've been nice to have a little page reminding readers where the...more
Dec 16, 2013
Dec 15, 2013
The Fallen Star (Fallen Star, #1)
I'm pretty torn by this book. As a lot of people have said it has similarities to Twilight when it comes to the love aspect, but a lot of girls feel t...more
Jan 04, 2012
Jan 05, 2012
Body of Evidence (Kay Scarpetta, #2)
The writing is lovely and I love that she used the word tumescent. That being said, I truly dislike how Kay acts around Mark. I realize we all have ol...more
Jan 26, 2014
Jan 26, 2014
Allegiant (Divergent, #3)
**spoiler alert** This review is going to be FULL of spoilers.

I had to give this book only four stars because I literally just finished it and am stil...more
Dec 03, 2013
Dec 04, 2013
I Hunt Killers (Jasper Dent, #1)
I devoured this book. I wasn't sure about Jazz at first. I mean, it doesn't really say anything good that we first meet him spying on the crime scene...more
Mar 02, 2014
Mar 02, 2014
One for the Money (Stephanie Plum, #1)
I think that the book was excellent...and the movie was excellent. Such a shame that they tell two different stories with the same ending.

Oh, and I di...more
May 20, 2012
May 21, 2012
Blood Ties (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit, #12)
It was both predictable and not at the same time. I definitely had my suspicions about who was behind everything at the beginning of the book, but the...more
Dec 28, 2013
Dec 27, 2013
I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies, #1)
Way better than the movie (of course), but not necessarily for the reasons people think. I didn't mind that the movie changed things some, but I did m...more
Jan 26, 2012
Jan 27, 2012
Oracle of Shadows and Light
I love this Oracle. It works for me every time.

I was actually kind of surprised. I kinda bought it simply because I like the artwork and am starting a...more
Dec 27, 2012
Dec 28, 2012
Firelight (Firelight, #1)
The story was interesting but Jacinda was extremely disappointing. She's seems like she should be semi intelligent but I saw several opportunities for...more
Apr 12, 2012
Apr 13, 2012
Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse, #13)
I feel like this wasn't an adequate ending to the series but more like a segue into the next phase of Sookie romance novels. I defintiely wish it had...more
Jul 09, 2013
Jul 09, 2013
A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2)
I'm losing faith in this series. Each book there are less characters I like and more point of views I don't care about. I don't want to write about sp...more
Feb 17, 2013
Feb 12, 2013
I absolutely love that it was a different way of looking at things and that you get some background on the beast and his family. I couldn't help but f...more
Jan 2011
Feb 06, 2012
Finger Lickin' Fifteen (Stephanie Plum #15)
I'm so tired of Morelli. If she's not going to give Ranger a try, have her find someone else. Her building manager doesn't seem like such a bad guy. H...more
Jun 11, 2012
Jun 11, 2012
Sleeping with Fear (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit, #9)
I truly enjoyed this book. Riley Crane is just as stubborn and suspicious as I am. Though I think Bishop and Miranda will always be my favorite...and...more
Dec 14, 2013
Dec 15, 2013
Collected Works Of Edna St. Vincent Millay
I think I've found a new poet. Let me just say, it took a lot to unseat Robert Frost as my number one. He'd been my favorite since I was twelve, but E...more
Apr 08, 2012
Apr 09, 2012
Twelve Sharp (Stephanie Plum, #12)
Finally Ranger starts to seem like a real person. There may actually be a future for Stephanie here.

I don't think Steph can ever really be with Morel...more
Jun 04, 2012
Jun 05, 2012
To the Nines (Stephanie Plum, #9)
It has all the Goofiness of Stephanie Plum that I've come to love. Although I do have to say that I don't necessarily like Morelli, and while I like R...more
May 31, 2012
Jun 01, 2012
Lean Mean Thirteen (Stephanie Plum #13)
Leave Morelli already! Everytime he says "I wish you had a different job" I want to punch him. If she wasn't a bounty hunter they wouldn't be together...more
Jun 05, 2012
Jun 06, 2012
Touching Evil (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit, #4)
The more I read Ms. Hooper's books the more I love them. I may have (accidentally) started at the very end but I truly love that the major connection...more
Apr 16, 2013
Apr 14, 2013
A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)
I haven't quite decided. I do know that I dislike Catelyn Stark as much as I dislike Cersei. And I quite like Tyrion Lannister. So really, I don't kno...more
Feb 09, 2013
Feb 09, 2013
Waterfall (River of Time, #1)
At first I was a little hesitant, but as soon as she fell through the portal in the tomb I was captivated. I couldn't decide if I hated or felt sorry...more
Jan 04, 2012
Jan 05, 2012
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