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Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life
Surprisingly preachy. My prior experiences with mindfulness have been very gentle & accepting but this preached against various food, alcohol, cas ...more
Feb 24, 2014
Feb 24, 2014
After seeing 300 last spring I read Stephen Pressfield's Gates of Fire, and now I'm on the non-fiction version. This is a professional historian's vie ...more
Jan 2008
Jun 05, 2014
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing
Hmmm. I think there are useful things here, but is much of this is really impractical for my life. I'm also v jealous of Japanese closets. And this wo ...more
Jun 23, 2015
Jun 23, 2015
Wonder Woman Unbound: The Curious History of the World's Most Famous Heroine
A history of Wonder Woman's various incarnations, along with the historical context of feminism and comic books. Fascinating.

This is the book the I wa
Jun 10, 2015
Jun 09, 2015
This book was lent to me with the caveat that two of my friends had each read it in single sittings. I wasn't quite that enthralled; I think it took m ...more
Jan 2007
Jun 05, 2014
The Book Thief: The True Crimes of Daniel Spiegelman
This is the story of a man who broke into the Columbia Rare Book and Manuscript Library several times and stole an amazing amount of very precious mat ...more
Jan 2007
Jun 05, 2014
The Secret History of Wonder Woman
This is much more of a biography of the creator of Wonder Woman than it is the story of the comic book itself. For the story of the comic book I recom ...more
Jun 14, 2015
Apr 19, 2015
The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us From Violence
This book was recommended by an instructor in a self defense class. I was pretty skeptical of the first several chapters - the author provides lots of ...more
Jun 02, 2012
May 30, 2012
The Princes in the Tower
Wow. I am just not buying it. Weir seems to rely on contemporaneous sources to the point where she simply accepts rumor as truth, begging the question ...more
Jun 25, 2012
May 28, 2012
The Modern Rules of Order
This set of rules is streamlined for use in business and small organizations, without the complexity of many rules of parliamentary procedure. Roberts ...more
Jan 2007
Jun 05, 2014
Jane Austen: A Life
This is less a biography (which is what I expected, from the title) than biographical meditation on Austen's writings. Her work is examined - briefly ...more
Jan 2007
Jun 05, 2014
Altared: Bridezillas, Bewilderment, Big Love, Breakups, and What Women Really Think About Contemporary Weddings
This is the book I meant to get instead of Nash's Altared States (above). This is a book of essays by various women, describing, in essense, what bein ...more
Jan 2007
Jun 05, 2014
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off: The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting
This is a delightful piece of reading - funny, light, and handily packaged in bite-size chunks. It doesn't need to be read start to finish - just pick ...more
Jan 2007
Jun 05, 2014
The Aztec Heresy (Finn Ryan, #4)
Ok, so I picked this one up from the title & cover while waiting for a prescription to be filled. And was totally disappointed. Either the author ...more
Jan 2008
Jun 05, 2014
In the Night Garden (The Orphan's Tales, #1)
The book is lovely. It's the first in a series, and this volume contains two Tales (with a capital T): a series of interlocking and "nested" stories ...more
Jan 2008
Jun 05, 2014
The Lady in the Tower: The Fall of Anne Boleyn
This was a pretty tedious read. It felt in places like Weir was out to prove a point about her research, rather than her subject. She'd spend pages co ...more
Oct 27, 2013
Oct 16, 2013
Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Life
I was disappointed, as many reviewers have said, that this book focuses so much on the activities of the men surrounding Eleanor, rather than her own ...more
Sep 10, 2011
Aug 30, 2011
The South Beach Diet
I was pretty impressed with the book. It starts with 100 pages of background on nutritional advice in the US and explanation - how a cardiologist came ...more
Jan 2008
Jun 05, 2014
The Introvert and Extrovert in Love: Making It Work When Opposites Attract
This book was almost enough to convince me that I'm not actually an introvert (or "innie" - vs. "outie", as the authors insist on calling them). They ...more
Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012
The Pale Horse
I think this is only the second Christie I've ever read. It's an intriguing set up - two deaths in slightly odd circumstances, a mysterious list of na ...more
Jan 2007
Jun 05, 2014
Altared States: Surving the Engagement
This felt more like reading a series of essays than one book, and it read very quickly. This book chronicles the 14 months leading up to the author's ...more
Jan 2007
Jun 05, 2014
Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings
This was a much faster read for me than Island. I don't know if I really liked it more, or if I'm just in a Moore frame of mind right now. The main ch ...more
Jan 2007
Jun 05, 2014
Blood Feud: The Hatfields and the McCoys: The Epic Story of Murder and Vengeance
This is a fascinating subject, and difficult material. You've got a cast of thousands, many players with similar names, geography unfamiliar to many r ...more
Jul 20, 2013
Jul 20, 2013
Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way
This was weird. It was lent to me along with If Chins Could Kill, Campbell's memoir, and the writing style is very much the same, although this clearl ...more
Jan 2008
Jun 05, 2014
The Introvert's Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World
Definitely the best of the introvert books I've read thus far. It's mostly a personal approach to life as an extrovert, highlighting difficulties and ...more
Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013
When a fully intact frozen mammoth is discovered in Nunavut, Canada, the private interest financing the excavation - a multibillionaire nerd named How ...more
Jan 2007
Jun 05, 2014
Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman
I don't know much about Russian history, but I'm intrigued now. I suspect this is a pretty sympathetic picture of Catherine, but not fawningly so. I t ...more
Aug 05, 2013
Aug 04, 2013
The Devil's Rooming House: The True Story of America's Deadliest Female Serial Killer
I had high hopes for this book, based on the book jacket. How could a book about the murderous inspiration for Arsenic & Old Lace not be fascinati ...more
May 09, 2011
May 08, 2011
Why Jury Duty Matters: A Citizen's Guide to Constitutional Action
Interesting read, geared at the lay person. A nicely interwoven look at the principles & authorities governing jury trials.
Jan 2014
Jul 31, 2013
Bloodsucking Fiends (A Love Story, #1)
A young woman named Jody wakes up after an attack, and it doesn't take her too long to figure out she's been turned into a vampire. As she settles int ...more
Jan 2007
Jun 05, 2014
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