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Stiletto Safari
Zara Hamilton runs into a bit of trouble, rather her boyfriend Nick runs into trouble. Nick is accused of insider trading, and Zara is accused of help...more
Oct 05, 2012
Aug 29, 2012
When Michael Calls
Don't answer the phone because Micheal knows your number.

Helen Connolly's young nephew died in a tragic weather-related accident 16 years ago. She be...more
Dec 13, 2011
Aug 28, 2011
Last Winter We Parted
Would you ever want to write a book about a cold blooded killer?

A young and aspiring Japanese author wants to do just that.

Photographer Yudai Kihara...more
Jul 19, 2014
Jul 18, 2014
The House on the Cliff
Dr. Jessica Mayhew really didn't know what she was getting into when Gwydion Morgan comes in for sessions to cure his phobia.

At the beginning, Gwydio...more
Feb 08, 2014
Jan 29, 2014
Kathleen works at the public library & she hates it.

Say what??! (How anyone could hate working in a library is beyond me.)

She begins to receive t...more
Jan 21, 2012
Feb 26, 2011
Falling for Fortune
Christopher Fortune Jones leaves Horseback Hollow behind and moves to Red Rock.

He then becomes Christopher Fortune.
He wants to make his way in life...more
Jul 15, 2014
Jul 10, 2014
The Bachelor Doctor's Bride
When realtor Diana Connor spots Dr. Quinn Macdowell looking sullen at a dance function, she trots on over. She plays match-maker for Quinn. Not that h...more
Jul 09, 2014
Jul 05, 2014
Loving Natalee
I tell you, this one will break your heart into pieces. Beth continually ran into walls fighting the Aruban government. Her daughter hasn't been found...more
not set
May 27, 2010
Brave Fish: Identity, Love, Faith
This is an autobiography on the life and times of Vincent H. Chough.

It begins in the present, Vincent literally walks you through his life.

He rememb...more
Aug 15, 2012
Feb 08, 2012
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
What can I say about The Hunger Games that hasn't already been said?

It's terrific! Taken.
It's gripping! Taken.
It's controversial! Taken.
It's extre...more
Jul 10, 2012
Sep 13, 2010
Journey to Virginland: Epistle 1
I think the character was supposed to see a dog that talks to him. The dog didn't really exist. He also thought he was a dog.
I don't know what the he...more
not set
Dec 30, 2012
Better Than Chocolate (Life in Icicle Falls, #1)
This is a sweet story about three sisters who inherit the family owned chocolate factory, Sweet Dreams Chocolates, from their grandmother. Through an...more
Apr 27, 2013
Apr 02, 2013
The Haunted: One Family's Nightmare
I read this book years ago.

I've followed this case since I first heard about it many years ago. I really liked the movie. It's frightening & not...more
not set
Jun 11, 2010
Night Chill
Jack moves his family from the big city to a smaller city to escape demons from his past. Little did he know, Demons also dwell in small spaces.

Dec 23, 2013
Nov 01, 2013
The Walking Dead, Vol. 02: Miles Behind Us
**spoiler alert** Ok, I hate/have to be nit-picky about some of things that happened in this book.

This book continues where the last one left off. The...more
Jan 2011
Jan 28, 2011
The Undiscovered Novelist
Jordyn is a novelist, albeit, an undiscovered novelist.
She loves to read. She loves to write.

Jordyn & her mother, Debra have a falling out early...more
Aug 20, 2012
Aug 17, 2012
How to Get Over Your Ex (Valentine's Day Survival Guide duet)
Georgia Stone proposes marriage to her boyfriend of one year LIVE on a radio station. What she doesn't anticipate is him saying NO. (Can you imagine t...more
Dec 03, 2012
Nov 22, 2012
Visiting Hours
This book is also a movie of the same name.

Colt Hawker sees women as objects to kill, to throwaway. Colt hates women. Colt is sick & twisted. He'...more
Dec 2011
Nov 18, 2011
At The Gates of Walhalla
Kurt Sorenson was a U.S border control officer when his wife and son were shot and killed in a blood bath by a retaliating Mexican drug and guns gang....more
Aug 14, 2012
Aug 04, 2012
More Than He Expected
If Alex Stanton is a playboy, then that must mean Gwen Wright is a playgirl because that's they wanted to do. They meet at a friends' wedding, Gwen be...more
Sep 29, 2012
Sep 19, 2012
I received a complimentary copy of (Found) as a member of the
Dorrance Publishing Book Review Team. Visit to learn how you can b...more
Nov 22, 2012
Nov 17, 2012
Ghost Month
It's Ghost Month in Taiwan.

Beginning in August each year, Ghost Month honors deceased ancestors.
Incense and money are burned. People visit shrines a...more
Aug 10, 2014
Jul 19, 2014
Reese and Kenna are best friends.

Reese loves her. Keena loves him.
They are both unaware there is more than friendship between either one of them.

May 31, 2012
May 12, 2012
Fifty Shades of Silver Hair and Socks  (Fifty Shades of Silver #1)
Wow, I was kinda suprised how much I enjoyed this short story, Book one of three, concerning Mormon Silver and Bea Plastique.

I'm also surprised the r...more
Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012
Bevel Down: The Absurd Tragic Memoir of an Okie Meth Head
Todd is a thief and could be a murderer.
Todd is a meth addict. His friends are meth addicts.
They do things meth addicts do.

This is their story.

I wan...more
Jan 28, 2014
Jan 25, 2014
Blackberry Summer (Hope's Crossing #1)
The only terrible thing I can say about this book is that I finished it. :(

It certainly deserves more than 5 stars. What a page turner!

Pick it up, buy...more
Nov 03, 2011
Oct 22, 2011
The Kalispell Run (Endworld, #4)
This one is probably one of my favorites or the most favorite of the ones I've read so far.

Blade runs into trouble.
Geronmio runs into trouble.
Feb 18, 2011
Feb 11, 2011
You Know Your Way Home
**spoiler alert** This is the autobiography of Suzanne Jauchius.

The story begins with Suzanne at a young age. Her mother warns her not to bring home...more
Aug 28, 2012
Jul 31, 2012
Forever Friday: A Novel
At the estate sale of Gabe & Pearl Alexander, Adam Colby finds an album filled with postcards Gabe sent Pearl every Friday for 60 years.

Like anyo...more
Sep 27, 2013
Sep 12, 2013
The Proposal/Solid Soul
This is the second or actually third (since this book were 2 books in 1) book I've read by Brenda Jackson.

First, I'll review The Proposal.
Jun 17, 2012
Jun 01, 2012
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