Flawed Dogs: The Shocking Raid on Westminster
Allow me to set a scene for you, review reader. Picture a comfy couch covered in snuggly blankets where a reader is perched with two miniature dachshu ...more
Jan 2010
Dec 27, 2010
One for the Murphys
I can count on one hand the number of stand-alone books that have reduced me to tears while reading them. This one joined that list this afternoon. Mo ...more
Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013
Rot and Ruin (Benny Imura, #1)
Though written for a YA audience, I think even adult readers can appreciate this coming-of-age tale set during the aftermath of "First Night" (AKA the ...more
Dec 23, 2010
Dec 20, 2010
The Great American Dust Bowl
Excellent non-fiction presentation of a topic that tweens and teens may not be familiar with. Beautifully illustrated and engaging. This would partner ...more
Feb 04, 2014
Feb 04, 2014
The Road of Regret
Having read the first chapter a few weeks ago on the author's blog, I eagerly anticipated getting to see where Detective Leander Justice's story was h ...more
Aug 31, 2013
Sep 02, 2013
The Future of Us
Before I can talk about this book, I have to talk about some connections it instantly made with me.

I graduated from high school in 1994, which means t
Nov 25, 2011
Nov 25, 2011
A Monster Calls
I'm a fan of Mr. Ness's "Chaos Walking" books and I was interested to see what he would write outside of that world. This book is not what it appears ...more
Dec 29, 2011
Dec 29, 2011
This is definitely a book with a lot of potential appeal to reluctant readers. Its portrayal of farm life is something that doesn't come up very often ...more
Mar 09, 2013
Mar 09, 2013
Insurgent (Divergent, #2)
And now I have to wait a year to find out what happens! Crap. I thought that this was a worthy follow-up to Divergent and I probably most enjoyed delv ...more
Jun 09, 2012
Jun 09, 2012
Buffy the Vampire Slayer:  Time of Your Life (Season 8, #4)
One of my favorite television series of all time was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The mix of humor, horror and real human stories grabbed me from the beg ...more
Jun 09, 2011
Jun 10, 2011
Wow. It's difficult to describe exactly how I feel about this book. It took me on a bit of an emotional roller coaster, but I'll bet that it would aff ...more
Feb 12, 2011
Feb 09, 2011
Shelter (Mickey Bolitar, #1)
I don't know if I'm just being grouchy, but I had a bit of trouble deciding whether I was going to give this one 3 or 4 stars on a scale of 5. I actua ...more
Feb 22, 2013
Feb 16, 2013
Sorcerers of the Nightwing (The Ravenscliff, #1)
My gut reaction to this book is that it is a "Harry Potter meets Pennywise the Clown, set at the Dark Shadows house and edited by Darren Shan" spook-f ...more
Jun 11, 2013
Jun 09, 2013
The Dead Boys
It's been a while since I read a good ghost story and this one really hit the mark. It's perfect for a middle school/upper elementary reader who wants ...more
Jan 17, 2011
Jan 12, 2011
A Tale Dark & Grimm (A Tale Dark & Grimm, #1)
Any book that opens with the line, "Once upon a time, fairy tales were awesome" automatically has my attention. Being the type of person who enjoys th ...more
Jan 21, 2011
Jan 17, 2011
Matched (Matched, #1)
This entry into the growing list of YA dystopias that are apparently trying to fill the void left by "The Hunger Games" comes off to me as the genetic ...more
Jan 09, 2011
Jan 08, 2011
I'm going to be honest here. This was NOT the book that I was expecting it to be and I was shocked! I am not much of a sports fan and really was expec ...more
Jan 15, 2013
Feb 21, 2013
The Fourth Stall
I picked this book on a whim while looking at Audible's newest offerings and I was not disappointed! I think that upper elementary and middle school b ...more
Feb 23, 2011
Feb 13, 2011
Divergent (Divergent, #1)
Wow. I can't believe I put off reading this. At least I got to immediately move on to the sequel and will only have to wait for the third book to come ...more
Jun 07, 2012
Sep 30, 2011
A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)
The only thing I have to say is that I hope the next book has a shorter wait than this one did! I really have never read much fantasy (I prefer to wat ...more
Aug 07, 2011
Aug 04, 2011
Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality
I gave this one 4 stars for entertainment value, but I'd like to warn against attempting to give this to anyone who works in the hospitality industry. ...more
Dec 22, 2013
Dec 26, 2013
This book speaks not only to my adult self, but to the sort of middle school girl I would have been if theater had been a part of my life back then. I ...more
Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013
Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet
I read this to my Kindergarten and 1st grade classes today and they loved it! We started out by discussing pets and what pets need their owners to pro ...more
Feb 20, 2013
Feb 20, 2013
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Predators and Prey (Season 8, #5)
I'm so glad that I was able to read this on my iPad through Netgalley. I may need to check out Dark Horse's app now! Unlike the other volumes of Seaso ...more
Jun 09, 2011
Jun 10, 2011
Fire and Ash (Benny Imura, #4)
A slam-bang finale to one of my favorite YA series. I loved the Walking Dead reference (so quick you'll miss it, but very well-done and makes perfect ...more
Aug 25, 2013
Aug 25, 2013
Faith, Hope, and Ivy June
I'll be honest - I wanted to hate this book. I'm originally from Eastern KY and I lived in Lexington for 10 years. Most media portrayals of those plac ...more
Jan 2010
Dec 27, 2010
Okay for Now
I'll be honest - I did not get what all the hype for this book was about until maybe 1/4 to 1/2-way into the story. I was done hearing about Joe Pepit ...more
Dec 10, 2011
Dec 29, 2011
The Eye of Minds (The Mortality Doctrine, #1)
James Dashner delivers another fast-paced YA science fiction techno-thriller with "The Eye of Minds". Fans of the "The Maze Runner" will recognize wha ...more
Nov 10, 2013
Nov 03, 2013
When authors like Nancy Werlin and Chris Crutcher provide detailed blurbs on the back of a YA book, it's got my attention. Tod Munn is perhaps one of ...more
Feb 13, 2011
Jan 08, 2011
Beautiful Redemption (Caster Chronicles, #4)
This book serves as an effective end to the series, but frankly it suffers from the same problem I had with #2 and #3. That problem would be that ther ...more
Nov 10, 2012
Nov 05, 2012
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