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See Jack Die
I really enjoyed this unique tale, and can't wait to get the follow-up book See Jack Hunt. The author's use of the first person--usually a hindrance i ...more
Sep 15, 2013
Aug 22, 2013
To Ocean's End
A really enjoyable tale with great characters, action, and a jealous goddess thrown in to spice things up in the year 2413. I would love to read a pre ...more
Nov 24, 2013
Oct 10, 2013
The Sabbath World: Glimpses of a Different Order of Time
I also heard the Fresh Air interview, and that left me not wanting to read the book. The author admitted late in the interview that she does not belie ...more
not set
Apr 18, 2010
My First New York: Early Adventures in the Big City (As Remembered by Actors, Artists, Athletes, Chefs, Comedians, Filmmakers, Mayors, Models, Moguls, Porn Stars, Rockers, Writers, and Others
Admittedly a love letter to the city, but an evocative one nonetheless. I would be interesting to contrast My First New York to My First Los Angeles-- ...more
Mar 07, 2010
Mar 05, 2010
The Black Lion: Satan's Kingdom
By writing in the first person, the author accomplished 2 things, he eliminated any suspense about the outcome, and he had to leave a huge amount of d ...more
Aug 18, 2013
Jul 21, 2013
Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution--and How It Can Renew America
This book should be required reading for any individual seeking public office. Friedman takes the contentious issue of global climate change and moves ...more
Apr 12, 2010
Feb 20, 2010
The City Under Ground
This was the first science fiction book I ever read. As a 10-year old it made a lasting impression on me, and I spent years trying to locate a copy fo ...more
not set
Feb 19, 2010
The Endless Steppe: Growing Up in Siberia
I'm not sure how I came to first read this book when I was 9 years old, but it stuck with me over the years. The story of a family's struggle to survi ...more
not set
Dec 10, 2011
Melt Down (Breakers, #2)
An excellent second installment in the trilogy. The author enables the work to stand alone--you do not get as much detail of the plague compared to th ...more
Sep 06, 2013
Aug 22, 2013
Irreparable Harm (Sasha McCandless, #1)
I really enjoyed this book--the first I've read by Melissa Miller. The tempo is quick, and, as befits a legal thriller, logical. The story does not ge ...more
Aug 22, 2013
Jul 21, 2013
Original Sin (Peter Brichter, #4)
I found that I did not really like a couple of main characters, and the behaviors and reactions seemed at times melodramatic and unrealistic. The plot ...more
Aug 09, 2013
Jul 21, 2013
Evergreen (A Serial Killer Thriller)
A quick read, with a cast of characters I have not come across in other works of fiction--a community of Irish Travellers. The insular nature of the c ...more
Oct 30, 2013
Oct 10, 2013
Louisiana Longshot (Miss Fortune Mystery #1)
What a great find! The characters are outstanding, the pace of the action is steady and believable, but it's the humor that really sets this book apar ...more
Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014
The Great Leap Forward
Perhaps this would have been more enjoyable had I read it when it first came out in the late 1970's, but time has diluted the satire substantially for ...more
Oct 23, 2013
Oct 10, 2013
The Dark Monk (The Hangman's Daughter, #2)
An excellent period thriller. I have not read the first book in this series, but I intend to rectify that oversight immediately. The author's personal ...more
Aug 31, 2013
Aug 15, 2013
33 A.D. (Bachiyr, #1)
An interesting twist on the vampire tale. The characters are well developed and interesting, and the storytelling is engaging. You get immersed in the ...more
not set
Apr 10, 2014
The Geography of Nowhere: The Rise and Decline of America's Man-Made Landscape
This book really sparked my interest in urban design and planning. Anyone who has visited cities like Munich and Stockholm has seen urban design done ...more
not set
Feb 24, 2010
Concealed: The Book of Joshua
Solid story that bogs down a bit in the middle. There are times you want to just shake some sense into the lead character, but the fact that you take ...more
Jul 29, 2013
Jul 21, 2013
The Witch Stones : Gathering Of The Covens
An enjoyable, well crafted tale. I was a little wary about reading a story about witches--that it would be hokey and pedestrian--but I am glad I did n ...more
Jul 2013
Jun 25, 2013
Ain't Nobody's Business if You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society
Thought provoking! The logic is inescapable, and sometimes uncomfortable.It forces you to examine the validity of some of your most closely held belie ...more
not set
Feb 19, 2010
Breakers (Breakers, #1)
A smart approach to the whole "end of the world" scenario. The author focuses on a small number of players and keeps the action moving without letting ...more
Sep 02, 2013
Aug 22, 2013
To Kill the Duke
Thoroughly enjoyable. It would make quite a good movie. Would highly recommend to everyone!
Jun 08, 2013
Jun 10, 2013
Shadow Galactic (Voyage of the Sanguine Shadow, #1)
A good tale with likeable characters that you want to learn more about and witness their future adventures. Some aspects of the plot seem a bit too pa ...more
Oct 04, 2013
Sep 15, 2013
Under the Tuscan Sun
The movie is an absolute crime! Do not let the movie determine whether or not you read this book.
not set
Feb 19, 2010
Simon's Choice
Quite moving in parts, and slightly exasperating in other parts--sort of like life!
Feb 26, 2013
Jun 10, 2013
The Unlikely Savior
A timely novel that leaves the reader wanting more--luckily it's the first book of the trilogy--and hoping there is at least one unlikely savior out t ...more
Dec 30, 2013
Dec 20, 2013
The Crystal Bird
There was a bit of James Hilton's Lost Horizon to The Crystal Bird. The author has created a world ripe for further exploration, so it will be interes ...more
Nov 10, 2013
Oct 10, 2013
Enjoyable, but pieces seemed to fit in too easily at times.
May 04, 2013
Jun 10, 2013
Knifepoint (Breakers, #3)
A good third installment of the trilogy, with mostly new characters, but a few returning from previous books. Nothing is entirely settled, which is so ...more
Sep 08, 2013
Aug 22, 2013
A good story with an interesting plot. Some of the characters seem a bit 2 dimensional, but it will be interesting the read the follow up tale.
Aug 03, 2013
Jul 21, 2013
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