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Peter Pan
The last three books I finished were all trauma-related nonfiction. So one morning before work, I scanned my shelves hoping to find something I hadn't ...more
Dec 2007
Nov 20, 2007
Jitterbug Perfume
As I'd said to my friend Juliana, once I'd started this book: part of me wonders what took me so long between being recommended the book in 1996 and f ...more
Jun 25, 2008
Jan 25, 2008
The New Complete Book Of Self Sufficiency
When I was in England over the summer, I stayed at my friend Jamie's house, which was a little cottage in the New Forest. I admired his vegetable plot ...more
not set
Nov 20, 2007
Naughty Needles: Sexy, Saucy Knits for the Bedroom and Beyond
The photos are great - they actually cause you to have thoughts like, "Hmm, it *would* be a riot to knit a baby-blue ball gag." I haven't made anythin ...more
May 2007
Nov 22, 2007
Appalachian White Oak Basketmaking: Handing Down Basket
cf. Hallie's review. Man, I want to read this now!

UPDATE! Having been granted "librarian" status on goodreads, I am excited and honored to serve my fe
not set
Sep 07, 2007
The Phantom Tollbooth
Have read this so many times. I first read an excerpt in Mathemagic, the 1978 Childcraft Annual - the pictures in that excerpt are just as memorable ...more
not set
Sep 04, 2007
Karma and Chaos: New and Collected Essays on Vipassana Meditation
bought after serving on a couple of one-day courses back at the good old Vipassana Meditation Center in Shelburne, MA the other weekend
not set
Sep 12, 2007
Collins Gen SAS Survival Guide
If it weren't for this book, I wouldn't know the first thing about rabbit starvation, emergency childbirth, or the deadly candiru.
Jul 1998
Sep 08, 2007
What Is Called Thinking?
slightly dyspeptic, but I'm still trying
not set
Jan 25, 2008
Many Waters (A Wrinkle in Time Quintet, #4)
My piano teacher asked me what I would like for my 12th birthday, and I said that I liked Madeleine L'Engle's books. This one had just come out, so sh ...more
Dec 1987
Jan 26, 2008
Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?
Like Hallie's copy of McElligot's Pool, my family's copy of this book was a flimsy ordered-by-mail toothpaste promo, and even in my earliest memories ...more
not set
Sep 19, 2007
The Best Recipe
This was a gift from a friend, who said she thought I'd appreciate the extensive treatises (e.g., on exactly *why* one would use two egg yolks and thr ...more
Sep 1999
Nov 22, 2007
Accents: A Manual for Actors [with 2 CDs]
Hilariously inaccurate. British RP is relatively on the money, and from there it devolves into paroxysms of invention.
cf. p. 163 - "the intrusive 'R'
not set
Sep 17, 2007
Gravity's Rainbow
When I was in high school, our German neighbor recommended this to me. Clearly, his opinion of what I could literarily handle was much higher than my ...more
not set
Aug 31, 2007
The Story of Painting (Fine Art Series)
Along with Look Again and From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, this was an early and influential part in my decision to pursue a ca ...more
Oct 1986
Sep 20, 2007
Underground: The Tokyo Gas Attack and the Japanese Psyche
I can't believe I started another book, when I haven't even finished the reading list for my International Trauma Studies Program. But I bought this a ...more
Nov 2007
Sep 09, 2007
Marcel Duchamp (World of Art)
One of the authors of this text is the lovely David Hopkins, an old college professor of mine. I owe 90% of my art historical knowledge to him.

not set
Sep 07, 2007
Pain: The Science of Suffering
Pain: The Science of Suffering is the complete title of this book. Written by a physician, but easily digestible by the layperson. Comprehensive and e ...more
not set
Sep 13, 2007
Mathmagic Childcraft Annual
It was because of this book that I learned:
• what a Möbius strip is
• how to count to ten in Japanese, Italian, and Russian
• that I should read The Pha
not set
Sep 18, 2007
The River Why
I only finished this because a friend told me he loved it so much. I kept waiting for that redeeming moment, where the book would turn awesome, to app ...more
Jun 2007
Sep 07, 2007
Brighton Rock
Graham Greene gives me the horn (as usual).
Mar 29, 2009
Mar 18, 2009
As Long As It's Pink: The Sexual Politics Of Taste
I wish I could remember where the hell I left this book (in someone's attic in London, no doubt). Seeing the exhibition WACK!: Art and the Feminist Re ...more
May 1997
Mar 17, 2008
Master Cleanser
I know two fairly sane people who've had great experiences from doing the cleanse - so great, in fact, that they've done it more than once, or soon sh ...more
Nov 2007
Nov 20, 2007
The Complete Master Cleanse: A Step-by-Step Guide to Maximizing the Benefits of The Lemonade Diet
I know two fairly sane people who've had great experiences from doing the cleanse - so great, in fact, that they've done it more than once, or soon sh ...more
Nov 2007
Nov 20, 2007
The Pocket Book of Ogden Nash
I am down in Charlottesville, VA right now, visiting my friend Andrew for the holiday weekend. Even though we were up until about 4am, I woke up at 8a ...more
Jul 06, 2008
Jul 04, 2008
A thinly veiled portrait of my high school. Curtis and I were both editors-in-chief of the school literary mag. But Curtis has already written two nov ...more
not set
Sep 07, 2007
2201 Fascinating Facts: 2 Vols. in One
This was my favorite book when I was ten. I brought it along when my mom drove my brother, sister, and me across the country that summer. When we arri ...more
Jul 1986
Sep 16, 2007
Joshua and the Children
This was required reading for my ninth grade Religion class. It stood in stark contrast to books assigned for English class (i.e. actual literature). ...more
Mar 1991
Apr 28, 2008
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
Along with Look Again and The Usborne Story of Painting, this was an early and influential part in my decision to pursue a career in art history. It ...more
not set
Sep 19, 2007
The Big Green Apple: Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Living in New York City
I was so excited to win this book as a raffle prize at the New York Loves Mountains benefit concert. It's full of good information for making environm ...more
not set
Jul 13, 2008
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