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A Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet, #1)
the book that first inspired me to tentatively pick up my pencil and my marbled black-and-white composition notebook (remember those?) and write (in 4 ...more
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Mar 19, 2007
The Year of Magical Thinking
"you sit down to dinner and life as you know it ends. the question of self-pity."

i picked up this book and read it knowing nothing more than those two
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Jul 20, 2007
The Color of Water: A Black Man's Tribute to His White Mother
this book spent two years on the new york times bestseller list and it's easy to see why. mcbride's "tribute" is a beautiful story, rich with detail, ...more
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Jul 20, 2007
Annie on My Mind
i didn't read this book until i was in my mid-twenties, though it is a book written for a teen audience. it was published in 1982, but i never even he ...more
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May 28, 2007
The Vagina Monologues: The V-Day Edition
"the vagina monologues" began ambitiously, as the author, eve ensler, interviewed hundreds of women from all around the globe about their vaginas-- so ...more
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May 27, 2007
War and Peace (Norton Critical Edition)
tolstoy is such a difficult author. grappling with his books sometimes felt as though i was betraying myself, because they are just so exquisite yet t ...more
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Jun 28, 2007
I wish I could give this 10 stars! And I've never thought that before. This book has everything I could possibly want - strong female protagonist, spe ...more
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Dec 19, 2013
The Marriage Plot
Disappointment like whoa. I never in a million years would think I would dislike an Eugenides novel, certainly not so much as to give it 1 star. But I ...more
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Jan 13, 2012
i initially chose 2 stars, then thought about my initial review to jhumpa lahiri's "the namesake" and decided i didn't want to make the mistake again ...more
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Apr 20, 2007
Blue Nights
So hard to do but of course this book deserves 5 stars. Hard to do because it leaves you feeling bruised into your depths, with nowhere to turn to, no ...more
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Feb 24, 2012
A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge
a must-read for anyone who gives a damn about our country. not just about new orleans-- about our country, because the tragedy of hurricane katrina is ...more
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Aug 26, 2009
Are You My Mother?
I waited a day to write this review (on purpose not because of time). I thought maybe I would have clearer thoughts about it. But I didn't - and I thi ...more
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Aug 19, 2012
There But for The
Wow. I hardly know where to start. I read "Hotel World" not long after it was published. It was hard getting through it at times because Smith's writi ...more
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Mar 03, 2012
The Tiger's Wife
Wow. I thought I knew what this book was all about until the end.

That is, as I read it, I was thoroughly engrossed with each layer of the story. Ther
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Mar 15, 2012
I wish I could give this book 4 stars. Maybe it gets 3.5.

Russell's writing is luminous and is half of what carries the book forward, just the simple
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Jul 02, 2012
Salvage the Bones
It is hard for me to not start with WHY WITH THE RELENTLESS MEDEA?? but I'm going to try not to because I really enjoyed this book.

This book is osten
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Aug 06, 2012
When the Emperor Was Divine
Otsuka's work is so haunting. Lovely. Lyrical. "Economy" was a word used by a reviewer to reference her style. Not the most elegant of words but true ...more
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Nov 20, 2012
Water for Elephants
update-- after a few days pondering this more, i downgraded to 3 stars. it isn't bad, it really isn't, 3 means i liked it right? but i didn't "really ...more
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Sep 17, 2012
The Miseducation of Cameron Post
I will admit-- I put off reading this book. Everyone went so crazy for it, I just had to wait til some of the hysteria died down. I was really surpris ...more
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Jan 26, 2013
Don't Cry
This was my first Gaitskill, which I picked up after a friend whose opinion i hugely respect multiple times said she is her favorite author. I was int ...more
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Apr 14, 2012
It Chooses You
Well. Hmm. What to say? I adore July's work but it is somewhat indescribable. I think it is the utter transparency of her own self which she infuses i ...more
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Mar 28, 2012
A Tale for the Time Being
Some people may not like the metaphysical aspects but overall this novel, like her earlier novel My Year of Meats, is quite a feat. Ozeki manages to m ...more
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Nov 16, 2013
We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves
At one point the narrator, Rosemary, remembers crying when reading Where the Red Fern Grows or Bridge to Terabithia. This is the grown-up version of t ...more
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Nov 11, 2014
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
Maybe I shouldn't have even added this to my list as I only managed to get half-way through-- and I rarely don't finish books I start! I couldn't take ...more
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Mar 19, 2007
The Metamorphosis
disturbing, haunting and perfectly composed-- though i read this book for the first time over 15 years ago, scenes from this novel still evoke in me a ...more
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May 27, 2007
The Help
"The Help"? This should have been named "Heroic White Girl Saves Poor Black People (Again)".

It's well-written, the characters are strong, it's funny
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Mar 29, 2012
By The Light Of My Father's Smile
i don't know why but i really did not like this book, which was disappointing as i usually really like walker's work. something just didn't click with ...more
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Mar 27, 2007
i am somewhat embarrassed to admit-- i've never read alice munro. and now that i have, i don't even know how it is that i hadn't already. i'm in love. ...more
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Jan 05, 2013
I was completely enchanted as I always have been by Smith's writing and her ability to create such complex (sometimes frustratingly so) characters. Th ...more
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Sep 10, 2012
Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls
I adore David Sedaris and was all set to give this one a 5 - but I really didn't care for the "dramatic" stories at the end. The regular essays were f ...more
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Dec 13, 2013
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