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A Deal With the Devil (Lorimer Family & Clan Cameron #4)
was pretty good. this was a re-read for me.
Aug 07, 2012
Aug 04, 2012
Aurelia (Aurelia, #1)
It was a wonderful read. reading this reminds me of how much i loved it to begin with. Aurelia is what the people need: a strong voice who is willingl ...more
Jul 18, 2011
Jul 18, 2011
Lost in Your Arms (Governess Brides, #5)
it was okay. enid kind of got on my nerves a bit before i really started liking her a nit. of course i don't blamed her for not knowing it's not her h ...more
Oct 28, 2010
Oct 28, 2010
Bespelling Jane Austen
pretty good. i didn't read the colleen gleason story becaise it is a tie-in with the other series that she has going on, but i will pick it up after i ...more
Jan 16, 2011
Jan 15, 2011
Taken by the Prince (Governess Brides #9)
So much improvement from the last one in the series, thought i would like the characters from the other novels would make an appearance in there. With ...more
Apr 26, 2011
Apr 20, 2011
The Charmer (Liar's Club #4)
their insulting toward each other got on my nerves in the beginning, so i just ingoring it when it continue on in the book. Rose outlooked on the blue ...more
Apr 30, 2011
Apr 15, 2011
Lair of the Lion
I didn't like this book. it was too slow and i couldn't get myself interesting to continue on read, but i have manage to continue and finished the boo ...more
Jan 30, 2011
Jan 28, 2011
Seduction of a Proper Gentleman (Last Man Standing #4)
it was pretty good for the last book in the series. I wish in the epilogue that she has given a little bit more information. maybe not had it in a gen ...more
May 03, 2011
Apr 15, 2011
Someday My Prince (Princess, #2)
it was okay. i really didn't like this one for some odd reason. maybe because Dom was such a bad guy in the first one, but i guess everyone deserves a ...more
Oct 24, 2010
Oct 24, 2010
The Perfect Desire
really good. I don't know why British hat american, but Barrett and Belle seems to over come that. I like how they connected because they both served ...more
Apr 20, 2011
Apr 15, 2011
The Pretender (Liar's Club, #1)
it was okay. for my taste, the romance was a too fast pace and I hated Simon for saying that he can't offer any marriage to Agatha. and I love James f ...more
Apr 29, 2011
Apr 15, 2011
Rules of Surrender (Governess Brides, #1)
pretty good. charottle was a little bit to prim and proper for my taste but it made for a good storyline.
Oct 27, 2010
Oct 26, 2010
The Spy (Liar's Club #3)
Phillpa Atwater is hoping to get information out of the one person who last see her father, James Cunnington. Agatha's Brither shuffered from PSTD fro ...more
Apr 29, 2011
Apr 15, 2011
The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy (Smythe-Smith Quartet, #4)
it was very interesting. I read it before and never wrote a review for it.
Apr 27, 2015
Apr 27, 2015
The Secret Desires of a Governess (Hallaway Sisters, #2)
was pretty good. the plot line was pretty good and kept me turning the pages.
Oct 17, 2011
Oct 16, 2011
The Mystery Woman (Ladies of Lantern Street, #2)
I think this one suffered the middle book disease. I really couldn't connect with this one.
Sep 26, 2014
Sep 22, 2014
The Runaway Princess (Princess #1)
it was pretty good. I really love the connection that the two main character share, even thought it was a case of mistaken identiny
Oct 21, 2010
Oct 14, 2010
The Rogue (Liar's Club, #5)
it was pretty good. i was surprised that Ethan was quite good at keep his hands to himself with Jane presented. makes him even more of a gentleman.
May 2011
Apr 15, 2011
Secrets of a Proper Lady (Last Man Standing, #3)
it was okay. i didn't approval of them sneaking around to finding about each other, only for them to find out that each of them were lying to each oth ...more
May 02, 2011
Apr 15, 2011
The Devil to Pay (MacLachlan Family, #1)
this book gives you a deep look in the world of mistress due to the fact that the main female character is the bastard daughter of a duke, a person of ...more
Jan 10, 2012
May 03, 2011
Rules of Attraction (Governess Brides, #3)
pretty good. i can undrstand why the character ran away from her husband if he really wasn't willinly to listen to her. the guy reminded me of the guy ...more
Apr 18, 2011
Oct 27, 2010
Blackveil (Green Rider, #4)
OH MY GOD!!!!! How could she leave it like that? I was tossed and turned soo many ways. I turned my hate on to someone who i never thought would do su ...more
Jun 29, 2011
Jan 30, 2011
In Bed with the Duke (Governess Brides, #8)
I didn't really care for this one. Emma and Micheal got on my nerves alot, skirting around each other and then was really no chemistry between the two ...more
Apr 20, 2011
Feb 06, 2011
Exile (Aurelia, #2)
another book that leaves you wanting more. Aurelia, in my opinion, really grows in this book as she tours her country, trying to learn more about it a ...more
Jul 18, 2011
Aug 12, 2010
A Little Bit Wicked (Last Man Standing, #1)
pretty good. i get why Judith was scared to give her heart away for the second thinking that she was cursed for the death of her first husband. she re ...more
Jun 19, 2013
Apr 15, 2011
What A Lady Wants (Last Man Standing, #2)
It was a pretty good sotry line, even though the character got on my nerve for fecility at the beginning saying that she was in love with Nigel for th ...more
Jul 16, 2013
Apr 15, 2011
The Paid Companion
Pretty good. Elenora did get on my nerves at time, but she was pretty good about keeping her stubborn in check to not make me hate her. Arhtur was lik ...more
Mar 15, 2011
Jan 28, 2010
The High King's Tomb: Book Three of Green Rider
Love this book. I saw how much Karigan has grown as a rider and mentor to others. and What she truly is to the other people around her. This Grandmoth ...more
Jun 25, 2011
Jun 23, 2011
Second Sight (Arcane Society, #1)
**spoiler alert** I really enojy this book even at time the main female character got on my nerves a bit. especially the part when he went to a friend ...more
Apr 11, 2011
Jan 28, 2010
The Perfect Poison (Arcane Society, #6)
Okay. I am finding out that i am not really liking the female characters in the regancy arcane novel, because they are a little bit too head-strong fo ...more
Apr 26, 2011
Jan 28, 2010
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