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Emerging Magic (Sentinels #2)
An excellent sequel to A Hidden Magic. Angela Benedetti doesn't take the easy way out for her story or her characters. Things don't go smoothly, but t...more
Sep 05, 2012
Mar 05, 2013
Caught Running
**spoiler alert** 3.5 stars

An enjoyable read.

This was not what I was expecting from the blurb - which was good and bad. I was expecting a nerd/jock re...more
Jun 16, 2010
Jun 17, 2010
Body of Water (The Orcadian Novels, #1)
A lot was packed into a fairly short novel without it seeming rushed or too 'busy'. It is a well written blend of contemporary and dark paranormal the...more
Aug 20, 2011
Aug 26, 2011
The One That Gave (One and One, #5)
4.5 stars because this far into the series the supporting cast is getting confusing!

This is book 5 in the One and One series. I need to read them all...more
Apr 2013
Apr 02, 2013
Dark Horse (Dark Horse, #1)
**spoiler alert** 4.5 stars
Part 1 had me in tears almost all the way through. Justin's coma and the Do Not Resuscitate order would be harrowing in any...more
Feb 10, 2011
Feb 10, 2011
72 Hours
Brilliant! If I hadn't had to go to work I would've sat up all night to finish this - not that I got to sleep easily with the characters and plot buzz...more
Mar 22, 2011
Mar 22, 2011
Love Means... No Shame (Farm, #1)
**spoiler alert** An ARE Earth Day freebie. I wanted to like this more, but the itchy parts made it difficult. It did have me in floods of tears so pr...more
Apr 12, 2010
Apr 11, 2010
The Archer
On my settings this was 977 pages - I need big print if I'm going to be reading in the early hours. I enjoyed the story and the identity of The Archer...more
Jun 23, 2010
Jun 22, 2010
Painting Stephen
3.5 stars. This is one of those that I just couldn't settle into. The writing was good, the plot was excellent, the characters real, but I wasn't draw...more
Mar 26, 2010
Mar 26, 2010
Valentine Wish (The Wish #3)
4.5 stars. This is a spinoff tale about two minor characters from The Wish. Anton and Thierry did not show to their best advantage in the novel and it...more
Feb 19, 2010
Mar 28, 2010
Last One Standing: The Five of Swords
28 pages weren't enough to do justice to this story, and the ending left me wanting more. It felt a little darker than these authors usually produce.

Mar 30, 2010
Mar 30, 2010
A Wild Sheep Chase (The Rat, #3)
This is weird. Very weird. Surreal crops up in a lot of the reviews. The translation from Japanese is very smooth. None of the people in the book have...more
Jan 2007
Jan 11, 2010
The Missing Butterfly (Missing Butterfly, #1)
At eighteen Cassidy is going to be a rock star, until one phone call forces him to walk away from his dreams. At twenty-six he has a new job in an off...more
Mar 21, 2010
Mar 21, 2010
Jumping Into Things (Thatchers, #1)
**spoiler alert** 3.5 stars. I enjoyed the two novellas that make up this book ("Hot Shots" and "Ciphers") but the niggles have increased rather than...more
Feb 07, 2010
Jan 24, 2010
All Play and No Work (Cattle Valley, #1)
3.5 stars

This is supposed to be Cattle Valley #1 but it seemed like a sequel. Perhaps it was a sequel to a non-Cattle Valley story, but there was no m...more
Mar 17, 2011
Mar 19, 2011
The Angel of 13th Street
Another fabulous read from Eden Winters. This is a much grittier tale than The Wish, set in a much harsher world. Maybe that is what makes the charact...more
May 29, 2010
May 21, 2010
Kian (The FireTrilogy, #1)
I really wanted this to be longer. This has a novel's worth of plot in a novella length story. The parallel world could have done with more explanatio...more
Feb 21, 2011
Feb 21, 2011
Good as Gold (Rockhounds, #4)
Rockhounds Book 4. Matt and Parker have proper jobs at a university, Matt as a professor and Parker as a security guard. They have recovered from Sier...more
Jan 12, 2010
Jan 12, 2010
Hell Is in the Details
I'm not sure if you're really supposed to feel sorry for a demon, but I could sympathise with Benioth's confusion. His quota has been changed and nobo...more
Feb 04, 2011
Feb 04, 2011
Settling the Score
Another winner!

The main characters are loveable and easy to identify with. Joey and Troy have their own issues, but fit together so well. On the surf...more
Mar 11, 2011
Mar 12, 2011
Sparks Fly
Very enjoyable character driven romance with a side mystery plot.

The main characters Nic, the extrovert, sucessful entrepreneur, and Aidan, the introv...more
Aug 02, 2011
Jul 25, 2011
Closer Than Breathing - A Light Gay Odyssey
My copy was bought from the GLBT Bookshelf September Rummage Sale

I enjoyed the everyday life of Ben and his understated romance with Dale. The romance...more
Oct 19, 2010
Oct 20, 2010
Between Brothers
Not a book for those uncomfortable with the idea of incest! Brian loves his younger brother Joe obssessively and has avoided him for a lot of years be...more
Feb 09, 2010
Feb 09, 2010
Mandarin Orange: Sweet and Sour (Fruit Basket, #3)
I enjoyed this installment of the Fruit Basket series, perhaps not quite as much as the previous two but it was good and had some good humourous lines...more
Aug 13, 2011
Aug 14, 2011
Goodmans Hotel
From GLBT Bookshelf September 2010 Rummage Sale

Another very British story. I didn't find Mark a very sympathetic character a lot of the time. He had m...more
Feb 03, 2011
Feb 03, 2011
Fire on the Mountain (Mountain, #1)
4.5 stars as I've only read it once so far. I've been saving this one for a while. I knew it would be good and I wanted to savour it properly. It was...more
Feb 03, 2010
Jan 06, 2010
Something About Trevor
**spoiler alert** A fun gay-for-you story with a good dose of angst.

I did get confused occasionally between the 'straight' hero, Paul, and his friend...more
Feb 13, 2011
Feb 11, 2011
The Telling (The Telling, #1)
4.5 stars because it didn't blow me away like The Wish. I read part of it as the serialisation and then got the complete file so it was difficult gett...more
Jan 31, 2009
Mar 28, 2010
The One that Stayed (One and One, #3)
Keep the tissues handy for this one! I don't know how T.C. Blue manages to blend angst and humour so beautifully - I only wish I could do it half as w...more
Apr 07, 2010
Jul 29, 2010
Conventional Education (Conventions, #2)
Brilliant! I was kept on the edge by the twists in this sequel. So many times I read things and can predict the way they will go, with this story the...more
Jul 28, 2010
Jul 29, 2010
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