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The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity
As I was reading this book, I cried and laughed. It dealt with a dad losing a child & grieving for her. At some point, it also reminded me of the ...more
Oct 04, 2008
Sep 21, 2008
Icy Sparks
Once you read this book, you will never forget it. Whenever I see a person reading this, I tell them how good & wonderful it is. It is so,so good.
Apr 1997
Aug 06, 2008
The Book Thief
This book is amazing. Difficult to read at time, since it is during the Hitler years & what happens to these people during this era. The book thie ...more
Oct 21, 2009
Jun 24, 2009
Blood Brothers (Sign of Seven, #1)
Three boys who are best friends find out that they were born on the same day and in the same year. On the eve of their tenth birthday, they decide to ...more
May 11, 2010
May 02, 2010
Starting Now (Blossom Street, #9)
Libby Morgan is working very diligently in a high pressure law firm. She is working so hard that being made partner in the firm will tell her life is ...more
Apr 02, 2013
Apr 02, 2013
Red Rock

It’s the Wild West era. Everything moves at a slow pace. It is here that we read about a family traveling to a city for 3 weeks in a horse drawn carri
Nov 27, 2011
Nov 27, 2011
Charley's Web
This book had me hooked from page 1. Charley is a newspaper columnist who writes about fluffy/frilly subject,i.e., Brazillian waxing, clothing,shoes, ...more
Jul 15, 2009
Jul 11, 2009
Prime of Life
Everyone has a past. The residents of Heritage Gardens figure out that their janitor has a past. He is at the prime of his life so what is he doing li ...more
Jun 24, 2012
Jun 20, 2012
The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate (Calpurnia Tate, #1)
Calpurnia is the only girl of 6 children. She is also living in 1899 waiting for the turn of the century.
Her grandfather seeks her out & makes her
Nov 19, 2009
Nov 14, 2009
The Weight of Silence
It's always the ones that we don't suspect.

Here are two families whose daughters are taken away out of their bedrooms in the middle of the night. One
Jun 12, 2010
Jun 06, 2010
The Year of Fog
I have no idea what life would be like if my child were kidnapped. How long would I spend searching for her? Probably as long as it took. This is what ...more
May 02, 2009
Apr 26, 2009
Eyes Wide Open
Watch out who you run around with. They may seem like your friends but WATCH OUT. They may be using you for their own benefit.

Charlie likes to party a
May 18, 2014
May 14, 2014
A Turn in the Road (Blossom Street, #8)
This is the latest installment of The Blossom Street series. Bethanne is a divorcee of 6 years. She has her own business which is known as Parties. H ...more
Jun 12, 2011
Jun 05, 2011
Cross Country (Alex Cross, #14)
How coincidental that The Tiger made news on my Yahoo page this morning!! I can't imagine that this kind of terrorism exists in Nigeria & other pl ...more
May 17, 2009
May 08, 2009
The Undomestic Goddess
Kinsella's books are very light reading and funny. Unlike her shopaholic reads, Samantha is not very domestically inclined. Not at all. She is a lawye ...more
Jun 26, 2010
Jun 17, 2010
Struck by Living: From Depression to Hope
Julie chooses to live. This is her choice now. It was not always her choice.
Her life story gives us a time line of when her depression surfaced and he
Mar 11, 2010
Mar 06, 2010
Every Move She Makes
Innocent people are sent to prison. This is what most believe. When they are set free, they have only one goal in mind. That goal is to prove their in ...more
Jun 22, 2010
Jun 17, 2010
Grand Avenue
It's always the quiet ones, people say.
4 women who live on Grand Avenue become friends when their children were little. They met in the park in that n
Dec 13, 2009
Dec 06, 2009
One Tuesday Morning (9/11 Series, #1)
I've heard people say that everyone has a twin running around on this Earth.

This is a story based on 9/11/2001. The second airplane has just crashed i
Jan 10, 2011
Jan 04, 2011
Cross Fire (Alex Cross, #17)
Alex Cross and Kyle Craig meet face to face. Although this time, Craig has had plastic surgery to impersonate an FBI agent(Max Siegel) whom he murders ...more
Apr 02, 2012
Mar 16, 2012
The 8th Confession (Women's Murder Club, #8)
I just have to read the Women's Mystery Club books because they are so good. This one seemed to have more chattiness amongst the women than the others ...more
Jun 26, 2009
Jun 15, 2009
The History of Love
I wasn't sure how many stars to give this book. Not sure what to expect of this enchanting story. It is a beautiful novel about two characters whose l ...more
Mar 2009
Feb 23, 2009
The Puppy Diaries: Raising a Dog Named Scout
I received this book through Early Reviewers on Library Things.

Dogs were part of my life while growing up. Scout,named after the girl in To Kill A Mo
Feb 23, 2013
Feb 19, 2013
When First They Met (Rose Harbor #0.5)
Jo Marie and her husband meet at a baseball game. After many hours of getting to know each other, each figure out they have a lot in common.

She works
Jun 30, 2012
Jun 30, 2012
Last Look (Last #1)

A prostitute shows up among the shorelines of Georgia. She has been dead for about 8 hours. How can this happen? This is the twist in the book. She ha
Aug 16, 2011
Aug 09, 2011
Family Tree
What would you do if your newborn child was of a racial descent different than your own? This is what happened to this couple in this book. The husban ...more
Apr 25, 2009
Apr 20, 2009
Smoke Screen: A Novel
I hadn't read a book from Sandra Brown in awhile. This one is good. Not great though. I thought it was too word-y but it got my attention from the beg ...more
Nov 03, 2009
Oct 26, 2009
Final Truth (Truth #4)
I finished reading this book in the wee hours of the morning.

It was suspenseful in the sense that the ex-con was a copycat serial killer. One of the
Jun 04, 2010
May 31, 2010
Big Girl
Finally finished this book!! Sometimes I wonder if Steel wrote this book. I understand the premise of the story, but she was ad nauseum concerning the ...more
Sep 20, 2010
Sep 15, 2010
The Perfect Hope (Inn Boonsboro, #3)
This book is the last installment of Roberts' Inn Boonsboro trilogy.We read about the love story between the last unmarried Montgomery brother, Ryder. ...more
Feb 18, 2013
Feb 18, 2013
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