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The Merchant of Venice
One of the most important plays in the canon, and a new personal favourite, this early comedy has the distinction of being one of the most tragic char...more
Feb 06, 2014
Feb 04, 2014
The Catcher in the Rye
Well goddam, I finally got around to reading this book, and the one thing I am most pleased to know is that Salinger utterly refuses to have this stor...more
Apr 2012
Mar 29, 2012
Kill Shakespeare, Vol. 3: The Tide of Blood
Not sure whether this fits with my studies or not. I appreciate that there is a multimodal element to this project (the comic book based upon Shakespe...more
Dec 30, 2013
Oct 29, 2013
Mostly Harmless (Hitchhiker's Guide, #5)
Starting off a bit too divergent in time and space, and rounding up the few remaining main characters for one last adventure, it would seem that Dougl...more
May 24, 2008
Nov 06, 2007
The Ghost
Another hit, and a reason to get into more of Harris' modern work - although I am really looking forward to Conspiracy when it comes out later this ye...more
Feb 05, 2009
Nov 30, 2008
On Narrative Inquiry: Approaches to Language and Literacy (an NCRLL Volume)
Wonderful introduction to an intriguing method of conducting research. Like most guidebooks, that give the reader a taste and expect the tantalized to...more
Mar 11, 2014
Dec 20, 2013
The Origin of Species
Very convincing argument, hardly long at all, related in a calm voice that inspires interest in what must have consumed Darwin for over a decade - wit...more
Nov 2007
Nov 01, 2007
Something Rotten
Happy birthday, William Shakespeare, and as a gift for your 450th, I present to you an excellent book written for your 440th. Jasper Fforde has exactl...more
Apr 23, 2014
Aug 28, 2007
What We All Long For
I can imagine a scene in Canada's House of Commons, Stephen Harper or one of his cronies holding this book up as an example of why we need more prison...more
Mar 19, 2012
Mar 12, 2012
The Book of William: How Shakespeare's First Folio Conquered the World
Who knew that following in the footsteps of a world-conquering first edition would be such an emotional experience. Starting at one and the same time...more
Jul 04, 2012
Jul 06, 2012
More Baths, Less Talking (Stuff I've Been Reading #4)
Hornby returns to his collection of books, writing about his adventures in reading. This time around, however, there is a faint note of despondency, a...more
Dec 02, 2012
Dec 03, 2012
The Woman Who Died a Lot (Thursday Next, #7)
Very impressed, as always, in fact 25% more impressed! Although no meet-ups with fictional characters, just like how One of Our Thursdays... was entir...more
Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012
Stanley Park
My book club mission was to read this Vancouver-set story in time to discuss with others on campus, and it was down to the wire - literally reading th...more
Mar 19, 2013
Mar 19, 2013
Think On My Words: Exploring Shakespeare's Language
David Crystal is a modern-day alchemist when it comes to understanding how the English language was and how it continues to change, and I especially a...more
Jun 30, 2012
Jul 06, 2012
William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope (William Shakespeare's Star Wars, #1)
As an imaginative play and a first book, Ian Doescher has hit upon a successful formula, actually two formulae from very different worlds: Shakespeare...more
Dec 14, 2013
Dec 09, 2013
The Merry Wives of Windsor
One of the most important plays in the canon, and a new personal favourite, the perpetually overlooked comedy has so many pluses, the most notable one...more
Mar 07, 2014
Mar 01, 2014
Owning William Shakespeare: The King's Men and Their Intellectual Property
Once the plays of William Shakespeare became the property of learned editors, it seems like an entire swath of English stage history was up in the air...more
Jul 06, 2013
Jun 30, 2013
The Knight of the Burning Pestle: Francis Beaumont
The interrupting Citizens of Beaumont's play make for a rare romp in dramatic literacy, and their insistence on an apprentice as the Knight of the Bur...more
Feb 14, 2014
Feb 07, 2014
Shakespeare's Freedom (Rice University Campbell Lecture)
After diving into biographies on Shakespeare, it was refreshing to read more about his works, rather than the unknowable aspects of his life, and I wa...more
Jan 30, 2012
Jan 21, 2012
On Discourse Analysis in Classrooms: Approaches to Language and Literacy Research
One of the unguidiest guidebooks I have read in the NCRLL series so far. The introduction and Chapter 1 state that this is not a "how to" book. The au...more
Feb 26, 2014
Feb 10, 2014
Silverwing (Silverwing, #1)
Reading this juvenile literature was an enjoyable experience - it was being read in a few of the elementary classrooms I visited this month. I can see...more
Nov 27, 2008
Nov 30, 2008
Tolstoy on Shakespeare
As an eBook, it was already a frustrating experience getting to the right page each time something happened to the screen, but what made reading what...more
Jan 20, 2012
Jan 04, 2012
Mind in Society: Development of Higher Psychological Processes
“Standing a head taller” is an empowering theme that Soviet cognitive psychologist Lev S. Vygotsky mentions from time to time, and he notices this qua...more
Sep 11, 2013
Aug 26, 2013
The Well of Lost Plots (Thursday Next, #3)
For her first adventure set entire on the other side of the page, Thursday guides the reader through the process of literary creation, an imaginative...more
Sep 05, 2013
Aug 19, 2013
Love's Labour's Lost
One of the most important plays in the canon, and a new personal favourite, this early comedy has the distinction of not only being unlike many of the...more
Jan 17, 2014
Jan 16, 2014
The Winter's Tale
One of the most important plays in the canon, and a new personal favourite, with a time-sprawling story that moves from dizzying tragedy to pastoral c...more
Feb 28, 2014
Feb 14, 2014
Hold Fast
One of the many inappropriately listed Young Adult books being used to tutor elite elementary students in the ways of the world. This one claims to be...more
Jan 13, 2010
Jan 07, 2010
Mapping Multiple Literacies: An Introduction to Deleuzian Literacy Studies
This book was handed to me in class by a very encouraging professor, and will most likely be my first published book review, so I don't want to give t...more
Oct 20, 2013
Oct 08, 2013
Shakespeare Wrote for Money
Another great journey through the bookshelves (with a side trip to the DVD player) of Nick Hornby. He seems a bit reluctant in this collection of arti...more
May 19, 2009
May 15, 2009
King Lear
One of the most important plays in the canon, and a new personal favourite, being a transmogrification of texts from Shakespeare's hand, through the q...more
Mar 14, 2014
Mar 07, 2014
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