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Sharpe's Tiger (Sharpe, #1)
My rating here is really more for the entire series than just this book alone. There are something like 20 books in the series, so you need to go to w ...more
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Mar 05, 2010
Paradise (Second Opportunities, #1)
**spoiler alert** I'm conflicted about what to say about this book. I saved it to read for when I was in the mood, but it didn't live up to my expecta ...more
Oct 12, 2010
Oct 11, 2010
Sally Hemings
Just couldn't get into it. It's so full of historical opinions, perspectives, and personal thoughts that seemed false to me.
Aug 24, 2011
Aug 14, 2011
**spoiler alert** This was a random pickup from the library staff recommendations shelf, so I didn't know what to expect. It turned out to be a well-d ...more
Feb 05, 2011
Feb 05, 2011
Call Me Irresistible (Wynette, Texas #6)
As an acknowledged SEP fan, I couldn't wait to read this and it did not disappoint. I always have a bit of a hard time getting into her novels, but th ...more
Feb 14, 2011
Feb 16, 2011
Skinny Dipping
I really liked this one from the romance sector. First, let me say that I've read (and liked) a LOT of romance, and this book is anything but typical. ...more
Nov 2010
Nov 16, 2010
Wild Ride
I am so disappointed. I loved Agnes and the Hitman and was really anticipating this book. Granted, their first book, Don't Look Down, was not as funny ...more
Mar 23, 2010
Mar 22, 2010
Making Toast
While trying to write this review, I find my vocabulary to be appallingly inadequate. I keep typing, then erasing sentences. All the normal adjectives ...more
Feb 02, 2011
Feb 06, 2011
Key West
This book had real potential, at least in the set-up. I've never tried Stella Cameron's romantic suspense, but I had high hopes. But the heroine here ...more
Mar 30, 2010
Mar 29, 2010
Man Of The House
This was a title that caught my eye while walking through the library stacks, so I literally had no idea what to expect. First the positive: I love Mc ...more
May 12, 2010
May 11, 2010
The Darwin Awards Next Evolution: Chlorinating the Gene Pool (Darwin Awards, #5)
I've read the Darwin Awards since I started getting emails about them way back in college. Over the years, I've gotten some of the best laughs of my l ...more
Feb 10, 2011
Feb 23, 2011
The Confession
This was my first John Grisham novel, and as such was a serious letdown. The Confession was another book club pick, and the death penalty discussions ...more
May 25, 2011
May 24, 2011
I Still Dream About You
**spoiler alert** This one gets two stars only because it ended on such a feel-good, happy note. The first three-quarters of it I was so bored I could ...more
Feb 18, 2011
Feb 16, 2011
The Memory Keeper's Daughter
I'm probably alone in this, but I didn't like this book much. I felt it should have been told as a one-page cautionary tale, or a doomed Japanese folk ...more
Apr 2011
Mar 30, 2011
I enjoyed this very modern take on the old Russian folktale version of Sleeping Beauty. Yes, there's a certain amount of suspended disbelief required, ...more
Nov 08, 2011
Nov 06, 2011
Points of Origin
Interesting book, but more in the afterthoughts than the actual reading process, if that makes sense. Another book club pick (I think it makes a diffe ...more
Mar 19, 2011
Mar 15, 2011
The Girl Who Played with Fire (Millennium, #2)
This was a more interesting book than The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but it only gets 3 stars because of the ending. I hate cliffhanger endings!!! I ...more
Apr 27, 2011
Apr 23, 2011
Children of the Mind (The Ender Quintet, #4)
I really enjoyed this whole 4-book series. The first book (Ender's Game) is the best in terms of story and action, but different in tone from the othe ...more
Oct 09, 2010
Oct 06, 2010
The Reef
This book was set up really well and drew me in quickly. The characters were very likable, but flawed. After the opening though, it goes downhill for ...more
May 2010
Apr 30, 2010
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
What a fast read! A friend gave me this book just after noon, and I'd finished it by 8:30 that evening - and on a busy day... It's not that it's parti ...more
Oct 26, 2010
Oct 31, 2010
Velva Jean Learns to Drive
**spoiler alert** This was a nice look into a culture that no longer exists, but is remembered by people still living. It follows a mountain community ...more
Sep 20, 2010
Sep 08, 2010
Nicholas and Alexandra
This book is a huge, panoramic look at the lives of the last Russian czar and his family, obviously a doomed tale. Yet it is an absolutely fascinating ...more
Jul 1993
Apr 03, 2010
Under Heaven
This was my first Kay book, but it will not be my last. And I'm giving it 5 stars not because it is a perfect book - it has truly been picked apart by ...more
Jul 22, 2011
Jul 27, 2011
Veil of Night
Yay, Linda Howard is back! I didn't care for her last 2 books, but this is one is very much in the style of Dying to Please, Mr. Perfect, ect. It's no ...more
Sep 30, 2010
Oct 01, 2010
The Pillars of the Earth  (The Pillars of the Earth, #1)
In a rare turnabout, my husband urged me to read this after he finished it and I owed him (not that I couldn't think of a better way to pay spousal de ...more
Feb 11, 2011
Feb 03, 2011
My Hollywood
I really liked this book. It reminds me of The Help in that it follows a family through the ups and downs from the different perspectives of Claire, a ...more
Sep 15, 2010
Sep 15, 2010
New Mercies
Quick, interesting read. Not overly exciting or suspenseful, this light mystery takes place in Natchez, MS in 1932. It was a book club pick I wasn't r ...more
Oct 06, 2011
Oct 06, 2011
Man of the House: A Novel
Different perspective here, but I really liked it. Apparently this book is a sequel, but I didn't know that and didn't need to have read the first boo ...more
Jul 06, 2010
Jul 06, 2010
World Without End (The Pillars of the Earth, #2)
This is a hard book to review because whether you love it or not is going to be totally a matter of personal preference. Is it a well-written, well-re ...more
Mar 05, 2011
Feb 18, 2011
The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder
Let me say first of all that I absolutely love Rebecca Well's Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood. Little Altars Everywhere was also a marvelous boo ...more
Dec 20, 2009
Jan 08, 2010
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