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Tempest Rising (Tempest, #1)
The mermaid lore in this was the only thing that really kept me interested. I wanted to find out what made Tempest so different (and exactly what Kona...more
Jun 21, 2011
May 11, 2011
Halo (Halo, #1)
The pace is too slow. I am already at over 100 pages and the most interesting thing that has happened is that she got drunk because she didn't know wh...more
not set
Oct 14, 2010
Chasing Fire
I went into this book pretty skeptical. I'm not a fan of the romance genre in the first place because there usually isn't enough action to keep my att...more
May 31, 2011
May 16, 2011
Defiance (Strange Angels, #4)
It's really more of a 4.5, but it's not quite a five star because it just isn't quite as good as the first book in the series. It is fairly close thou...more
May 15, 2011
Nov 08, 2010
The Throne of Fire
I started out trying to read this in print, but it just didn't feel right. I finally got the audio version and it was much better. For one thing, desp...more
Jun 14, 2011
Nov 08, 2010
Forever (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #3)
I actually liked this one better than the previous two. It was probably all the politics surrounding the wolf hunt and Cole's experiments with his tra...more
Aug 31, 2011
Oct 26, 2010
Legacy (Legacy, #1)
I was really surprised by all the negative reviews on this one. It wasn't mind blowing, but it was a pretty good quick read. I enjoy fantasy, especial...more
Apr 06, 2012
Apr 09, 2012
Angel Burn (Angel, #1)
This book almost got five stars out of me. The only reason it missed is because they went from him not liking her because she is part angel and her no...more
Jun 03, 2011
Nov 19, 2010
The concept of this book was intriguing. A guy starts to see another world when he gets shot in the head. Every time he falls asleep he wakes up in th...more
Jun 2007
Sep 15, 2011
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 6 (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Renewal Editions, #6)
This volume feels a tad disjointed to me. It could be because I keep expecting things to follow the English dubbed version. Some of the changes so far...more
Jul 09, 2013
Jul 09, 2013
I always feel uncomfortable when I am hoping that a serial killer is going to have a happy ending. Archer doesn't feel completely like the serial kill...more
Sep 21, 2011
Sep 23, 2011
Ready Player One
So, first off I really should have read this three months ago when I first got the ARC, but I got caught up with summer reading and other reading... T...more
Sep 27, 2011
Sep 28, 2011
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 1 (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Renewal Editions, #1)
I have to admit that I went into this book a bit skeptical. I watched the series on American TV when I was a kid and was disappointed to find out how...more
Mar 08, 2013
Mar 09, 2013
Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 01 (Library Wars: Love & War, #1)
First of all, I saw the anime before it was licensed here in the states (several years ago). I wasn't a librarian yet or even graduated from undergrad...more
Jan 19, 2011
Jan 20, 2011
Bite Me (Demon Underground, #1)
Although it was an overall enjoyable, quick read, I had a couple issues with this book. Why do recent strong evil fighting girls feel the need to refe...more
Mar 28, 2011
Mar 31, 2011
Sand Chronicles, Volume 3
This is the book that put the series in the Adult section of the library I use. It includes a scene that fades out with the characters mostly clothed,...more
Jun 30, 2010
Jun 30, 2010
**spoiler alert** I think the book is a bit long. The first 3/4 of it could be edited down a little bit. I wouldn't take out much, but some of the fla...more
Jan 27, 2011
Feb 01, 2011
Mars, Volume 01
This manga volume is characteristic of several chapters of a romance novel. It has the initial set up of the romantic situation as well as many of the...more
Mar 02, 2010
Mar 02, 2010
Mercy (Mercy, #1)
I hate to be such a drag to writers who are starting series especially when I would otherwise like a book; but, aside from figuring out what happened...more
May 08, 2011
May 11, 2011
Two Moon Princess (Two Moon Princess, #1)
I would hesitate to buy this book for my collection because it doesn't fit in either Juvenile or Young Adult. It starts out too immature and many of A...more
Apr 24, 2011
May 05, 2011
What Can(t) Wait
When I first got to a Spanish phrase I couldn't google and figure out, I was a little ticked off. I'll admit to being a complete gringa despite growin...more
Mar 05, 2011
Mar 11, 2011
This Girl Is Different
As of page 100, I am intrigued by the premise, but not completely sold. I would definitely have enjoyed this as a teenager because Evie is similar to...more
Jan 21, 2011
Jan 27, 2011
Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 6 (Library Wars: Love & War, #6)
This volume just wasn't as exciting as the others. The censorship issue wasn't well handled in my opinion. I was confused about exactly why the librar...more
Sep 05, 2011
Sep 06, 2011
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 8 (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Renewal Editions, #8)
This one wraps up the Sailor Saturn arc and begins the Dark Moon Circus arc. Once Mistress 9 appeared, I don't really think things moved faster than t...more
Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 7 (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Renewal Editions, #7)
There is a lot of exposition in this volume. Instead of battle scenes or character development through interaction, this volume relies on the outer sc...more
Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013
Burned (Burned, #1)
I'm not sure I understand the title, but I guess the titles I'm thinking of right now would give away the ending. I really wish it hadn't ended the wa...more
May 02, 2010
Apr 29, 2010
The Goddess Test (Goddess Test, #1)
I will say something very nice first. The cover is absolutely gorgeous. The intricate pattern along the bottom is especially eye catching to me, altho...more
Apr 29, 2011
Apr 30, 2011
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 5 (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Renewal Editions, #5)
There were quite a few differences between this and the anime. For one thing, in the anime, they go back to the present for the big battle and there a...more
Jul 09, 2013
Jul 09, 2013
Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 03 (Library Wars: Love & War #3)
I don't like that for most guys the first reaction to a dangerous situation is to try and protect the girl by removing her from it. If a girl is capab...more
Jan 26, 2011
Jan 20, 2011
Boy Meets Boy
I struggled on whether to put this in realistic fiction or to create a new category called surrealistic fiction... Then, I realized that even though I...more
Mar 16, 2011
Mar 09, 2011
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