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Hitler's Pope
One of the enduring controversies of the Catholic Church has been its role, or perhaps more appropriately its lack of role, in speaking out against th ...more
Jul 12, 2011
May 24, 2011
Hitler's Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields
This book raises an interesting issue with regards women and history. Too often women have been written out of history altogether, or otherwise relega ...more
Jan 08, 2015
Jan 05, 2015
Eisenhower in War and Peace
I always pick up a Jean Edward Smith book with a sense of anticipation. I wish there was an on-demand service where he could write a biography for all ...more
Mar 27, 2014
Mar 23, 2014
The Barbed-Wire University: The Real Lives of Prisoners of War in the Second World War
Most of what I knew about the lives of POWs during the Second World War I have to say, to my shame, I learned from films like The Great Escape or Brid ...more
Oct 11, 2012
Oct 04, 2012
Hide and Seek: The Irish Priest in the Vatican who Defied the Nazi Command. The dramatic true story of rivalry and survival during WWII.
I've read a number of books on the Vatican's actions, or lack thereof, during the Second World War, and most are fairly damning. Many neutral organisa ...more
Nov 02, 2012
Oct 30, 2012
Wartime Britain 1939-1945
This is a history of the Second World War, not of the campaigns and the battles, but of the Home Front. Each chapter deals with a different theme - ev ...more
not set
Mar 22, 2011
Franklin and Eleanor: An Extraordinary Marriage
There is an enduring fascination with the marriage of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, perhaps more so than any other presidential partnership before o ...more
Mar 30, 2014
Mar 28, 2014
The Deserters: A Hidden History of World War II
Much has been written about the deserters of the First World War, the lack of understanding of shell shock, the executions at dawn and the campaigns f ...more
Nov 08, 2014
Nov 06, 2014
Assignment To Hell: The War Against Nazi Germany with Correspondents Walter Cronkite, Andy Rooney, A.J. Liebling, Homer Bigart, and Hal Boyle
I think I, like a lot of people, have taken World War II journalism for granted. The history of the war, the words and sights and images, are so much ...more
Nov 12, 2014
Nov 09, 2014
When Lions Roar: The Churchills and the Kennedys
There are few families who have loomed larger in the twentieth century than the Kennedys and Churchills, with the possible exception of the Roosevelts ...more
Nov 19, 2014
Nov 12, 2014
Rich Relations: The American Occupation of Britain, 1942-1945
In the months prior to D-Day in the summer of 1944, the American 'invasion' of Britain reached its height, with some 1.65 million GIs stationed in the ...more
Dec 21, 2013
Dec 15, 2013
A War of Nerves: Soldiers and Psychiatrists in the Twentieth Century
Joseph Heller seems to have truly hit the nail on the head as regards military psychiatry in his famous Catch-22 - 'anyone who wants to get out of com ...more
Jan 27, 2015
Jan 18, 2015
The Nuremberg Trials
The Nuremberg Trial was, and remains, an interesting and unique experiment in international justice. It was not intended simply as a trial of 22 Nazi ...more
Jan 15, 2015
Jan 07, 2015
Franklin And Winston:  A Portrait Of Friendship
f the 'Special Relationship' has ever existed and been anything more than a product of the wishful thinking of British Prime Ministers, it was forged ...more
not set
Mar 23, 2011
The Bitter Road to Freedom: The Human Cost of Allied Victory in World War II Europe
The classic historical narrative of liberation in Europe at the end of World War II is one of celebration, thanksgiving, gratitude, relief. One thinks ...more
Jan 03, 2015
May 24, 2011
Fighter Boys
The Battle of Britain is one of the mythologised events that everyone growing up in Britain knows something about: the Spitfires, the Hurricanes, 'the ...more
not set
Mar 23, 2011
No Ordinary Time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt - The Home Front in World War II
It is easy to see why this book won the Pulitzer Prize: there can surely be no better examination of the American home-front during World War II: its ...more
Nov 30, 2014
Aug 29, 2014
Anne Frank: The Book, the Life, the Afterlife
It's been a few years since I last read The Diary of Anne Frank but I think I might revisit it after reading this book. The Diary is such a seminal wo ...more
Apr 07, 2015
Apr 06, 2015
The Third Reich at War: How the Nazis Led Germany from Conquest to Disaster
This is the final book in a trilogy spanning Nazi Germany right through from its origins in the years after the First World War through to the end of ...more
not set
Mar 23, 2011
Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust
This book has been described as one of the most important books ever written on the Holocaust, and I'd have to agree with that statement, but not nece ...more
not set
Mar 23, 2011
Hitler is perhaps the most significant figure of the 20th century, simply for the impact and lasting effects of his existence. Would the world today b ...more
not set
Mar 23, 2011
The Perfect Nazi: Uncovering My SS Grandfather's Secret Past and How Hitler Seduced a Generation
It seems like everyone is digging into their family trees these days, hoping to uncover something fascinating, something strange or novel, or even som ...more
not set
Mar 23, 2011
Village of Secrets: Defying the Nazis in Vichy France
In the mountains of the Auvergne in south-central France lies the Plateau Vivarais Lignon, an isolated forested region of some 22 communes - not a sin ...more
Feb 08, 2015
Feb 06, 2015
Lindbergh: A Biography
Charles Lindbergh is one of those personalities where, I think, the generation gap most tells. I knew the name, that he was an early aviation hero, th ...more
Feb 22, 2013
Feb 19, 2013
The Irregulars: Roald Dahl and the British Spy Ring in Wartime Washington
This was a fascinating book, in that it managed somehow to be incredibly interesting and remarkably dull at the same time. I think it succeeds far mor ...more
Apr 04, 2013
Apr 02, 2013
Death in the City of Light: The Serial Killer of Nazi-Occupied Paris
This is true crime in the same vein as 'The Devil In The White City' - and I enjoyed it almost as much. Almost. The major problem with this book - and ...more
Apr 28, 2012
Apr 26, 2012
In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin
Erik Larson writes history like a novel, so readable and engrossing that the pages fly by. I could scarcely put this book down. I'd previously read La ...more
Apr 26, 2012
Apr 23, 2012
The Kennedys at War: 1937-1945
Too many books on the Kennedys tend to skip over the war years, or just focus on Kennedy Senior's time as Ambassador, so this book is refreshing in th ...more
not set
Mar 23, 2011
Lost in Shangri-la: A True Story of Survival, Adventure, and the Most Incredible Rescue Mission of World War II
I think I expected this story to be more extraordinary than it actually was. Not to detract from what the people involved actually went though - my cr ...more
Jul 11, 2012
Jul 09, 2012
It seems to me that Harry Truman has never quite had the recognition from history that he deserves. Other than as 'the man who dropped the bomb', it i ...more
Aug 29, 2014
Aug 23, 2014
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