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Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde
I never really knew anything about Bonnie and Clyde beyond the fact that they were Depression-Era bank robbers, they died in a bullet-riddled ambush a...more
not set
Mar 23, 2011
Master of the Mountain: Thomas Jefferson and His Slaves
Apparently this book caused quite some controversy upon its publication, although I must confess I fail to see why. It could surely only cause upset a...more
Jul 24, 2014
Jul 22, 2014
Clouds of Glory: The Life and Legend of Robert E. Lee
Robert E. Lee has always been a curious figure in American Civil War history. More than anyone else he represented the Confederacy, both during the wa...more
Jun 2014
May 26, 2014
The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism
The American title for this book was 'The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism'. Presumably the pub...more
Dec 03, 2013
Nov 21, 2013
Grace and Power: The Private World of the Kennedy White House
I've always had a thing for the Kennedys. I was a huge assassination buff in my teens and whilst I've grown out of that I'm still fascinated by the im...more
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Mar 24, 2011
The Heart of Everything That Is: The Untold Story of Red Cloud, An American Legend
At the close of this book, the authors relate an anecdote regarding a Chinese General commenting casually on the fact that the United States had fough...more
Jun 13, 2014
Jun 09, 2014
The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey
They don't make 'em like Theodore Roosevelt anymore. It's hard to imagine any modern ex-President embarking on a journey like that of Roosevelt's, mon...more
Dec 24, 2013
Dec 22, 2013
Camelot's Court: Inside the Kennedy White House
The basic premise of this book - looking at the Kennedy presidency through his interactions with his chief policy advisers - is certainly an interesti...more
Dec 15, 2013
Dec 11, 2013
Intimate Matters: A History of Sexuality in America
Despite getting quite a number of raised eyebrows when people caught sight of me reading this, it's not at all prurient or salacious. It's actually ra...more
not set
Mar 23, 2011
Eisenhower in War and Peace
I always pick up a Jean Edward Smith book with a sense of anticipation. I wish there was an on-demand service where he could write a biography for all...more
Mar 27, 2014
Mar 23, 2014
Hellhound on His Trail: The Stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the International Hunt for His Assassin
I've never really known very much about the Martin Luther King assassination. I wouldn't have even been able to name his killer. I literally knew noth...more
Jun 17, 2012
Jun 15, 2012
Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln
I can honestly say this is one of the best historical biographies I've ever read. Abraham Lincoln is such a giant of a man, such an incredible figure,...more
Mar 31, 2013
Mar 23, 2011
Abigail Adams
As much an endlessly engrossing biography of Abigail Adams herself, this is also an insightful look at the lives of women in the Revolutionary era. Wi...more
Aug 08, 2014
Aug 05, 2014
Franklin and Eleanor: An Extraordinary Marriage
There is an enduring fascination with the marriage of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, perhaps more so than any other presidential partnership before o...more
Mar 30, 2014
Mar 28, 2014
Marrow of Tragedy: The Health Crisis of the American Civil War
The American Civil War has been described as taking place just at the close of the medical 'Dark Ages', the age of what is often referred to as 'heroi...more
Feb 26, 2014
Feb 21, 2014
Israel on the Appomattox: A Southern Experiment in Black Freedom from the 1790s Through the Civil War
In the last decade of the 18th century, a Virginian planter left behind a will emancipating his slaves and providing for their futures by bequeathing...more
Aug 2014
Jul 27, 2014
Capitol Men: The Epic Story of Reconstruction Through the Lives of the First Black Congressmen
I've read numerous books on American history in general and the Civil War in particular, and the fact that I have only ever heard of one of the Africa...more
May 11, 2014
May 07, 2014
Life in Black and White: Family and Community in the Slave South
This is a book of two halves, and not just in the most obvious sense. It's an interesting look at the twin concepts of family and community in the pre...more
Jun 07, 2014
Jun 03, 2014
America Aflame: How the Civil War Created a Nation
This book is billed as a major new interpretation of the Civil War, but to be honest I'm not sure how 'new' an interpretation it really is. It focuses...more
Aug 05, 2014
Aug 01, 2014
Lift Up Thy Voice: The Sarah and Angelina Grimké Family�s Journey from Slaveholders to Civil Rights Leaders
Sarah and Angelina Grimke led remarkable lives, and it is a shame they have been so much obscured by history. Whereas names such as Henry Ward Beecher...more
Mar 25, 2014
Mar 21, 2014
Rich Relations: The American Occupation of Britain, 1942-1945
In the months prior to D-Day in the summer of 1944, the American 'invasion' of Britain reached its height, with some 1.65 million GIs stationed in the...more
Dec 21, 2013
Dec 15, 2013
Jefferson Davis, American
I've read many books on the American Civil War, biographies of Lincoln, Lee, Grant and Sherman, books about individual battles, about particular theat...more
Mar 22, 2013
Mar 15, 2013
Creatures of Empire: How Domestic Animals Transformed Early America
To purloin a phrase, well-behaved livestock rarely make history. Indeed, livestock rarely make history at all, and yet as the author herself points ou...more
Apr 13, 2014
Apr 10, 2014
The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America
Theodore Roosevelt once said, "we regard Attic temples and Roman triumphal arches and Gothic cathedrals as of priceless value. But we are, as a whole,...more
Jan 2014
Dec 24, 2013
The Beautiful Cigar Girl: Mary Rogers, Edgar Allan Poe, and the Invention of Murder
There have been a spate of historical true crime books written and published in recent years, largely in the wake of the success of Kate Summerscale's...more
Jun 15, 2013
Jun 14, 2013
An Imperfect God: George Washington, His Slaves And The Creation Of America
Henry Wiencek has made the study of the Founding Fathers' relation to slavery something of a speciality, and this book is another excellent example. I...more
Aug 09, 2014
Jun 07, 2014
A Crack in the Edge of the World
This book was not quite what I was expecting, or if I'm honest, hoping for. I was looking for a history of the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. And t...more
May 15, 2012
May 13, 2012
Franklin And Winston:  A Portrait Of Friendship
f the 'Special Relationship' has ever existed and been anything more than a product of the wishful thinking of British Prime Ministers, it was forged...more
not set
Mar 23, 2011
Slaves in the Family
I found this book very interesting and quite moving. In it the author, a member of an old plantation-owning family established in South Carolina since...more
May 04, 2014
Mar 23, 2011
Ghost Hunters: William James and the Search for Scientific Proof of Life After Death
The Victorian era was probably the high-point of belief in spiritualism - who doesn't picture all those fine gentleman and corseted ladies participati...more
Feb 03, 2014
Mar 24, 2011
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