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Thumbprint: A Story
There's nothing supernatural about Thumbprint. Except maybe the human capacity for cruelty. Mal returns to America after a scandal in the military. Th...more
Oct 15, 2013
Oct 15, 2013
MIND MGMT, Vol. 2: The Futurist
When I reviewed Mind Mgmt Vol 1, I had hoped that there wouldn't be a sequel, because the story felt finished, in that sense that there would still be...more
Sep 14, 2013
Sep 14, 2013
River of Gods (India 2047, #1)
It's one of these things that make you pause and think... is it right if a man writes from a woman's perspective? If a perfectly healthy man acts as a...more
Dec 11, 2012
Dec 11, 2012
Starship Grifters
Having had his fill of mucking about in the affairs of Heaven and Hell, Robert Kroese directs his attention towards the space opera. Rex Nihilo is our...more
May 04, 2014
May 05, 2014
The Lost
Where do lost things go?

A town, of course, which is so utterly lost that you lose yourself trying to find yourself. There's the Finder, who drags the...more
May 14, 2014
May 20, 2014
A Swollen Red Sun
Backwoods people have been scaring people ever since the Clampetts left their good ol' American Jungle for urban livin'. There's also the eyes in the...more
Apr 22, 2014
Apr 23, 2014
Batman: Time and the Batman
I Think Grant Morrison's run on Batman is a great read, but sometimes I get so lost. It's probably because I've read the trades a couple months apart,...more
Sep 16, 2011
Sep 28, 2011
Man v. Liver
Something more fitting for postcards or a refrigerator magnet. Perfect for alcoholics who want an excuse to shamelessly flaunt their addiction. Perhap...more
Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013
The cover screamed at me from across the bookstore. It was a beautiful noir rendition, with gorgeous neon blues and pinks limning a dismal scene right...more
Jan 26, 2012
Jan 17, 2012
One Hundred Years of Solitude
The lineage is the protagonist, stemming from the full and vital Jose Arcadio Buendias. The sons and their sons retain the names of Aureliano or Jose...more
Oct 12, 2011
Oct 07, 2011
The Gone-Away World
It starts off seeming amateurish, like an unrestrained Pynchon, but it catches us up in its enthusiasm and sticks us into deep stuff. It's just pyrote...more
Dec 18, 2013
Dec 18, 2013
Adventures of Luther Arkwright  (2nd ed.)
There's the inevitable parallel to Moorcock's Jerry Cornelius, who was the first in a chain of a whole new skew of fiction for me, in mindblowing read...more
Oct 23, 2011
Oct 12, 2011
Mad Skills
I don't know how long it's been since I've read a thriller, but this was a great choice to jump back into the genre. The plot summary on the back of t...more
Mar 10, 2011
Mar 01, 2011
Life After Life
Kate Atkinson cleverly manipulates the temporal reversions of Ursula by using objects and a child's environmental sensations to pinpoint the beginning...more
Nov 26, 2013
Dec 02, 2013
I borrowed this book from the library and put it off so long, going as far as to accidentally lose it in the passenger foot well of my car, thus incur...more
Jul 21, 2011
Jul 23, 2011
The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century A.D.
Indescribably strange, yet beautiful. The first half of this book is mainly storyboards from the eponymous television show, intercut with the occasion...more
Apr 18, 2011
Apr 18, 2011
Dejah Thoris and the Green Men of Mars, Volume 1: Red Meat
Bit of a funny business, pasties. If you cover up all the naughty bits just right, with nothing off color peeking through, it appears to be more accep...more
Jan 16, 2014
Jan 16, 2014
The Last of the Smoking Bartenders
The Network monitors everything. They are so powerful, so filthy rich that they are always one step ahead of the authorities. Their technology is ligh...more
Oct 17, 2013
Oct 19, 2013
Graphic novels seem to be the fallback strategies for failed movie pitches or movies with scripts drastically pruned due to time constraints. Rubicon...more
Jan 05, 2014
Jan 05, 2014
Dr. 2 (Issue 1)
I couldn't help but feel a bit ripped off with this issue. Don't get me wrong. The interplay of light and shadow is intriguing, and while the artwork...more
Jan 27, 2014
Jan 25, 2014
The French Revolution: A Novel
Begin Second Review:

Coming off A Hundred Years of Solitude, I was hungry for some more magical realism. Before that there was Swamplandia! I had read...more
Oct 20, 2010
Oct 18, 2010
The Book of Strange New Things
When literary authors tackle science fictional themes, with compelling and transcendental results. (Tolstaya's The Slynx, Moody's Four Fingers of Deat...more
May 11, 2014
May 11, 2014
Orc Stain, Vol. 1
Creator owned comics, especially those written, coloured, and illustrated by the creator, are the best out there. Orc Stain is no exception, except th...more
Sep 16, 2011
Apr 06, 2011
Annihilation (Southern Reach Trilogy, #1)
The biologist, psychologist, anthropologist, and surveyor cross the border. It sounds like the beginnings of a joke... ahh, this would work better if...more
Sep 22, 2013
Sep 23, 2013
The Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 5: Stark Resilient,  Book 1
In the Iron Man canon, Tony Stark has always been the good guy, but he manufactures weapons which he sells to the highest bidder. Apparently he's been...more
Mar 19, 2011
Mar 21, 2011
Holy Shit: Managing Manure To Save Mankind
This dude is not filled with horse shit!

Gene puts the science of shit down on print for the layman, and presents his opinion of the meat industry in...more
Aug 11, 2011
Aug 07, 2011
Empty Space
In his blogs, Harrison often states that the act of writing is a quest for identity, a means for him to understand himself in this world. So, Empty Sp...more
Aug 10, 2012
Jun 24, 2012
Kabu Kabu
The eponymous short story in this collection is about a kabu kabu, an illegal or, preferably, unofficial Nigerian cab service. Ngozi, a Chicago lawyer...more
Sep 15, 2013
Sep 17, 2013
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger: The Little Sisters of Eluria
Comics in the 21st century... I just can't go back, though the appreciation for the building blocks of today's level of sophistication is there. One t...more
Oct 28, 2011
Nov 02, 2011
The Supernatural Enhancements
A surprisingly engrossing read which defies expectations. It grabs you by the proverbial testicles and… nives.

Supernatural Enhancements encompasses s...more
May 20, 2014
Jun 30, 2014